Saturday morning buffet

Pre-game nourishment, baby.



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10 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. When I read Switzer’s (honestly, just unbelievable) comments, I immediately thought of the Boz. Glad someone else did too.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Interesting observations from the pro scout…especially about the defense.
    Certainly seems to reinforce the worst part of the creeping malaise of TV into college sports…how can anyone who actually knows anything about Georgia’s 2013 team pick them to win the national championship? The obvious answer is that even though the TV Boobocracy pays lip service to defense winning championships, all they care to talk about is offense.

    I find this offensive, almost as offensive as folks who believe what they say denying what their eyes would see if they just looked at the roster.

    When is the last time a team with a defense starting five freshmen won the national championship?


  3. The other Doug

    Staples makes some good observations on limiting Clowney. Hopefully we can tire him out a bit so Gates can handle him.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      You had up until the last part about “Gates” handling him.


      • heytogoober

        It is worth your time to watch the Kansas State video for it’s pure, unadulterated cheesiness. I especially love the part where the mascot is “playing” the guitar and the flashes of light come out of his ass.

        Aslo, I would love for someone from Western Michigan to explain what the hell rowing a boat has to do with being a Bronco.


        • hunkerdowndawg

          Also note that WMU used the British spelling of “defence” instead of defense. Who’s doing the editing on their preseason new traditions videos these days?


          • Dog in Fla

            This guy

            He also was the lighting technician credited for the K-State mascot “playing” the guitar with flashes of light coming out of his ass


      • Miguel

        Seems he should get a little more than a “chip” from Hicks.


  4. David K

    It seems to me more and more that our defensive strategy is get turnovers and if you give up a bunch of yards and points along the way, so be it. That works out great if you get the turnovers but if you don’t you get steamrolled. I’d rather us focus on limiting yards and points and if you can force turnovers along the way so be it. I understand turnovers are huge and many times decide the outcome of games, but a big part of forcing turnovers is out of your control. You need the other team to make mistakes which you can’t always count on.


  5. You know the difference between Murray and Clowney? Murray played the whole game.