Knowledge is good.

I’m a little jaded after the academic shenanigans that came to light at North Carolina, so what Sports Illustrated turned up at Oklahoma State seems tame by comparison, but I did get a chuckle out of this:

Shortly after Les Miles took over as Oklahoma State’s football coach in December 2000, he introduced an exhortation that he would use often at the end of team meetings during his four years in Stillwater. “Academics first,” Miles would say. “Football second.”

Miles’s words encapsulated one of the central pillars in the mythos of major-college football: that nothing, not even wins and losses, takes precedence over educating young athletes. The reality is that when jobs and money are at stake, priorities quickly skew.

As Miles said, “Academics first,” he would hold up two fingers. And as he said, “Football second,” he would hold up one.

“You heard his words but you saw what he was doing,” says Doug Bond, a Cowboys offensive lineman from 2002 to ’04. “So the thought process was that you’re going to school just so you can play football.”

It was supposed to be funny.

Miles, the coach at LSU since 2005, denies that he deemphasized academics while at Oklahoma State: “I always said, and I always meant, that academics was the most important thing.” Of the one-finger, two-finger gesture, Miles says it happened just once in “a moment of humor.”

Although, considering the source, there’s another possible explanation.



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  1. Skeeter

    Well, we already know the man can’t count.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Like Paul Revere would say, “One is my plan. Two is not. See?”.


  3. uglydawg

    Freudian slip.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    De-emphasize, with all due respect, academics at Oklahoma State?

    Is that like saying you got yer degree in Athens pre Chuck Knapp?


  5. Dog in Fla

    The NCAA and the Bureau of Indian Affairs will co-sponsor a two-joint nvestigation into the seamless transition of Doug Gottlieb leaving Eskimo Joe’s in 2000 and Les Miles’ arrival there in 2001


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    It means Les thinks academics are number 2.


  7. A little off the subject…, but could someone tell me where the Northside Tavern is located?. Been searching for that place for a couple of days. Need to let off some steam at the Pool Table.


    • uglydawg

      Don’t tell her!


    • Bulldog Joe

      South on Howell Mill off I-75 on the right between 14th and 10th street.

      Cinderblock hole in the wall. Looks sketchy from the outside, but fun on the inside, especially if Mudcat and his band are playing.

      Not a good place to start $#!+ if you’ve been drinking, however.


  8. uglydawg

    Just kidding, Joy. If I knew I would tell you. And you’re not really off the subject…the title is “Knowledge is Good”.


    • Okay, seriously guys…I need to go somewhere after my therapy session at the Sandy Springs Gun Club. There will be an open contest around 4:00 PM. You have to know how to use guns safely inside. NO ALCOHOL until after the competition. Then we can meet at the Northside Tavern… to keep it interesting ….the one who loses at Pool has to buy the beer.


  9. hunkerdowndawg

    I probably won’t read any of the SI Magnum Opus, but, I doubt anything that GTP reports regarding Lester will cause me revere him any less. The man is just fun to have around the game of college football.


  10. mdcgtp

    again, I don’t think OSU broke any new ground here when it comes to sausage making and college sports. That said, I think it will be interesting to see where it goes. OSU seems to have taking the “none of it is going on right now” defense, which may very well work for them. I have no idea.

    The bigger thing for me is Miles (and to a lesser extent Gundy). If OSU is saying, “we cleaned things up” that effectively admits that things were not always that way, which suggests that Les Miles is lying. Heck, he came out and effectively denied everything on the SEC teleconference today. Again, it is entirely possible that I am overreacting. Do LSU fans really care if Les Miles ran a dirty as heck program at OSU as long as LSU keeps rolling? Of course not. further, given the sorry state of the NCAA, its not like they are going to place a visit to LSU just to be sure Miles is doing things the right way. They can’t even punish near proven cheaters….let alone those that simply arouse suspicion. that said, at some point, he is going to be confronted hard with his lies, and I think that day will prove very very interesting.


  11. Just another tired story line in which the NCAA will fail to adequately investigate and police–leaving us one again looking back and asking ourselves why we cooperated with them in the AJ Green case. A case let me remind you, that the resulting excessive suspension almost led to the firing of an honest coach who makes an genuine effort to run a program the right way.

    Shove it NCAA. I hope the power schools bury you. And I hope Kolton Houston and AJ stop by on occasion to piss on your grave.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown



    • mdcgtp

      We did lose to Colorado with AJ. While I am confident in saying that AJ’s suspension was ridiculous, I am not sure our record would have been materially different. We might beat one of Arkansas or Miss State or South Carolina with AJ, but its not 100% clear.

      The NCAA will do nothing here, and I don’t even hold out hope that NCAA would use them as a tool to show they have teeth in the wake of the Miami, Oregon, Auburn, and UNC debacles. Okie State is such a insignificant program on a national level (forget their current ranking….nobody thinks Okie state football is relevant) that the they could be scapegoated by the NCAA, but I would not be 2 pennies on that happening.


      • Urban Meyer

        AJ was not game ready for Colorado. He started cramping up and was out of the game at crunch time. Had he been in the game going full speed I believe the Dawgs would have won that game but we will never know. Same with the 3 games AJ missed after the opener (which was a walk-over and which UGA won anyway). I believe the Dawgs also would have won those with the possible exception of Missy State, which played way over their heads that game.


  12. Yahoo sports just broke a story about 5 SEC players getting payments from agents. And Yahoo actually published the Western Union money orders and other documents proving such payments.–ties-between-former-alabama-player-and-agents-documented-by-text-messages-203153323.html


    • There is a $500 money order to Maurice Couch. Couch is currently the starting DE for Tennessee.


    • Dog in Fla

      In view of the SI Oklahoma State report, I was just wondering earlier today what’s up with the Yahoo guys. Now I know. Maybe they have money on A&M.

      You know who doesn’t have time for this shit? tNCAA. This ‘money laundering’ operation is far too complicated for them.

      At least Fluker cared enough to open an account at Wells Fargo.