Name that caption, almost too easy edition

This one comes via Puffdawg.


The possibilities are endless, no?


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26 responses to “Name that caption, almost too easy edition

  1. ETennDawg

    Makes me wish that kicker, Justin Smelley(?) was still on the team.

  2. Dean

    Spurrier has bigger “Fish” to “Fry”. Huh? Huh?
    I know that’s bad but I couldn’t pass it up.

  3. sUGArdaddy

    Spurrier seeks to use players to teach an object lesson to Coach Johnson that the Georgia game is the most important on the schedule. The look of disgust spells the obvious: Spurrier never wears a shirt and always has a Coors Light when attending a fish fry.

  4. BeardDawg

    “Well, they whipped us. Nothing left now but to have Fish Fry”

  5. Pete

    Oh no you bozos, it’s Fish Fry! not Fry Fish!

  6. TomReagan

    “They couldn’t hush our puppies”.

  7. gastr1

    “I didn’t steal you fellas from Georgia Tech so you could blow a dadgum extra point.”

  8. Bulldog Joe

    No, boys. It’s starting to smell like fried chicken.

  9. Vinings Dawg

    Poor darth visor brought crawfish to a fish fry. What a nutsack…

  10. hassan

    Due to economic woes of the South Carolina athletic department, the university has resorted selling advertising on game jerseys. So fans, don’t forget about the Friday night fish fry at Maurice’s Piggy Park. Bring in your ticket stub for free hush puppies.

  11. New Capn D’s ads- Eat More Chicken!

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Steve is on low country boil.

  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Do you like fried fish sticks?

  14. Let_the_Big_Dawg_masticate

    How many times have I told you two knuckleheads not to stand next to one another!

  15. Let_the_Big_Dawg_masticate

    29-18? Nah guys…their record going to be 46-18. Where’s #46…whatdaya mean we got no #46???? OK – do the stupid fish fry thing. SMH – can’t even get that right.

  16. Visor Boy pic: Both of you smell like bad fish!

    $34 a pound pic: Obamacare Grocery prices

  17. Comin' Down The Track

    … aaand that, children, is when Sakerlina turned back into Ga Tech.

  18. Erked Russell

    Fry fish cocks!

  19. Erskine

    29! 18! dadgumit !! (throwing visor) that reminds me we are having seafood at the Country Club tonight. This games’ over, if I do not use my time outs, I can get 18 holes in before supper.

  20. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Caption: You guys are so dumb you can’t even stand next to each other right. It’s “FISH FRY” dammit–not “fry fish.”

  21. Nashville West

    Country Joke and the Fish (Fry)- “Gimmie an F…”

  22. Fish Fry

    And we thought Gurshall was bad!