I’m shocked, shocked to learn that drug use is going on here.

The third chapter of SI‘s Oklahoma State exposé doesn’t exactly tell us anything we didn’t already know goes on at almost every big campus in America.

But, hey, we’re about to learn tomorrow that football players have sex just like the rest of us do.


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  1. FCDore

    So far, this series is serving as a great recruiting pitch for teenage boys interested in playing football for Oklahoma State. I suspect tomorrow’s piece will drive interest even higher.


  2. mdcgtp

    I think it was interesting to the point that if you were a quality player that they valued, they used a loophole to avoid punishment. If you were not, they used it as an excuse to run you off.

    once again, not terribly shocking that college football players would smoke marijuana, but assuming even half of what is alleged here is true (and my bet is a large percentage is in fact true), taken with the other pieces I do think it paints a pretty damning indictment of the culture of the place. How much worse than other places? hard to say, but cumulatively, it seems like they were “in the bottom deciles” across academics, drug policies, and paying players.

    The only problem I have with the series is that given its premise is how did OSU go from very bad to very good, they should have addressed some of the direct football issues. the simple fact is that OSU’s time in the sun has coincided with OU and UT fully obtaining paper tiger status, the big 12 losing any premise of teams playing a lick of defense, and Gundy hiring the the right guys at offensive coordinator to take advantage of the situation all played a BIG BIG role in building their program to the current state. the authors would have done well to lay that out as well.

    Ultimately, I am not sure what comes of all of this other than we conclude that OSU is the cheesy, little brother program that we always thought it was.


  3. Some statements do not dignify a response.


  4. awreed79

    “we’re about to learn tomorrow that football players have sex just like the rest of us do”

    You’re assuming too much, Senator. That, or you’re just rubbing it in my face.


  5. VanDawg

    What did the pot brownie say to Bacarri?

    “I’m baked.”

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!


    • AthensHomerDawg

      And what was Bacarri’s reply?
      “We both are.”
      I’m just opening for VanDawg. Get your 3 for 1 drink coupons at the door.


  6. Tronan

    “Just like the rest of us do.” “Us” does not include the Flats, I assume.


  7. I have no doubt players got payed. I am not shocked to learn that athletes did pretty much what everyone else did at college regarding class. Ditto for drugs and sex. (though, if they have some sort of proof that the hostess program was specifically designed to, in any way, incentivize having sex with recruits then I will actually be a little shocked. I just don’t think that would be necessary given, you know, teenagers).

    I have a very hard time swallowing that it was *that* bad and yet there wasn’t any hint for over ten years. Cash getting thrown around like that tends to end up on someone’s radar eventually. The volume and the timeline are a touch beyond belief.

    That said, I do not see how this ends well for the NCAA, regardless how it ends. I cannot wait to see how they find new and creative ways to look even worse, though.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      As to the future allegation that college football players have sex just like the rest of us, that is not true. College football players have a lot more sex, with better looking gals and better sex because they are younger and in great physical shape. (Sigh!)


  8. JG Shellnutt

    “But, hey, we’re about to learn tomorrow that football players have sex just like the rest of us do.”
    I go back to campus quite a bit, but I’m never lead around by some 20-year old hot girl who offers to have sex with me if I’ll just sign a piece of paper that says I’ll come back for 4 more years. It sounds like a pretty fun day, but I would not say that it works like that for most of the rest of us at all.


  9. WarD Eagle

    Thayer Evans


  10. Skeeter

    Will there be a “Rock n Roll” installment in the SI series?


  11. El Dawgo in El Paso

    How closely will LSU be scrutinized now? And this on top of his letting the team decide the fate of players caught breaking rules. I would not want to be associated with a Miles-led program in the near future.