Murray, Bobo beat .500 team, still looking for elusive big game win.

Film at eleven.


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105 responses to “Murray, Bobo beat .500 team, still looking for elusive big game win.

  1. uglydawg

    LOL…..I woulldn’t be suprised.

  2. Rusty

    ….and they start off with the only sack!

  3. gastr1

    Clearly, Clowney and SC’s defense have been vastly overrated.

  4. The Ole Ball Sack didn’t even bother to call timeout, Damn right.

    • Brandon

      He is one of the only coaches in America that can get away with that. It’s not like Sakerlina was anything before he got there. They didn’t score on the goalline and he basically knew the game was over.

  5. WF dawg

    That Spurrier anguish face makes me so very happy.

  6. I’m ready for my helping of crow. AM played the best game of his career I’d have to say. Bobo called a great game. The offensive line played well and Gurley as always is a beast. That last drive was awesome. I love it that the Head Ball Douche didn’t even use his timeouts bc his boys were whipped.

    Defense still looks like a train wreck but if they can get to even a competent level we should be able to beat the Gaytors this year and who knows about LSU.

  7. Rick

    Stupid Murray, thinks he can trick us with better stats against top ten teams w/ bigger sample size. Oldest trick in the book.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Spurrier’s face after his stupid goal line option call was stuffed. That’s why we watch the games my friends

  9. AM played GREAT in the BIG game! Pass the crow please!

    • I find if you put some Tabasco on it, it’s not too bad. Goes well with a nice bucket of fried chicken.

    • charlottedawg

      Posted something similar in the previous post. Glad to be wrong and there really isn’t enough that can be said for the outstanding performance by Gurley, Murray, & Bobo. The play calling and execution were as crisp as I’ve ever seen.

  10. Noonan

    Murray gives his best in a game we HAD to win. Defense is awful. White kid from Aquinas can play. Where was Clowney?

    • NRBQ

      We Augusta boys have warned ya’ll about Douglas.

      What a balls-out game. 3 punts all day.

      And think about AM’s day without three clear drops!

    • Rp

      The white AP!!! He destroyed two cocks on that run. I have to admit i was screaming: “Do not hand it to the freshman!” before that play. He made me look stupid.

      • Dboy

        My sphincter was so tight w/ Douglas in at such a crucial point in the game. I was just repeating “please don’t fumble” each time they handed to him. He did well!!

  11. NC Dawg

    That was so sweeeeeet. We’re back in the top 10 and got the swagger back.

  12. WF dawg

    Murray was 17 of 23 with (at least) 4 drops. Folks, that’s real good.

  13. TheReverendDoctor

    LMAO. Well played, sir. :clap:

  14. Will Trane

    Big Win!. Way to play line. Can not keep taking the hits re injuries…Mitchell, Gates, Marshall, and etc. Got to get this guys well and at full speed.
    Big rumor out of north Florida. “Boom” will be asked to leave to pave the way for the return of the OBC. Loss to Canes has Bull Gators pissed!!!

    • Normaltown Mike

      Was our o line good after gates left or USC gassed?

      Maybe we get some cohesion?

      • James Stephenson

        At the end, SC was tired, I told me wife watch the SC players, they are no longer wrapping up.

        • Trace

          Very similar to us trying to tackle Marcus Lattimore a few years ago in the 4th quarter. Feels nice to have the shoe on the other foot.

    • Bulldawg165

      No way. If they are really thinking about getting rid of him they are more delusional than the Murray and Bobo haters.

  15. DawgBiscuit

    Congratulations to the Dawgs on the huge win. Even with all the defense’s warts, they made stops when it needed to, but enough can’t be said about how brilliantly Murray and the offense played, and about Coach Richt’s aggressive calls early to set the tone and give us a lead. Awesome, awesome game. This ranks high on my list of favorite wins of the the Richt era.

    • Coastal Dawg

      I really like this aggressive CMR. Maybe not having a kicker is a good thing.

      Great team win. Happy for Murray. Something like 8 different guys caught the ball. Line play improved significantly. The crowd sounded pretty vocal on the TV

  16. Billy Mumphrey


  17. Careful Brad

    I hope Skeptic Dawg bounces back from this… Actually I hope we don’t hear a thing from skeptic dawg until he complains about Mason’s performance at G Day.

