Envy and jealousy: Evil Richt edition.

I love this, Matt Hinton:

Evil Richt. After tearing down the field for a touchdown on its opening possession, Georgia called for an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff for no reason whatsoever except screw you, that’s why, and caught South Carolina napping on the recovery. Back-to-back possessions kept the already gassed Gamecock defense on the field for another four-and-a-half minutes, leading to a field goal to extend the early lead to 10–3. The tone was set: From there, Georgia only punted once and never trailed.



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  1. charlottedawg

    should’ve been two punts….


  2. Rusty

    Love me some Evil Richt…:)
    He got the best of Spurrier this year. The best in subtle digs, the best in game planning, the best in surprise plays. He was whipped and he knew it.
    And all around victory.


  3. Luther

    Do you think Evil Richt scripted the jumbotron playing Find UGA behind the Big Mac earlier than usual to cause a distraction before the onside kick? That’s usually as third quarter deal. I thought I saw some players looking up at the scoreboard as the crowd really gets into this moment.


  4. The fumbled punt is what happens when your offense takes its foot off the gas and the whole team goes flat.

    We really need to stop doing that. A 1 td lead heading into the half is not something you sit on.


    • RocketDawg

      Dude will you just STOP!! Seriously….we are all tired of your schtick here. Go root for another team.


    • Dawgfan Will

      Or it’s what happens when you have a faceful of defenders trying to block and you take your eye off the ball for a second.


      • CrawforDawg

        Or it could be the fact that Theus has more speed on his long snap than Frix, the previous long snapper did and Barber wasn’t accustomed to it.


  5. JRW7

    Big win for Dawgs, AM, TG, and offense played great, CTG’s defense gave up too many yards, 454 is too many! Go Dawgs!


    • Joe Schmoe

      That is a pretty shallow analysis of the defense. While the overall stat sheet didn’t look great, you saw the defense mature in the second half (remember how young they are). The fact that they only gave up 6 points in the second half and executed that goal line stand at an extremely crucial point in the game spoke a lot to the growth of the defense.

      By the way, I thought that was an incredibly stupid and arrogant choice by Spurrier to go for it there. They needed two scores to tie and if they don’t get it the game is essentially over. You have to take points there. I think he really wanted to one-up Richt after the onside kick and the 4-and-13 conversion, and his ego really hurt his team.


      • hinesword

        re: Spurrier’s ego… Live by the sword, die by the sword. But the best part was seeing him fall on his sword!


      • Merk

        If Herrera does not read that play perfectly, then it was a score. He read it perfectly and got just enough leverage to stop him in his tracks.


      • Coastal Dawg

        We hadn’t stopped a run, much less that option run all day. Down by 11 a field goal doesn’t really help. Herrera and Wilson made a great play or that is a score.

        Also did anyone, especially Spurrier, think we would then take the ball from our half yard line and hold it for 8 minutes. Oh, that’s right. Our Head Coach did and it was “glorious!”


        • The 8:25 minutes drive essentially from the goal line hopefully can be a catalyst from a more glorious end to this season. I cannot remember anytime UGA held a drive that long in time and distance just to prevent the other team from having any second chances. It is also quite ironic that the two penalties after the stoppage of USCe drive to score actually helped the Dawgs take off some more seconds from the time clock. Reminded of how that Genius from GT allowed us to score to give his team some chance for a come back a few seasons ago.


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  7. Brian Dawg

    Oh yeah, and Clowney is the best player in the country at any level.
    LOVE me some Evil Richt.