One guarded ray of hope for Saturday

No matter how pessimistic or jaded you may feel about Georgia’s chances against South Carolina, there’s one unavoidable fact that should cheer you up.  This guy won’t be stepping on the field:

I guarantee you that makes Grantham feel better.


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26 responses to “One guarded ray of hope for Saturday

  1. HVL Dawg

    I love that song. Used it for my first dance at my wedding.


  2. CrawforDawg

    If you can’t tackle, well, you can’t tackle. We’ll see. My red and black fingers are crossed.


  3. DugLite

    What a talent. I am glad to see ML gone. I hate it about his injury. Hopefully, he will heal and do great things in the NFL.


  4. uglydawg

    I am optimistic aboutt Georgia’s chances. What Georgia does, it does well. It’s not like SC doesn’t have anything to worry about. Conner Shaw is good, but the Gamecocks aren’t as prolific as Clemson on offense. With a healthy Gurley and fewer penalties, Georgia wins 31-24.


  5. Juan

    It isn’t going to make a difference


  6. Turd Ferguson

    Well, unless we’ve learned how to tackle since the Clemson game, Mike Davis should have no problem putting up Lattimore-esque numbers.


  7. I Wanna Red Cup

    Hope TG does that to the Cocks.


  8. Not sure how much hope this is as Lattimore was a shell of himself last year and it didn’t matter. Shaw lit UGA up in Columbia.

    What is a ray of hope is Connor Shaw’s numbers on the road. In 4 true road games last year (Vandy, Kentucky, Florida and LSU), here is what Shaw did:

    50/83, 464 yards passing, 165 yards rushing. 4 TDs, 3 INTs. Of his 629 total yards (in four games), 224 came via the beat down of Kentucky, as did 2 of his 4 total TDs. Now, Georgia does not have LSU or UF’s defense for sure, but they aren’t crap, either.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am just so damn happy to be an underdog…can’t win…no way…experts tell me…it all just feels so…right? Bulldawg fans with expectations?…It feels so good to be down.


  10. PatinDC

    If you remember, ML breakout on the national scence was against our very own Dawgs. He tore us up and it seemed like he ran for 500 yards that day. I am wondering if once again we are setting the stage for another big star to break out against us. Sigh. I am just disappointed at the start and can’t get excited about USC.


  11. Spike

    I have to go wash my ears out. Good Lord..


  12. @gatriguy

    We actually had a good chance of winning in 2010, Washauan fumbled at the goal line and we never mentally recovered. Not to mention the AJ factor.

    My concern now is that Spurrier is in Grantham’s head as bad as he is in Bobo’s. I’ll never forget Bobo calling the hidden ball play on 4th down in 2007 after we ran it on 4th down in 2005 and didn’t fool them at all. If that was t him feeling like he needed to out trick Spurrier, then I don’t know what was.

    Just like last week, if either team is +1 or better in turnovers, they win. If turnovers are even, it’s a total toss up to me.


  13. WillTrane

    Zone block Clowney’s side every chance, more so in the first part of the game. All quick counts, rotate lineman and FB, but pound his side, and let the back side trail the play. No holds, no cut blocks, no chop blocks, solid pad level, and come off the ball strong and fast, if he puts his hands on the dirt, make sure he does not extend. Go right to him and let him know we know where you are and we are coming.


  14. Will (the other one)

    I also hope the rumors about SC’s center being out and a redshirt freshman playing are true.