    • Skeptic Dawg's Better Half Relative

      Since talking with him before the game – when he told me he didn’t see how the Dawgs could win, our young D could withstand any pressure & we’d get hammered 34-7 – I haven’t even heard from him.

      I just don’t get it. He must have gone into a typical Skeptic Rant when the Cocks got the TD to tie it at the half and never recovered to see the 2nd half.

  18. Coweta Dawg

    Quavon Hicks! Sweet momma, pour me another!

    • AusDawg85

      I don’t always FB dive, but when I do I Quavon Hicks.
      – the most interesting Dawg Fan in the World

      • SouthGaDawg


        • Skeptic Dawg's Better Half Relative

          Have the Dawgs ever seen as big of a start to a career at FB than we’ve seen from Q? He’s getting it done something serious on the rumble and with his hands a key times.

          Pour me another and make it a double!

  19. NC Dawg

    The onside kick early turned so well for the team psyche. That and the fourth-down conversion. UGA deserved to get the breaks for a change. Go you Aaron Murray. Plus we get Gurley and Hicks together for another year.

  20. Wonder if Clowney still thinks AM is scared of him?

  21. NC Dawg

    Hicks must have cut a wide swath in Blackshear. He’s about the size of the entire town.

  22. Tronan

    I did not think they’d win this game, and kept expecting they’d find a way to lose. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

    Our O looked great (though I can’t understand how the line could look so bad last week and so good today). That said, SC’s defense was not impressive. At all. And, other than that miraculous 4th down stop, neither was ours. If I wasn’t so drained, I would have laughed when Richt told Holly Rowe after the game, “They’re young. They don’t know what they’re doing yet.”

    • PatinDC

      That was a great quote. I heart CMR.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      “…I can’t understand how the line could look so bad last week and so good today…” Last week they played away in a very loud stadium where the Georgia O had to go to a silent snap count. The Clemson D timed the silent snap count. Clemson’s defensive line got the jump on the Dawgs’ O-line on almost every play. Anybody who says that there is no such thing as home field advantage when it comes to UGA football is FOS. (Senator, I’m looking right at you.)

      • Sailor is All UGA

        I have to agree with you Mayor. No UGA team ever would have won in Columbia last year. But many would have taken out the tigers last week.

  23. Drew

    In other hype news, did anyone see ESPN’s link on the front page’s main article -specifically to highlight Clowney’s lone sack? I should’ve screen grabbed it.

  24. Timphd

    Murray CAN win a big one eh? Can’t wait till the trolls try to find some way to minimize this. Without the drops he is 20 of 23 at worst, made great decisions looked fearless. Of course Gurley Marshall Hicks and Douglas rocked as did the o line. Give Bobo credit too, great game plan and Richt gets kudos for going on 4th and the onside kick. Just need the D to mature and it could be a great year. AND THE GATORS LOST! How great is that?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Nobody was happier than me to see AM get that monkey off his back with an incredible performance tonight, but that doesn’t mean people who took note of his frustrations before tonight were always either wrong or meanspirited about it – some of us – probably most of us – are big AM fans and were exasperated in large part because we like him so much and wanted him to do well personally, win or lose. But we can all celebrate tonight.

  25. JasonC

    I’m sure Mason would have had 700 yards and 6 TDs.

  26. Normaltown Mike

    Where was ESPN’s “Clowney Cam”?

  27. uglydawg

    We didn’t get to see nearly enough of the Ole Ball Sack’s antics on the sideline…Never in my life have I seen, or enjoyed seeing so much, a man as miserable as SOS when the Dawgs beat him. It was great!

  28. Conner Shaw is 0-4 against ranked teams on the road!

  29. AthensHomerDawg

    Heavy dose of Southern Rock today. Man it was tight. Soooo hello all you Eeyore Dawgs and Ricto-phobes. It’s a shame…. Shame on You.

