Regression to the mean is a beyotch, Gators.

The box score from yesterday’s Florida-Miami game is something to behold.  The Gators more than doubled the Canes in first downs, almost doubled them in total yardage, held Miami to 1-11 on third down conversions and ran up a ridiculous 38:20 in time of possession.

Unfortunately, Florida was also minus-four in turnover margin.  That tends to get you beat.


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24 responses to “Regression to the mean is a beyotch, Gators.

  1. The other Doug

    Driskell showed us why the UF staff doesn’t throw the ball farther than 10 yards. It’s not a lack of WR talent or the O line giving Driskell time. Nope. It’s Driskell. Eventually he will make some bad throws and bad decisions.


  2. AusDawg85

    Florida has 6 weeks to sort things out. LSU folks. LSU. Gotta stay focused. Now, if the gatuhs want to drop a couple in the meantime, I’m fine with that. 😉


  3. 3 straight years of pitiful offenses. They are so boring to watch on offense. Didn’t they hire the Boise State OC?


  4. WH

    Cue the “WAH-wah” trombone sound.

    Seriously, though, I do hope Florida finds some modest success to tide them over until Jacksonville. I want them to have just enough success that they don’t change a thing.

    You want that Gator offense in the game. You NEED that Gator offense in the game.


  5. WTM

    Cue blaming the Florida’s offense instead of crediting Miami’s defense for the turnovers ( a familiar refrain to GA fans) in 3…2…1 .


  6. Russ

    I just hope our defense figures it out before their offense does.


  7. Keese

    I want to see Florida implode and the players quit similar to Auburn


    • Comin' Down The Track

      FU needs to be just good enough to not fire Muschamp for a couple more seasons so that recruits start to forget about them.


  8. mg4life0331

    I was expecting this post after that game yesterday Senator. You had been harping this all offseason and look what happened.


  9. What about the Gators going for 2 after their first score? What a dumb call by Muschamp. That put them down 8 for most of the game, a lead that felt insurmountable.


  10. Rebar

    I’d like some of that humble gator pie!


  11. The other Doug

    Looking back , the best thing about this game was that Miami wasn’t very good. Florida didn’t lose to a good team like Clemson. It was a mediocre ACC team.


  12. sniffer

    Hey, Mike…

    Anybody seen Gator Mike?


  13. Sam

    Sorry, Senator, but I have to correct your last paragraph. It should read:
    “Fortunately, Florida was also minus-four in turnover margin. That tends to get you beat. Praise the Lord.”


  14. Biggus Rickus

    It’s one thing to regress to the mean, but so far it’s been a regression to the other extreme for them. Here’s hoping they keep up the bad work.