Nick Saban’s last documented moment of weakness

This made me chuckle.

Six years ago, Blackledge, the former Penn State quarterback and current ESPN college football analyst, began hosting his weekly “Taste of the Town’’ halftime segment, during which he visited a local dining gem in whatever college town he and his broadcast crew were working that weekend.

Blackledge knew the segment had caught on when, about midway through that first season in 2007, Saban began a game-week conference call by asking him: “Todd, where are you eating this week?”

The man who famously eats the same salad every day so that he doesn’t have to waste time deciding what to do for lunch asks a foodie question to kick off a first season presser?  The mind reels.


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3 responses to “Nick Saban’s last documented moment of weakness

  1. Beer Money

    Guess that was back when Saban had time for that kind of shit.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    A little humanity from Saban? Wow!


  3. Yo Grantham – Just stop the run and keep the Opponent’s score under 27 points.