  30. adam

    Murray was UNBELIEVABLE tonight. If it weren’t for the drops (one each by JSW, McGowan, Lynch, Reggie Davis, and Bennett) he would’ve been 22-23. I don’t remember the other incompletions. Tonight Murray was perfect. The game plan was great. Bobo called a great game and we had a good plan to neutralize #7. Tailbacks were amazing, especially Gurley (142 total yards). How good is Hicks, too?

    Langley has a ways to go in coverage, especially in zone. Maybe we’ll see some of Wiggins next week. Good to see Corey Moore and JHC back on the field. This defense has the talent, but the secondary needs a lot of coaching and experience. We were VERY close to 2-0 and possibly ranked #1. Now, let’s heal up and go win 12 more.

    • Cary Dawg

      Just for reference, the other incompletion was an overthrow out of the back of the end zone in the first half
      All credit to the entire offense and Bobo for having an incredible game

      • adam

        Ah thanks. The one that would’ve been PI (a not show up in the stat sheet) if the ball had been a little closer to JSW. Murray was basically perfect yesterday. What a performance.

  31. Justin Scott-Wesley, on his touchdown catch: “Man, it came open pretty clean. The corner didn’t get a hand on me, the safety didn’t come over on me. I was just out there. You could’ve thrown a grenade out there and nobody would’ve died but me.”

  32. 81Dog

    Me, I’m not upset UGA didn’t punch in another score at the end of that brutal, beautiful, clock eating drive to end the game. I’m upset that we weren’t throwing it in the end zone with under a minute left, going for 2 after the score, recovering another onside kick on the ensuing kickoff, and then calling time out so we could kick a 50 yard FG on the last play of the game.

    It’s not like the ol’ Ball Sack would hesitate to do it to us.

    Other than that, yes, please. Props to AM, Bobo and the offense, and credit the D with making a play on the goal line when it mattered.

    • gastr1

      I’ll be happy with grinding him down badly enough that he calls “uncle” via no timeouts at the end of the game. Eight minutes of right down your big fat mouth, OBC. It’s running down the score, so to speak.

    • uglydawg

      But we don’t want to be like him. CMR has class.

    • Russ

      I gotta admit that I had the same desire but yeah, ramming it down his throat for the last 8 minutes where he doesn’t even call a timeout is pretty satisfying. And the ol’ Ball Sack himself even said we whipped their butts up and down the field.

  33. Russ

    Ha ha! Well played Senator! I came here to post that obviously this wasn’t a big game, but you beat me to it!

    I hope the defense can learn to tackle and pursue in the next two weeks, and that Langley can learn to cover.

  34. Rebar

    Shaw can’t win the big one, Gurley is a beast and he has made little beasts that come in at the end of the game to spell him very well. Murray had a couple of passes dropped in the first half that would have had a big difference in the score early. This defense is scary; good or bad scary we are not sure yet, but we should know after LSU. Damn good dawgs out there today!!

  35. Debby Balcer

    A wonderful day in Athens so glad everyone will have to stop with the Aaron can’t win the big one. It will be a fun day tomorrow in SC.

  36. Cary Dawg

    The feeling I had after last week and the feeling I have from tonight’s game are about as polar opposite as you can get.

  37. Big win for UGA, big win for AM, big win for CMR, GO DAWGS!

  38. Tyler

    What a great game! I am curious as to what will be the new “Quote of the Day,” as there are so many gems from which to pick.

    “It was a good tail-kicking,” Spurrier said. “Give Georgia credit. They ran it right down our throat. (Former Georgia coach) Vince Dooley probably has a smile on his face the way they played today.”

    “We were tired of hearing about [Clowney],” Georgia center David Andrews said. “You don’t like seeing his highlights against you on ESPN. But we didn’t fear anyone, and we weren’t scared of anyone.

    “We knew if we kept pounding them that we could make them quit, and that’s what we tried to do all game.”

    “It’s just no fun to be 0-2 and 0-1 in the league and hoping somebody gets beat and looking at the gauntlet ahead of you,” Richt explained.

    “You know it’s bad when you’re rooting for Florida,” said Lynch, referring to the predicament the Bulldogs faced last season following the loss to South Carolina. “You want to be able to control your destiny in every aspect, and we can say that right now in the East.”

