Gallows humor as motivation

Will Friend, Will Friend, ladies and gentlemen.  He’ll be here all week.  Try the veal.

Kenarious Gates’ experience in trying to block Jadeveon Clowney – emphasis on trying – was cited by several Georgia coaches on Tuesday, in hoping that the senior will be best equipped to stop South Carolina’s all-world defensive end.

But Will Friend, Georgia’s offensive line coach, didn’t appear so sure.

“Ah, I don’t know,” Friend said. “I mean he didn’t block him last year.”

If you’re looking for somebody who plays it more straight, here’s what Bobo had to say.


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46 responses to “Gallows humor as motivation

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Yeah, hilarious.

    You’re a very well-compensated professional. Figure something the hell out – quickly

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Won’t be funny if Gates is turned into a turnstile once again

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, Mike, if you guys think Gates is the right pick (with help) so be it, I hope to God you know more than I do…after all its your ass on the line…for me its just my po old tattered heart.

  4. William

    Is it just me or does the thought of having Hicks chip Clowney a bunch not make anyone a little happy to think about? I know its not a solution, just a band aide, but I’d love to see those two collide a few times. My money would be on Hicks doing his fair share of damage in those instances. Once passed Clowney, he is in the flats waiting for the pass. He has decent wheels too, so its not a bad idea really. Am I alone here?

  5. What fresh hell is this?

    Yes, I’ve been picturing that scenario since start of fall camp and Hick’s new grill. Gates stands him up and Hicks buries grill and pads in Clowney’s ribs.

  6. Bulldog Joe

    If it were anyone else but us in game 2, they would wear him and his front seven out putting multiple bodies on him with the running game.

    But we are obligated to ante up to the balance gods, so expect a lot of futile attempts at one on one pass blocking again.

  7. Comin' Down The Track

    Two things:
    1. Just dropped in to see what my condition was in: I’m still pretty put out.
    2. When did Michael Bobo start looking like Michael Stipe?

    • Skeeter

      LOL, CDTT! It’s the end of the world as we know it so let’s sit behind the firehouse with our 151.

    • Noonan

      “That’s me in the press box. That’s me in the spotlight. I’m losing my religion.”

    • Bulldog Joe

      Track, I think you are on to something with the Bobo/Stipe connection.

      I mean… look at the songs:

      “Shiny Happy People”
      “Talk About the Passion”
      “Feeling Gravity’s Pull”
      “Fall On Me”
      “Orange Crush”
      “Sitting Still”
      “Oh, My Heart!”
      “Hollow Man”
      “Try Not to Breathe”
      “Get Up”
      “Everybody Hurts”
      “Can’t Get There From Here”
      “What If We Give It Away?”
      “Out Of Time”
      “Bad Day”
      “Bang and Blame”
      “Second Guessing” and
      “King Of Comedy”

      That pretty much describes a typical season for the Georgia offense.

  8. Dog in Fla

    At least Will’s got his priorities straight

    “Friend didn’t watch last week’s South Carolina game – he had a birthday party to attend on Thursday night – ”

    and Murray didn’t call it a clown question, bro

    “That’s a weird question,” Murray said, speaking slowly and looking away.

  9. uglydawg

    While everyone’s rightfully critical of the offense, there is one observation I want to air. Georgia just didn’t seem that fired up. There are games where the Dawg defense flys around and kills people (UGA-FLA last year) and the results are usually great…but those games are too few and far between.
    I wonder if the “word” before the Clemson game was, “the crowd will be crazy…just be calm and play without emotion and everything will settle down”, or something like that. College football players respond to emotion…Wait and see…the Gamecocks will come out more ambitous and on fire…pumped-up if you will…playing “between the hedges” than Georgia will. This has been a chronic problem with the Georgia Bulldogs since Donnan was the coach. There have been spordic periods of high emotion, but never sustained from season to season. Richt has, from time to time, taken a stab at fixing this, but I’m not sure he realizes this is one of the biggest problems you can have. Playing with on-fire emotion and not letting the other team out-effort you is essential to winning.
    I’ll admit it next week if I’m wrong, but I’ll say right now that SC will be a lot more pumped up and will actually feed off the crowd’s negative reaction to their being in Sanford Stadium than Georgia will. I thought that Grantham would be an ERK type personality that would get this team pumped up, but I didn’t see it against Clemson. Until we see an over the top emotional response, we will continue to see losses in “big” games.

    • sniffer

      Just my guess, Ugly, but if Grantham had had more experienced players last week, he might have been more in their grill. With kids, he probably realized there was only so much he could do to “fire them up”.

      • Ginny

        Exactly. some of these kids have never played a down of college football in their lives. Cut them some damn slack.

    • D.N. Nation

      Did you watch Todd Gurley’s runs at all? Dude looked like he wanted to kill someone. It was one of the more pissed-off performances I’ve seen out of anyone, wearing any jersey, in a long time.

      Shoot, watch the beginning of the Tech game last year. Or the SECCG. It wasn’t just the Cocktail Party.

