If you’re a Gator fan, tell me this news doesn’t make your heart jump a little bit.

And, yeah, I know he had a pretty mediocre showing against the ‘Canes, but warts and all (he’s tenth in the conference in passer rating), Driskel’s still the best they’ve got.



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30 responses to “If you’re a Gator fan, tell me this news doesn’t make your heart jump a little bit.

  1. Russ

    Driskell can’t be tenth. Smitty tells us Murray is the tenth best QB in the league.


    • Hackerdog

      I think he means that Murray is tenth in the league in the first half of the second quarter, when the ball is on the left hash mark, in long yardage, and the sun is in his eyes. I mean, that’s when champions step up, son.


  2. NC Dawg

    Driskell has looked terrible every since last year’s bowl game against Louisville, but he has athletic ability. But it’s hard to fear him much as of this point because of how he has been imploding.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    C’mon Jason. Don’t get the Gators’ fans hopes up.


  4. South FL Dawg

    Whaaat? There’s a gator fan reading this blog? My other thought is, here come the excuses despite the fact Driskel hasn’t shown he’s capable anyway.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    How do we find out about injuries to North Texas?


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Also saw where they lost four O-Linemen at some point in the game and are already down 2 for the season.



  7. Considering they don’t play TN next week (next game but not next week) I would expect him back from a sprain.


  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Spurrier was a one-side-of-the-ball-master at UF. He had to bring in Stoops as DC to get his NC – people tend to forget that. I guess Muschamp gets at least one more shot at an OC if Pease doesn’t work out.

    Last year, Driskel missed a wide open TD pass against us, then tossed a pick on the next play trying to make up for it. Did the exact same thing against the Canes. He’s too careful, then he presses too hard and gets careless. It’s really weird to watch. It’s also all in his head.


    • Dog in Fla

      “I guess Muschamp gets at least one more shot at an OC if Pease doesn’t work out.”

      If Top Gun crashes, maybe he’ll rehire Weis. Kansas should be through with him by then (but still paying him, of course).


  9. mdcgtp

    Senator, I would submit for all of Driskell’s flaw that UF is in deep deep trouble if he goes down.

    I think the far far more fascinating story is the fact that despite putting up the most impressive regular season from a wins over “quality/high achieving” teams a year ago, Muschamp’s 2013 UF could be in for a nasty 7-5 season assuming losses to LSU, UGA, USC, and FSU. Obviously, we all know that UF was not as good as their “resume” a year ago in that their win over A&M was week 2, LSU played them terribly , their SC win was about as odd as any ever and USC had played UGA and LSU the prior two weeks, they barely beat Mizzou and ULL, and their win over FSU was aided by Manual’s injury. That’s a metric truckload of luck to start with….

    The question is….how bad does the 7-5 (or heck 8-4) have to look to get him fired on on the hot seat? If he is indeed a coach who is going to coax them to 8-4 (and presumably fire Brent Pease), don’t we want him there in limbo for another year?


    • Senator, I would submit for all of Driskell’s flaw that UF is in deep deep trouble if he goes down.

      Absolutely. That was the point to my post.


    • Rick

      What worried me about Muschamp is that he’s clearly so excellent on the defensive side of the ball, and an excellent recruiter. If he gets the right OC, they’ll be right back with us. It’s kind of like QB coaching with Richt/Bobo (and heck, maybe offense in general given Bobo’s last few years). It puts a floor under us, and a good D puts as at the top of the SEC. You can’t say that about Ron Zook or Jim Donnan. Their only floor was recruiting, which as Auburn/Texas/USC have shown in recent years is no floor at all.


    • Just as much as we like GT to keep Paul Johnson forever.


  10. Popular thread on Gatorcountry.com forum:

    “I’m not ready to give up on JD and true Gator fans who actually watch and know the game somewhat shouldn’t be either. In the grand scheme of things yesterday’s loss means absolutely NOTHING. Win out and we’ll more than likely be in National Title game. Many will scoff at that notion but our defense is THAT good regardless of how bad some may feel our O and QB are. It’s almost improbable we will have another game, much less multiple ones, where our offense gives the ball away 5 times and scores no points in 6 trips to the RedZone. Just look at last year and the UGA game being the exception rather than the rule.”


  11. JRW7

    I just love it when the Gators are imploding!


  12. Keese

    Just watch. Gator players will start fighting with each other. Fans will turn against the team. Auburn redux! F*ck em


    • adam

      Remember that, after we beat them, they had trouble getting fans in the stadium. Top 10 team with 1 loss and their fans weren’t showing up. A couple more losses and things will get pretty brutal down there. If the fans give up on the team and the players start to think the coaches aren’t putting them in the right places to be successful, things could unravel quickly.

      Their fans may say “win out and we’re likely still in the national championship” right now, but if they start the season 3-3 (losing to UT and LSU doesn’t seem far-fetched, they could be in real trouble. I mean, they could probably beat Mizzou and win before Jax, but if they leave Jacksonville 4-4 with 3 SEC losses, they’re cooked. And they still have Florida State and South Carolina after that.

      So they can talk big right now, but I could see Florida finishing with 5 or 6 losses or with 3, more likely 4. I don’t think they do any better than that.


  13. DawgByte

    Is anyone else getting the sense Will Muschump will not pan out for the Gator’s? Given the current situation I want Muschump to get a contract extension and Driskell to be put on the 10 year Kirby Smart player program.