    “It was pretty obvious Georgia was the stronger of the two teams out here today,” South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said. “We couldn’t stop them.”

    I like our chances against LSU and we ought to demolish Florida in every sense of the word.

  39. Mike Cooley

    On the way home we were listening to Kevin Butler and company and did y’all realize Gurley had 30 carries? I had no idea it was that many. Also, I don’t know if y’all caught it but Scott-Wesley’s touchdown was caught right in front of Spurrier. Made it even sweeter. the SC fans were the the most obnoxious and over confident visiting fans I have ever seen. The look of utter shock on their faces leaving the stadium was priceless. I just got home and I told my wife that this game was the most fun I’ve ever had in Sanford Stadium. That place was LOUD and the boys responded. go Dawgs.

    • HahiraDawg

      As for your first two sentences, yeah I did. However thanks a ton for the rest of your post. I didn’t know that about JSW’s catch and I was extremely curious about the atmosphere. It certainly sounded loud on tv. Glad you had such a great time MC.

  40. uglydawg

    I was listening to some people from SC on a sports talk show on Friday. It was obvious that the thought that SC could lose didn’t exist in their under-sized craniums. They started celebrating the win right after the Georgia Clemson game ended. They honestly are the most dilusional fan base in the South. They need to start worrying about the post-SOS era. You know Spurrier looks at the talent and youth on the Georgia squad and knows he might not win his pet game again for a long, long time..He just might hang it up soon.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      USCe is facing another, more immediate problem, IMO. The Ol’ Ball Sack isn’t getting any younger. I think he’s close to 70. Even before he leaves, how many top recruits are going to want to go to South Carolina when it is obvious that Spurrier isn’t going to be there much longer. The real reason behind FSU’s decline wasn’t that Bobby Bowden couldn’t coach any more or that he didn’t have quality assistants. It was that top players wouldn’t go there because they feared as soon as they showed up on campus Bowden would leave and they would have to endure a coaching change, maybe even have to transfer. I see the same in Spurrier’s future, and soon. This probably was his best chance to win an SEC Championship and play in the BCSNCG. Gone, gone, gone, between the hedges–the real Death Valley where, paraphrasing Les Miles, “Old Coaches dreams come to die.”

  41. Icing on the cake…
    My Racquetball buddy has a son that is a Georgia State Patrolman.
    He said the dragnet was going to be on big time right beside the state line late last night.

    Anybody that was hammered or speeding was going to get Herreraed…

  42. Are the Georgia game replays shown in HD anywhere? I see CSS has the SC game today but it’s not HD.

  43. Scorpio Jones, III

    I got a new hat…a man’s hat, an old man’s hat.

    Tip of the new hat to Kenarious Gates and his brothers on the much maligned offensive line who sent Hypeman Clowney to the bench when the game was on the line.

  44. Smitty

    Good ONE GAME for AM. He’s had games like this before, usually against Auburn. Threw quick passes, scrambled away from easy sacks, and didn’t turn the ball over. All stuff he should have been doing for the last 3 years.

    But it’s ONE GAME. AM usually tanks after games like this, so don’t get excited until he strings together TWO IN A ROW against great teams.

    And don’t forget, the defense held South Carolina to 30 points, got a goaline stop, and forced and recovered a fumble, and Richt gave it to Gurley 30 times.

  45. Mike Cooley

    Smith I think I speak for everyone when I say go jump in a lake. People like you are a cancer to the program.

  46. Mike Cooley

    Also, we are off next week. So the entire team has a chance to refocus and tighten up the things that need tightening up. The week after that we play North Texas. I don’t think even the biggest gloom and doomer has to worry about Murray getting us beat by North Texas.

  47. Irishdawg

    Murray threw for 300+ yards last week too, genius. Yes, he turned it over twice, but he also was getting terrible pass protection and the defense decided to tackle like old ladies.

    If anyone is STILL doubting Murray’s ability at this point, there’s no use arguing with these idiots. It’s like trying to convince someone who says that plutonium is better on sandwiches than peanut butter; they’re immovable in their delusions.