Freedom, bitchez!

What’s the difference between a newspaper publisher and a college football head coach?  You can shame the publisher.


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  1. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    The President of the University of Gamecocks is afraid Spurrier will fire him.


  2. Jeff Sanchez

    And of course, how do the Gamecock fans spin it?

    Thats right…

    Steve Spurrier – He adds to his reputation of a power in the college football coaching ranks by showing that he doesn’t have to bow to anyone in his world. It is part of who Spurrier is, he like to jab, he likes to joust, but he likes to win more. No matter how you slice it , he looks like the personal winner in this situation.””I’m not taking it anymore,”If that’s part of the job, I can head to the beach. ”

    The State Paper- Even if Morris was 100% in the wrong here, the State letting RM’s removal occur this way absolutely harms their standing as a non-biased source for current events, news , and opinion. It loses as an outspoken proponent of free speech. And it looks like , “it’s papers opinions can be bought”. None of that may be the case, but that is the perception out side of the State Newspapers base. i.e “The State’s publisher made his veteran columnist agree in writing that he would never again write about Gamecocks football or talk about the USC program on TV and radio shows.”

    There are fan bases that I hate more than USCe, but I dont think any fan base is more consistently delusional


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    For someone who has enjoyed as much success as he has why he has to have such a dour continence even while golfing is beyond me. Has Spurrier forgotten to smile and enjoy life?


  4. Lrgk9

    Check out the 1st comment under the article. Hilariously spot on.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      ” The proper term is ‘hack,’ and, if you feel the need to be elaborate—as I know many of you writers do—you may go with ‘obsequious ass-kisser.” Yesterday 7:58pm


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Spurrier, and a newspaper that depends on Gamecock stories and advertising revenue.

    Spurrier just being himself. This is bad Stevie; still a baby.

    The newspaper management? “Hey guys, this first amendment and journalistic sanctity is all fine and good, but let’s not get carried away here!”


  6. Mike Cooley

    See this is why I shake my head when people say things like what Kevin Butler said after the game Saturday night. “If you don’t like Steve Spurrier then you don’t really love college football.” Say what? He is the prettiest most insufferable asshole ,in a sport that includes Nick Saban, by a long shot. What is there to like about the man?


  7. Mike Cooley

    Eric, that should be PETTIEST asshole. Wow.