Aaron Murray is too modest to gloat. So I’ll do it for him.

A 244.2 passer rating.  244.2 as in 244.freaking2.

That’s the kind of number we’ve seen AM post against the likes of Georgia Tech and Auburn.  But South Carolina?

To put that in perspective, the second highest passer rating notched against the Gamecock defense by a quarterback attempting more than ten passes during the Clowney era was Florida’s 194.68, and that was a turnover-aided effort (Driskel’s ypa was a mere 5.5).  If you take it all the way back to 2007, the only higher rating was achieved by Arkansas in 2007 in one of McFadden’s more insane games.  (By the way, if you ever want to see something fun, check out McFadden’s passing game log for that season.  It’s bonkers.)

It was a phenomenal game.  And I’m not sure the stat line truly does it justice.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Clowney said Murray didn’t do so much as Georgia just ran the ball well.


    • AusDawg85

      uSC media is as delusional as their fan base. They simply asserted that we “ran away” from JD and just wanted his confirmation of his greatness and the rest of the team’s failures. I saw some pretty big plays go to his side / “edge” where he got sealed-off to the inside.

      I bet CMR “why do you lose the big games” wishes our media is as accommodating.


    • Will

      This guy right here is a pretty sore loser.


      • WH

        Meh. I doubt Clowney or any other SC player looks at the stat line before a post-loss press conference.

        I think when you’re on the field your perspective can get a little warped by your experience. If you’re getting pounded by the run again and again, only to give up a nice pass play because you load the box, I can see why a guy would feel like the ground game was the big win for Georgia.

        And to be honest, it was. If you don’t have Gurley/Marshall/Hicks/Green doing work and grinding out tough yards, does Murray have that good a game? Does he throw 2-3 picks and take 4-5 more sacks?


        • WH

          Granted, there were 2 or 3 long yardage situations where EVERYONE knew it was going to be thrown and SC still couldn’t stop it. The point stands though that having the running game working not only netted yards and pints when needed, it bled clock like crazy. Denying Spurrier the ball is the best way to beat him.


          • RocketDawg

            Isn’t this the case for any QB? Can you name one QB that passes exclusively and puts up great numbers against good defenses (excepting the Air Raid/Run-n-shoot types of offenses). Give Murray credit where it is due.


            • WH

              Absolutely. I give Aaron Murray credit, and it’s easy to do so watching from the recliner. My point was that Clowney shouldn’t be getting killed here for not giving Murray credit. If he says that after watching the game film, well that’s on him.


      • I’m not a Clowney fan by any means but I still respect him … and he didn’t sound like a “sore loser” to me in this video. He is and should be disappointed that they lost.


        • Russ

          Well, he did say we ran away from him all game which isn’t exactly true. We ran past him several times when he cut inside and we’d go outside, or vice versa. Bottom line, the OL handled their business and Clowney had minimal impact on the game, despite all the pimping by the WWL pre-game. (Still can’t believe people in Athens – including my engineering professor – helped to promote an opposing player.)


    • DawgBiscuit

      “…[Georgia] basically just ran us right off the ball. Wasn’t no passing, wasn’t no Murray. Just really, just ran us off the ball.”

      300+ yards, 4 TD/0 INT, 244.2 passer rating = wasn’t no passing?

      U mad bro?


    • Noonan

      Maybe he was drunk yesterday afternoon. That would explain his ineffectiveness on the field of play.


      • IveyLeaguer

        I thought he did a basic Bo Jackson impression, taking himself out of the game, unable to play with little hurts. Not that Bo wasn’t a great player, and Clowney isn’t a great player .. the both certainly were/are.

        But the opposite of that performance was Todd Gurley, who played hurt the whole day, and was always ready when his team needed him. Gurley was Herschelesque, the epitome of toughness.

        I lost a little respect for Clowney yesterday.


  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    And if not for 3 drops think of what it would have been


  3. charlottedawg

    I’ve criticized Murray before so let me give the cold hard objective analysis. The kid wasn’t good yesterday. Take away the one weird throw into the goal post and the guy was close to perfect. Every dropped pass literally hit the receiver in stride on both hands. I’m still a little blown away by how crisp every throw was. Bobo also deserves a ton of credit, it seemed like every play call was perfect as well. The play action to Lynch for the first td and the full back pass were two of the prettiest play calls I’ve ever seen. Also as ugly as the defense played at times yesterday Connor Shaw had a hell of a game too so tip of the hat to him.


  4. Connor

    The offense in general and Aaron Murray in particular played a perfect game. He not only made zero mistakes, he made some spectacular plays, and we needed every one of them to win.


  5. rampdawg

    Well shoot! I missed my prediction by 1 measley point on the low side.


