Helmet? Todd Gurley don’t need no stinkin’ helmet.

This was all kinds of awesome.

There really wasn’t much doubt about which team was tougher Saturday.  Although I suspect Aaron Murray was secretly relieved the play was blown dead before he actually tried to block the South Carolina linebacker.


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  1. Question, are the South Carolina students and Columbia businesses going to repay the favor and sponsor Gurley’s Heisman hype/promotion for ESPN (thanks Georgia Theater!)

  2. dawgfan17

    I call B.S. Murray was gonna lay him out and was looking forward to it😉

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    “…..who instinctively reached up and tried to get a piece of Gurley and instead got a handful of face mask.” WTF! Instincts my hind end. That is some major spin right there. He swung Gurley in a 360 and held on long enough to snatch his head gear off his head. He should sit out a half.

  4. Schlagdawg

    Speaking of tougher, here’s two GIF views of the first carry by Douglas:

    • Dog in Fla

      #12 had much better luck in breaking up the fight between the defensive coaches than he did with Douglas

  5. Brandon

    Our offense was tougher, our defense, meh.

    • DawgPhan

      except they only gave up 1 score in the second half and big time goalline stand to set up the epic 8minute drive starting at your own 1 to ice the game. Yeah they sucked.

      Did you leave at halftime?

      • Sanford222view

        Not to mention that one of the TDs they gave up was after the muffed punt snap that gave the Gamecocks the ball deep in Georgia territory. Granted they didn’t make SC work very hard to score there but still that was gift wrapped points for SC. In addition that mishandled punt snap and quick score left time on the clock at the end of the half for SC to drive for the TD that tied the game. If we get off an average punt there instead and at least make Carolina use some clock to drive down and score there likely would not have been time to score at the end of the half to tie the game.

    • I only saw one defense come up with a goal line stand Saturday.

      • Merk

        Apparently freshmen are supposed to become perfect after 1 game…

        Seriously, we all know the D was going to give up pts, but they are starting to come together…ie the goal line stand,

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Someone mentioned last week that the ‘defense kept them in the game.’ I thought that was appropriate for all phases against Clemson…but what was missing was those types of plays that win the game against good teams. Both units managed when they needed to and made the type of big plays needed to win a tight contest. The goal line stand was big…but to me, the biggest play of the game on D was Herrera sticking with the play and forcing Shaw to fumble. The wind had been sucked out of the stadium a bit…b/w the quick 14 point swing, the TD to end the half, and then the 3 and out to start the 3Q…if Carolina had scored first in the 2nd half, it could have been a completely different game.

    • Russ

      I had the same impression until I realized we held them to a TD and a great goal line stand. Maybe they can grow some as a unit in 3 weeks before LSU gets to town.

      As tough as the schedule is, I really like an off week and a cupcake to prepare for LSU. And the bye before UF is always welcome.

  6. Graham

    Anyone know where I can video of final drive? That’s like Dawg Porn you shot at home…

  7. Irishdawg

    The defense is young and inexperienced. That doesn’t mean they’re not tough. Give them some time.

    The offense, now, looked like the Wehrmacht going through France.

  8. Normaltown Mike

    So, was dude out for the game, a half or what?

    I have no idea what the rule is now.

  9. Irishdawg

    No, the Nazis screwed it up for everyone. The black SS uniforms were the best looking military uniforms ever worn, but they ruined that look for everyone too. Inconsiderate genocidal bastards.

  10. Irwin R Fletcher

    Murray can’t block in the big game.

  11. Russ

    Reminds me of a Florida game in the early 80’s where our DE (Gilbert?) lost his helmet on a play and continued chasing the UF QB (Peace?) around the field. I always loved those Dooley teams kicking Florida’s ass.

    Gurley is a grown man.

  12. Gravidy

    My first thought when I saw Gurley turn upfield without his helmet was that he was going to get flagged for a penalty. Admittedly, I’m picking nits here, but doesn’t the rule say that it is illegal for a player to continue the play after his helmet come off? I’m obviously not criticizing Gurley here. I’m just amazed that the zebras may have missed a chance to throw a ridiculous flag on Georgia. That doesn’t happen very often.

    • jryuuu

      i had the same thought as the play was unfolding but i think the same exception applies as the “sit out one play if the helmet comes off” rule: if it gets taken off via the defensive player’s penalty, the offensive player won’t be penalized.

      but if there were more defensive players on the right side of the field and he continued running straight at them, who’s to say what would’ve been called..

      • The rule is that if the ball carrier’s helmet comes off, the play is immediately whistled dead.

        • Gravidy

          I found this passage from a story about the rule change before last season. I was right about a possible penalty on a player who continues the play after his helmet comes off, but that does not apply to the ball carrier.

          “If a player who is not the ball carrier loses his helmet, he must stop playing. He cannot make a tackle, continue blocking or running a route, for example. If he continues prolonged participation without a helmet, he will be whistled for a 15-yard penalty.”

          • D.N. Nation

            Gurley acted on instinct, and then put on the brakes when he realized that the play was dead. Would’ve been worth flagging had he headed all the way to the end zone and spiked the ball, or something. (Though you are right that it would be Very Georgia for Gurley to get flagged for not immediately stopping his movement.)

          • Merk

            Basically, the player would need to hit someone else or piss around long enough to warrant a delay of game penalty.

  13. Chuck

    Balance. I went all the way through these (very good and entertaining) comments and expected someone to talk about what balance Gurley has in addition to his other gifts. I want TG in a game of Dizzy Bat, because you can obviously spin him ’round and ’round and he won’t fall down.

  14. Merk

    I submit that there are many NFL teams thinking about how to get him on their roster 2 years.

  15. NRBQ

    Someone mentioned this yesterday, but my favorite series was early in the game when TG ran the ball right several times.

    SC#15 jumped in his face, jawing and posing. Gurley proceeded to run over him twice, and treated him to a thunderous stiff-arm.

    • Russ

      Didn’t realize it was the same guy, but that stiff arm totally emasculated the defender. It was a thing of beauty.

  16. Bill

    It was a wondrous day…Gurley’s balance…the offense’s balance…Murray’s balance…the fourth-down stop on the goal line…the looong drive after the goal line stop…the SC coaches fighting each other (‘but at least they cared’)…Quayvon (Go Blackshear!)…Douglas’ bruising run…but the best was pulling a fast one on the Ol’ Ball Coach…PRICELESS!