      “Wait and see…the Gamecocks will come out more ambitous and on fire…pumped-up if you will…playing “between the hedges” than Georgia will.”

      And if Georgia comes out “fired up,” we’d complain that the coaches didn’t have the players under control. I’ve seen this movie before.

      • uglydawg

        I acknowledged that there are times…just not consistancy. Will Trane’s comments (below here) are valid, but I have not given up on this team…I’ll admit it next week if I’m wrong..but I’ve seen it before when SC wasn’t even very good…they came out and were ready to run through brick walls if that’s what it took. I’ll also admit that I hope I am wrong. It would be great to see the team play with great, great emotion…ten or eleven guys around the ball on every tackle, etc.
        I also acknowledge your point in the game against the Nerds with great emotion, and Alabama…but what about last years game against SC…and Tennessee and Kentucky…were you impressed with the emotional effort? Championship teams play to kill week in and week out. No fear, balls to the wall killing instinct. It’s missing as a consistant ingredient in Georgia’s program.

        • D.N. Nation

          “Will Trane’s comments (below here) are….”

          Will Trane wants us to hire Dan Mullen. So.

          “I also acknowledge your point in the game against the Nerds with great emotion, and Alabama…but what about last years game against SC…and Tennessee…”

          Georgia started the UT game fast. Bogged down in the middle though.

          “Championship teams play to kill week in and week out.”

          Psychoanalysis twaddle. Bama sleptwalk this past Saturday too, it’s just that they were playing a lousy team. So did South Carolina and Florida. And Oregon.

          • uglydawg

            And I can understand not being up for a team when you’re a big favorite..We just have to disagree here. I’m not down on this team, I just think they need to play with more emotion and that comes from the coaching. You actually make my point that emotion is essential…being flat caused Michigan to lose to a pumped up Appalachian’s how upsets happen. As far as I’m concerned, Clemson beating Georgia was a mild upset (mind you, I said “mild”) and Georgia should have, could have won that game.

      • Me too… and it is redundant.

    • 69Dawg

      I’d settle for awake. It took a player to wake up the D last year and he’s gone. The team is a reflection of the coach. If the coach is fiery the team will be fiery. In UGA’s case the coach is in a state of grace and as such is not moved to be mad or mean to anyone. If you are not a self starter like Gurley you are not going to get fired up by this head coach.

      • Ginny

        Uhhh have you ever seen Coach Grantham?

        • 69Dawg

          Lots of times I’m a season ticket holder. Yelling for the sake of yelling will result in the kids not even paying attention. It takes an on the field psychologist like Erk to make the boys want to run through walls to please him.

          • D.N. Nation

            Ahh, the fresh smell of moved goalposts. GEORGIA NEEDS TO PLAY WITH PASSION! I MEAN TARGETED PASSION! I MEAN EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT EXCEPT WHEN blah blah blah

    • Dboy

      Eh, im not on board with the emotion thing. Emotional players aren’t always at their best… in fact, too much emotion can erode performance. I don’t see Alabama being the most emotional team on the field most weeks. Just the best coached and best executing team. Vs. Clemson. we made more mistakes, had poor fundamentals and got beaten on the line of scrimmage. These things are unrelated to emotion IMO.

  10. WillTrane

    Go ahead and write it in. The coaches have already put this game in the loss column.
    Do we not get weary of the same old refrain out of Athens town. All the other teams have players and we do not. All the other teams are more physical than the Dawgs [aka as “finesse”]. And the record clearly shows those teams ranked in the top 15 are better prepared, better coached, and more motivated than the Dawgs, irregardless of where they play. When CMR was at Tallahassee he could always count on Mickey Andrews. He has not had that since he left north Florida.
    To be honest my enthusiasm for this team and program waned a great deal after Saturday’s performance. The team and coaches have no pride. They just show up. They do not play smart. They take off for a quarter or two [Friend admitted that]. Personally, I think they play afraid of better teams! They will not accept a challenge and get an opposing team’s head or face, and same for the coaching staff. Most indifferent bunch who have ever wore the red and black.

    • Ginny

      I really, really hope this was sarcasm.

      • uglydawg

        Sarcasm or not, it’s a statement and negative criticism is the only way we move forward in almost any endeavor. If you want to pretend this problem doesn’t exist, great! But something is wrong and it needs fixing. Georgia has athletes…as good as anyones. As D.N. Nation pointed out (above) Gurley gives a great, great effort. So did a few others…but there are enough that are either timid or passive that need to be “coached-up”….on both sides of the ball.

    • D.N. Nation

      “When CMR was at Tallahassee he could always count on Mickey Andrews. He has not had that since he left north Florida.”

      Never ever ever! Not in any of the 10-win seasons, the East titles, the SEC championships….never ever!

  11. You’re right, CMR just does not have that killer instinct, and it shows up in the big games, CMR can sure recruit but he can’t coach em up and no way can anyone sugarcoat that fact! His record against ranked teams reflect this!