  6. Will Trane

    Think you are right OBD…Vince Dooley is smiling big time this morning. And so is CMR. The drive from inside the goal line was simply great execution, effort, and the desire to put the game away when you had a lead and not let SC get back in. Huge stop by the D there. They had saw if before on a score but this go around they put the hats there and squared up. SC is a very good team! Even though they do have some issues on D which no doubt the OBC will work on. SEC is tough!! Think Dawgs and Spurs are both better than Tigers. Had some tough moments, but Matthews, Langley, and Floyd played well against a Spurrier offense and passing game. Thought we looked like Georgia, but that closing drive was a thing of SEC football. Build on it. Need Marshall back big time. His TD was huge and his speed to the flats and corners put pressure on a D. Glad to see Dawgs get away from power Runs inside the 10-15…use speed, lanes across the 53 yards. Congrats Dawgs and coaches. Great game.


  7. IveyLeaguer

    [“And I’m not sure the stat line truly does it justice.”]

    I’ll help you gloat, and it’ll be a distinct pleasure.

    And no, the stat line looks mighty good, but doesn’t really do Murray’s performance justice, IMO. Without watching the film, I suspect Driskell’s 195 performance wasn’t anything close to being as good as the number indicates. And Murray’s 244 doesn’t consider how well he did so many of the little things, not the least of which were things like reading Carolina’s defense, getting us into the right play, and knowing when not to risk turning a bad play into a catastrophe (critical things, all, when up against one of the country’s best defenses).

    Not that there were many of them. Just as his supporting cast contributed to his play last week, so they did yesterday. That’s is always the case, by definition. But Murray, himself, took what they allowed him to do to a new level for him, if not for the League, in terms of performance in a titanic SEC showdown.

    It’s important to mention the thing that has been Murray’s biggest nemesis in these games, was the very thing that made the performance possible .. namely getting off to a good start. There was no wavering, no flinching, just cold, sharp decisions and accurate execution and passing. It was a great start.

    And what a difference. As it turned out, it was the start Georgia needed, not only to get the offense going, as is usually the case, but it allowed Georgia to absorb several huge blows later, that ordinarily would have shaken us and put us in a bad hole.

    South Carolina is very good, and we knew they would respond. So it was important that we hold serve on offense the whole game, and we pretty much did that, thanks mostly to Murray. The whole offense deserves great credit, especially the OL, as their performance paralleled Murray’s. But we all know what makes the offensive engine zing.

    A day or two ago I said Murray was deadly when he played solid and was “on”. And so he was yesterday. He finally did that in a big game, and for a full 60 minutes. Actually, IMHO, this was more than another big game. This was as much a do or die game as Georgia has played in the regular season. The game itself was titanic, regardless of who Georgia’s QB was, but even moreso for Murray himself, his career, and his legacy.

    Even so, I doubt he thought much about anything all week except performing well and leading his team. I couldn’t be more proud of him, for being able to handle what I believe was the toughest situation a college QB could possibly face.

    It’s exciting, today, to think of the effect this performance will have on Murray, and the team, as we look ahead to a tough schedule. We’ve been waiting a very long 3 years for this, and Murray has been waiting.

    Personally, I’m relieved, happy, excited, and thankful today for the new life and potential for the season. But mostly, just happy for Murray.


  8. Brandon

    Obligatory: Murray sux! Wait what?


  9. is pretty dang good when he get’s his emotions under control and plays all cerebral and Ginsu knife edge…


  10. Smitty

    If AM’s so great, wonder why he’s never beaten two great teams in a row?

    Wonder which AM will show up against LSU?

    To put Murray’s performances into perspective, he’s ranked #9 right now in the SEC.



  11. UbiquitousGaAlum

    He was “only” 6-7 with 2 TDs when passing on 3rd down … So what happened on the other 5 passes? He’s only 28% on throwing touchdowns on 3rd down … /sarcasm


  12. WH

    Please refrain from feeding the trolls. Thank you.


  13. Mike Cooley

    Well, what did Clowney do? Other than that one sack it was pretty easy to forget he was there if you were watching from the stands and didn’t have some announcer talking about him constantly. Seriously, I wish somebody had asked him what he did that he had room to criticize anybody. I sure don’t respect him.


  14. Mike Cooley

    Hey Smitty, why don’t you find a team to watch that meets your standards since nothing Murray and company do is good enough for you. I bet you are part of theHutson Mason crowd. Troll.


  15. Ray

    Cooley, you just don’t get it…do you? Hutson Mason has zero interceptions against top 10 opponents in 2013. How many does Murray have? Clearly the evidence shows that Mason doesn’t crap the bed in the big game.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Won’t be surprised if that’s sos’s last trip to Athens. If so, I’m glad we sent him off with a loss.