Good Bull Hunting, you magnificent bastard.

This is awesome.  How awesome?  Put it this way:  it starts with this…

… and gets better.




Win. Any kind of win. A win is the best case scenario here. Winning. Winning the game against Alabama, to be specific. I do not care if it’s 2-0. Win. The. Game.

Oh, and Saban shuns UT’s money and goes to USC. He forcibly TAKES Lane Kiffin’s job before USC gets a chance to fire him. Distraught, Alabama hires Mack Brown and Texas hires Kiffin. I sleep soundly.


There’s an immovable Bama fan in my seat and they have purchased all of the concessions. I am forced to taze this individual and, in doing so, am forcibly removed from the Hate Barn by security.

The Big 12 doesn’t deserve a fan base this inspired, damn it.


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23 responses to “Good Bull Hunting, you magnificent bastard.

  1. sniffer

    You can’t drink all day, if you don’t start in the morning…

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The artwork meets and exceeds the LSU Freek standard. The copy is too coherent for EDSBS.

  3. Dog in Fla

    Dee Dee Bonner does not like this

  4. The other Doug

    I think the new kids are gonna be alright.

  5. Matt R

    That was the best. Article. Evah!. The Darth Vader uniform thing is ‘teh awesome! This guy should be a regular om edsbs!

    Is Grantham a biter?

  6. This is funny but the funniest thing is that I keep seeing Saban’s name mentioned for the Texas and USC jobs. Wishful thinking at it’s most extreme.

  7. Chuck

    That was a fun. damn. read.

  8. 202dawg


  9. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Even if you’re not a aTm fan, that’s inspirational. I want more.

  10. www

    which one is manziel?

  11. Big Shock

    Would really like to see Alabama switch to the uniforms featuring the McCarron chest tattoo. That’s awesome.

  12. SouthGaDawg

    That was the bomb. Even better than when Lost Angeles was on his game. The faux comments are great and so true. I’m actually excited to watch now. Go Johnny Damn Football!

    • Puffdawg

      I’m pulling for Bama. I want another crack at them in the Dome. Would particularly like for Aaron Murray to get a shot at beating McCarron after McCarron’s cocky comments. Must be nice to have pro backs, pro line, and pro defense around you AJ. Way to hit the wide open PA, you game breaker you.