Potential recruiting development? Ho-hum.

I suppose I’d be more interested in this news if I didn’t feel like Saban’s already got it gamed out to take more advantage of it than any head coach in America.


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5 responses to “Potential recruiting development? Ho-hum.

  1. Alabama has been treating recruits like royalty for years. They have Athletic Hostesses who escort these recruits around for the full game-day experience. My Daughter was a hostess. This has been an Alabama tradition for many years. I believe it was the Bear Bryant that started this.


  2. DawgByte

    The AJC is reporting that one of the reasons UGA didn’t land more 5 star in-state talent during Rodney Garner’s tenure as Recruiting Coordinator is that he offered each recruit a lifetime membership in Hezbollah. As it turns out many high school recruits are not interested in becoming Jihadist’s.