Old times there are not forgotten.

For those of you who wonder if the flame of Spurrier’s Georgia hate burns as brightly as ever, it should be noted that he still reminisces about how the Gators finished the 1995 game between the hedges.



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20 responses to “Old times there are not forgotten.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Flaming asshole.


  2. Juan

    Man, Spurrier owns Grantham.

    I hate this game.


  3. eagledawg

    That game would sting a lot more if the Braves hadn’t won the Series that night.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    This game has always been Spurrier’s Super Bowl and until CMR and the Dawgs see it that way Spurrier will continue to win. The Dawgs have to come out and match the intensity and quit treating this as just another game


    • Dboy

      But didn’t we complain that UGA amps themselves up / psyches themselves out too much for the big UF game each year, an that is why we lost so much?


  5. @gatriguy

    I hope players and coaches can tune his shit out. Spurrier is in our fans’ heads; I hope that’s where it ends.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Who got into whose head first?
    Bill Stanfill.

    “1.The seventh-ranked 1966 Florida Gators entered the game with a 7–0 record and the opportunity to clinch a share of their first-ever SEC title.[30] The Gators’ senior quarterback, Steve Spurrier, had just locked up the Heisman trophy the previous week with a stellar performance versus the Auburn Tigers.[31] The Florida–Georgia game turned out very differently, however, as the Bulldogs defense dominated the game, and Spurrier threw three interceptions in the 27–10 Georgia victory.[32]”

    2.”In a 1968 51-0 thumping of the University of Florida, Coach Dooley allowed Stanfill to finish the game at quarterback. The game was in a driving rainstorm and caused some hard feelings on the part of the Gator team.” Spurrier had left by then but I’m sure that stuck in his throat.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia had the option of stopping him in 1995, and couldn’t get it done. Let him crow. I hate Spurrier because he hates us, but I respect him. When Georgia drilled him in 1997, he didn’t make excuses and he didn’t throw players under the bus. He just said, “Georgia’s better than us.” I respect that. It’s a tough thing to say, but he has said it every single time Georgia has beaten one of his teams. Welcome back, Spurrier, hope we can make this visit unpleasant for you.


    • That’s all well and good. But still reliving the game 20 years later at a different school? That’s a little sad.


      • Normaltown Mike

        I’d say this demonstrates that Spurrier doesn’t really think of USC as “his” school. Just a place he cashes a check from.

        If USC fans had any self-respect, this would rankle them. But they are the 2nd rate school in a 3rd rate state, so they don’t dare complain.


        • JC

          I kinda feel that way too. To being still talking about his former school/employer as much as he still does (weekly? DAILY?), he has very little emotion attachment to USC.


  8. Dog in Fla

    He wants us on that wall, he needs us on that wall.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Some people just never outlive their grudges. Steve Spurrier’s youthful glory days were besmirched, and he can’t get over it, even as the most successful coach of the last 23 years. He can be cute, and he takes it like a man when he gets his ass kicked, but the grudge is still there.


  10. SAtowndawg

    Was at that game til the bitter end….what I remember most other than the flea-flicker was the hostile energy walking back to Creswell from the stadium….don’t think I’ve ever seem more fights and near fights in Athens than I saw that day…gator fans were gloating and Dawg fans were more than a little bitter


  11. Keese

    Spit cup may resonate a little with spurrier and ga fans


  12. Mike Cooley

    I don’t any UGA respecting that little puke. If you think he doesn’t make excuses when he loses to us then I suggest you go back and do some light reading. It won’t take long. It has always been just this or if only that every time he’s lost to us. In 2006 when we blanked him he nearly exploded making excuses. He is a very good football coach but he’s slug of a human being.


  13. Mike


    Followed closely by @UT in 1996


  14. Will (the other one)

    If somehow we have 48 points on them tomorrow, and the ball in their territory late in a blowout, I want us to go for the FG.