Murray bashers, when you’ve lost Tony Barnhart…

Mr. Conventional Wisdom calls the “big game” question “silly”.


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  1. PatinDC

    Good read. I liked this bit: The thought of WKU beating TN is awesome.
    “4. Can Bobby Petrino start 2-0 against the SEC? Four SEC schools hired head coaches in the offseason and all took a pass on Petrino, who built Arkansas into a top-10 team and was then let go for some off-field indiscretions.
    Western Kentucky , needing a replacement for Willie Taggart, said yes and Petrino made his debut as head coach with 35-26 win over Kentucky, one of the schools that passed on him. It should be noted that the Wildcats were 0-8 in the SEC last season and are starting over under Mark Stoops. Some in the Big Blue Nation wanted to hire Petrino instead.
    This week Petrino gets another shot at an SEC school that didn’t want him with a trip to Tennessee, which got off to a good start under Butch Jones against overmatched Austin Peay.

    But Western Kentucky has some SEC-caliber weapons in quarterback Brandon Doughty (27 of 34 last week) and running back Antonio Andrews. And when Petrino has weapons he can cause some trouble.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is this hat the hat that can win the big game? Hey makes a much sense as saying a quarterback wins a game.

  3. JRW7

    AM record against RANKED teams is not very good, you just can’t sugarcoat that! It’s what it is! Something like 3-17 ?

    • IveyLeaguer

      Yeah, it’s interesting he left that one out, since it’s the most relative and most important one. He also, very conveniently, omitted one of Murray’s seasons entirely – 2010. I wonder why?

      Mr. College Football, indeed. He’s not even relevant in this conversation.

      The relevant thing in this conversation today? It’s not easy. We’re talking about our QB and a DGD who is about to play the biggest game of his life. Murray deserves our support tomorrow, from the DogWalk ’til the final buzzer.

      Both his NFL future and his legacy as a QB is on the line. As if that wasn’t enough, his team’s season is on the line, and he is the leader. That’s an awful lot of pressure.

      I, for one, will be pulling for him with everything I have.

      • D.N. Nation

        Dammit, Murray, why did you sell AJ Green’s jersey and install a new defensive scheme and were a freshman?

      • D.N. Nation

        “Both his NFL future and his legacy as a QB is on the line.”

        That one didn’t work on the other thread. Why not start it here, I guess?

        • IveyLeaguer

          I saw a lot of agreement over there. But it’s completely immaterial. What happens here is no measure of anything, except the knowledge level of rabid Georgia fans.

          It is what it is. I believe that to be a true statement. So do a lot of others, who are close to what’s going on and know a lot more about the game than you.

          I tried to make the point that we need to get behind Aaron, right now and tomorrow. You choose to ignore that, and try to change the thread by lighting a flame. That’s your preogative.

          But I’m not interested. You have no valid case. Find somebody else to play games with.

      • Biggus Rickus

        And then if he goes 27-38 for 372 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT in a 45-42 Georgia loss, you’ll be right there for him, calling him out for not winning the big game.

        • IveyLeaguer

          Stats are not the issue. Not the question. They don’t mean that Murray played a good or bad game. If you believe they are, then I have to assume you don’t know the game. Murray could play great, and have terrible stats. He can have great stats, and play awful.

          This isn’t rocket science here. I don’t like being accused of being unfair, and certainly not dishonest, when you have zero evidence. Let’s see if I can make this clear, even for you …

          If Murray plays well in a game, if he plays a solid game, then that is what matters, in terms of his performance. I would grade his performance on how he played, and yes I know how to do that. Same with every player. Period.

          It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a big game. Nor does it even matter whether we win or lose. If it’s a big game, like tomorrow’s, and Murray plays solid, plays well, and we lose, then I’ll say he did his job, and played well. I’ll make it clear (because he’s a QB and people are quick to assign the QB blame) that he was not the reason we lost. He’ll get the credit he deserves.

          Why would it be otherwise? Do I sound like some redneck drinking a 6 pack and getting off on slandering my own players? I have a long record with Georgia, and I’ve never unfairly evaluated any player. Nor have I ever been accused of it, except a few times on internet boards by people who either don’t know me or jump to wrong conclusions.

          I’ve been posting about Georgia on the web for 15 years, and a lot of it was still available, last I looked. But I was analyzing Georgia for people decades before that, because they knew they were gonna get it straight, it would be accurate, and rarely wrong.

          You aren’t one of them. But just as Murray’s record speaks for itself, so does mine. Nothing personal, but you shouldn’t accuse somebody unless you know what you’er talking about.

          • Biggus Rickus

            Stats are a measure of how much a player contributes to a win or a loss. They aren’t the entire story, but they are a big piece of it. As for your “credentials”, who cares? I’m responding to the drivel you’ve posted here about Murray. If you think Murray didn’t play reasonably well against Clemson, I think you are probably often inaccurate and wrong, however straight you may give it to someone.

    • timphd

      The last UGA quarterback to beat South Carolina is Joe Cox. Does that mean he is a better QB than Aaron Murray since Murray is 0 for 3? It isn’t all about one guy, your whole team has to perform and it is UGA as a team that hasn’t performed well against top ranked teams, not just Murray.

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Nothing silly about the question. AM’s lost to teams like Mich State, arky, UCF, clemson, Boise, etc., etc. Of course its not all AM. CMR isn’t looking so good under this scrutiny either. If comparing us to somebody like ut, we look great. Compared to teams like bama and LSU, we’re underachievers. The big-game-loser meme isn’t going away until we start whoop’n more big boys consistently. And coming close, like the secc, still doesn’t translate to a W.

  5. Mike Cooley

    If Murray would just start blocking for himself and playing all eleven positions on defense like he should be doing already then maybe he could win a big game. Oh and if he had not botched that field goal last week we would be 1-0 and in good shape. I am tired of him letting us down. He either had better start playing better defense, special teams, and blocking better or Hutson Mayson needs to be the qb. you just can’t cant sugar coat it! I demand that he block better, tackle better, and play better special teams. Because everybody knows the one loss record is his and his alone. You just can’t sugar coat it!

  6. Mike Cooley

    I’ve got news for you, the big game meme isn’t going anywhere no matter what he does. There is a slice of the fan base that has its mind made up. At this point it has become personal for them. They think its about the, getting what they want so they view it as Murray letting them down. Childish but that’s how they think. So for them, the book is totally written on this guy and nothing he does will be good enough and indeed it never is. Not many people who watched the game last week hang that loss on Him but they do. Why? It’s easy. It’s harder to actually pay attention and look at the pitiful job the line did for about half the game. Watch what happens. If we win tomorrow, these people that post this stuff will not be on here saying good things about Aaron Murray. They will be posting something along the lines of “it’s about time!” Or they will say that we won in spite of him and were just lucky that happened. These people suck as fans and are not the sort of folks you want to have to depend on or be around. They pine for David Green, who I loved, but they don’t remember or just don’t care that the overwhelming majority of Green’s wins were due to defense. No the big game meme ain’t going anywhere for these spoiled children. It has been too good to them and its way to easy.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. The O has some problems but QB ain’t one of them. That said, the real problem with this team so far is tackling, particularly the DBs. If the Georgia D will just really hit and then wrap up that right there will limit the amount of points the Dicks…er…Cocks score and the Georgia O will score enough points to win.

  7. Bus

    Agree with Tony B.

    Murray had a 7 qbr vs S Caro in 12′ and an 8 qbr vs Fla.

    That’s a performance beyond words.