Tyler in Atlanta, one week later?

Whoever this is, it isn’t pretty.


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26 responses to “Tyler in Atlanta, one week later?

  1. Debby Balcer

    I don’t understand why someone would need to take a picture and post it.

    • greeneggboy

      Shame is an effective incentive toward appropriate behavior and moderation of alcohol consumption.

    • PTC DAWG

      Idiots with smart phones and nothing better to do.

    • mwo

      I forwarded this picture to my daughter, she is a sophomore at Young Harris and her boyfriend is in Vet school at UGA. They were at the game Saturday, drinking I’m sure.This is a classic example of how not to enjoy the party. And no that is not her boyfriend.I hate it for this guy but maybe he will learn from it.

      • Russ

        Good ol’ YHC! I’m class of ’79 before heading off to UGA for several more years. 😉 Not often that you hear people mention Young Harris.

        • mwo

          They are really growing up there. My daughter was part of their largest incoming freshman class with about 400 kids. She runs cross country for them in the mighty “Peach Belt” conference.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    Walking from the stadium downtown after the game, there were at least a dozen fans just like him – both male and female, in the same predicament.

    Once again, downtown was a $#!t show after the game, with fans of both schools pinballing their way up and down the streets.

    I’m just glad they didn’t have the internet when I went to school there. Worst that could happen was to find your picture on the bulletin board at the dorm or frat house several days later.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sure that’s just perspiration.😉

  4. TennesseeDawg

    Still better than Bama fans who have a tendency to take their junk out while at Krystals

  5. PatinDC

    Facepalm. Too bad he wasn’t wearing thos new bright red Dockers. No hiding that.

    • adam

      They’re right that could just be his jock, but he may not be wearing anything else under his pants – a lot of guys don’t. So, technically he is wearing a blue thong.

  6. DavetheDawg

    If that was Tyler in Atlanta, he’d be wearing a diaper…

  7. AlphaDawg

    So glad he wasn’t one of my gang who were in attendance.

  8. fatman48

    Here Here, I’ll drink to that…

  9. NRBQ

    If Cackalacky had won, that could have been me, on my living room floor…

  10. ScoutDawg

    No threadjack here, and I know you hate the NFL. After Boardwalk Empire went off I caught some of MNF. Surprise surprise, Brandon Boykin is a legit NFL player. Rambo however, surprise surprise is a work in progress.

  11. Tyler in Atlanta's Editor

    Clowney’s shakin in his shoes cause Manziel’s gonna win it all again, and admit it, you know JF’s gone kick our butt in Atlanta. But let me tell you something, our grand babies can’t be sittin round with no national championship no more. The last time we even came close there weren’t no Walmarts, just Roses’s and Revco’s. Damn, everybody makin fun of me.

  12. Bill M

    North Campus tailgating not for the faint of heart.

  13. Irwin R Fletcher

    Persuaded, paraded, inebriated and down…