Two things you’ll hear this week almost as much as Clowney’s name.

Meme number one:  been there, done that.

“Two years ago we lost, and still went to the SEC championship,” junior linebacker Amarlo Herrera said. “Last year we lost, went to the SEC championship. We’ve just gotta keep winning, like we always do.”

True ‘dat, but at the risk of sounding like Spurrier’s bitch, you had the schedule on your side those two years (plus SC’s inexplicable home loss to Auburn).  You don’t have that luxury this season.

Meme number two:  Josh Harvey-Clemons returns to save the day.

“It’s going to be great. Now we can have a true DB playing the nickel spot,” Swann said, noting that true freshman outside linebacker Leonard Floyd played that role in last Saturday’s loss to Clemson. “Leonard played that spot and he actually did pretty well. Now we can have a guy who can actually cover somebody and come in and fit in the run. I think that’s going to be key for us throughout the rest of the season.”

Well, we know JHC is the healthiest member of the secondary.  So there’s that.  It’s just that when I read all the enthusiastic stuff about him, like this,

Nonetheless, Grantham admits that Harvey-Clemons — who was named the Bulldogs’ defensive MVP at the end of spring practice — brings something to the defense that might have been lacking against Clemson. In particular, his coverage skills will allow Georgia to do even more with the nickel role than it asked Floyd to do in the opener.

“I think it gives you a little more flexibility at the nickel position because he’s really like a DB covering,” Grantham said. “Leonard’s very athletic and can do those things, but he’s more like a linebacker in his coverage skills, which is fine for a guy who’s going to be a 265-pound guy in a couple years. I think the coverage element’s a little different. ”

… all I can think is how nice it would have been to have him in at Clemson.


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24 responses to “Two things you’ll hear this week almost as much as Clowney’s name.

  1. DawgPhan

    Bobo rolled the blunt.

  2. … all I can think is how nice it would have been to have him in at Clemson.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    There were no charges pressed because there wasn’t enough evidence…and we suspended him. Only school in America where that happens.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    JHC should help with containing the QB runs, just as important to us this week as it would have been last week.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    My retort: Jadeveon Clowney.

  6. Juan

    So, does this mean Conner Norman will still get snaps?

    Dear god…

    • 69Dawg

      Conner trails a play like no other DB in the SEC. He is always behind the play running like heck to catch up.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        He won’t hit and doesn’t wrap up either. Do you remember a week or so ago when George O’Leary was waxing philosophical in his usually asshole manner about how some kids slow down when they are about to tackle somebody? Norman was the guy he was talking about. He seems like a nice kid though.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Can we please get off Connor Norman’s case? Bitch about some kid sandbagging, or running his mouth, or a 5 star with all the tools who won’t learn the playbook or stay out of trouble, whatever, but Norman’s waited in the background, doing what was asked, and is playing about as well as you’d expect a 15th string walk on DB to play.

      With 10 guys out there every snap with more raw physical talent than Norman, I think there’s probably plenty of places to spread the blame for last Saturday. We ought to be thankful we’ve got him, because apparently whatever option is behind him is not a very good option. I hope he doesn’t read all the comments sections in the press, because I can’t remember the last time a DGD got so much undeserved grief from our fan base.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You’re right, CD. We shouldn’t single out players for criticism. That said, your use of the term “undeserved” is incorrect in this instance. BTW, did you see the game? If you did, look at a replay. It’s worse on replay.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Aw, I’m sorry to act like a hall monitor. I’m not even saying we can’t single out individual players…but while we’re lamenting the FG unit and bad O-line play, I can’t think of another *individual* player who really gets the business in our program quite like Norman – it’s the volume of criticism that surprises me. And sure, he’s not a superstar, he is a walk-on and therefore seems to me that he’s outperforming expectations to even be playing.

          But maybe I ought to re-watch the game.

          • Here’s what Emerson said about Norman’s game:

            … Norman got beat on one touchdown, but that was a well-thrown pass by Boyd on a wheel route, and at least Norman was on his man, picking him up out of the backfield. Norman was actually more at fault for a first-half touchdown when he bit on a play-fake, allowing Boyd to hit Watkins for what turned into at touchdown. Blame Norman for mistakes of mind, but not mistakes of talent. Other players got beat on plays too. Tray Matthews’ inexperience showed, especially against the pass, as did Leonard Floyd’s. Brendan Langley was a bit better, but wasn’t too great in the short passing game either.

            Norman gets picked on (by some fans) because he’s an easy target, a former walk-on who they feel is being used over deserving scholarship players. But a) Harvey-Clemons was suspended, b) Moore was hurt, and c) Shaquille Fluker wasn’t ready. Plus, Norman was noticeable on Saturday night because he was around the ball on a lot of big plays for Clemson. Well, that’s not necessarily because Norman was playing badly; it was also because he was getting to the right spot, unlike some other defenders. Norman didn’t have a great night, but he didn’t have a bad one either, and fans blaming him are scapegoating the wrong guy.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              The Norman criticism has been bothering me since last year when he was filling in for suspended players and everyone was groaning and whining even then, even though he played fine…they gave him more grief than they gave the SUSPENDED players (!).

              But I think reading the above from Seth’s mailbag this morning probably gave me a good head of steam before I came over here… :p

  7. CitadelDawg

    So the takeaway is… pot helps JHC stay healthy/excel on the field?
    I love that no charges are pressed, no contraband found, and he was suspended anyway. I love it like I love fire ants.

  8. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Grantham excuses (1) new to job (2) didn’t have his players (3) not experienced in 3-4 (4) too much talent and experience, didn’t gel (5) not enough experience/player out. Waiting for the dog ate his homework.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      This, this, this x 10000

      He gets a pass like nobody I’ve ever seen. You know why? He acts entitled – he sneers, scoffs, bullies, rolls his eyes at questions, etc. Nobody is fit to question The CTG.

      Bobo and Richt show humility, and they get pounded by the fans. If Grantham were a little skinny dude who occasionally showed some contrition he’d have been GONE at the end of last year.

      He’s all bluff and bluster and is not getting it done no matter what the talent or the circumstances, he’s skating by purely on his personality….

  9. Old DAWG

    JHC is playing if he’s playing for another school in the SEC (that’s not Ky). As long as we continue to lead the league in punishment (tied with Kentucky), we’ll lose these big 1st (and 2nd games) games. I like the Ga rules, but needs to be a SEC standard.
    We’re putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage (in games and recruiting). Say, I don’t like holding calls – can we penalize ourselves 30yrds instead of 30?

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree on the competitive disadvantage comment.

      If our method of embarrassing the athlete and the program for petty off-field issues works so well with team discipline, than why are we consistently at our near the top of the league in on-field penalties as well?

  10. By Georgia We Did It

    I hope Herrera (and the rest of the team for that matter) don’t think they can lose this game and expect to be back in ATL in early December. There’s zero chance its going to happen for a 3rd consecutive year. The fact he even brought it up is (to me) completely the wrong mentality. He needs to say, “We have no room for error and need to come our swinging against SC. Impose our will, play hard for 60 mins, have no mercy and get the crowd into the game.” – That would make me feel a lot better. Instead, we have a semi-Richt speech about “well, we lost to them the past two years and still made it so….” . That kind of junk makes me sick.