Warning: contains vulgar language.

A junior Sports Media-Multimedia Journalism major at Oklahoma State University manages to come up with something that, if true, is way more damaging to the OSU program than anything Sports Illustrated has managed to piece together so far.  (And far more colorful, language-wise.)


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  1. Brandon

    Wow, statute of limitations issues aside he would be GREAT on the witness stand, reminds me of that old skit SNL of Al Cowlings at the O.J. Simpson trial:
    Q: “Could you state your name for the record sir?”;
    A: “I’m AC you know who I am dammit.”;
    Q: “Do you know what DNA is, Mr. Cowlings?”;
    A: It’s a GD double-helix, you know what it is dammit.”

  2. Boz

    I’m not an attorney, but it sounds like “I want a release” is going to be tough to maneuver.

  3. I’m shocked, just shocked to hear someone would accuse him of having a bad attitude.

  4. Yeah, on the one hand, I would like to think a place like Georgia would take care of someone in his situation. Make sure they got their degree and all that. On the other hand, it sounds like he brought a lot of this on himself. I can certainly understand his anger, but I doubt he has much of a case from a legal standpoint. Of course, I’m not a lawyer and I’ve never even stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, so what the hell do I know?

    • DawgPhan

      You would like to think a place like UGA would take care of a person who broke their neck playing football, but sadly we know that isnt the case at all.

      UGA fucked a guys life up and they put Ed Tolley on the mother.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        His consigliere was late with the suit and they sought punitive damages in addition to the half million. “Buy the ticket … take the ride.”

  5. Irishdawg

    I don’t blame the kid for being pissed; that’s a shoddy way to treat a player.

    Nate, don’t forget Georgia baseball had 2 players suffer paralysis and took care of them. No, UGA wouldn’t do this.

    • adam

      One of whom just had an accident on his scooter. He wasn’t even doing anything for his team.

      This guy broke his back while lifting weights. He absolutely would be taken care of at UGA.

    • Good point, I had forgotten about that. No question Georgia would take care of him. Hell, Richt was prepared to keep Houston on scholarship until he graduated with no guarantee he’d ever play.

      • I’m pretty sure we had that Benedict kid on scholarship the whole time he was here with a bum knee before he left for VA Tech. That includes never pulling his offer after he hurt it his senior year.

        • 66DAWGnNC

          Does the name Albert Hollins III ring a bell? Kid came from California; signed under Donnan; tore his knee up in the Spring of his Freshman year. Richt came in the next year and kept the kid on scholly for the remainder of his eligibility. AH III never saw the field. Richt did not boot him to the side. Initial injury reports were the kid may not walk again and Richt knew that going in, but took care of him regardless. That is the kind of coach we have folks.

  6. Lrgk9

    Diminished capacity, overreaching, fraud if obtaining signature while incapacitated, better call T. Boone Pickens.

    If Okie State hides behind statute of limitations or sovereign immunity – in the immortal words of Gomer Pyle USMC ‘Shame shame shame.’

  7. uglydawg

    Thid young man is full of anger and he expresses it through vulgar and inappropriate language, but if you can get over his obnoxious demeanor (which someone should tell him is highly detrimental to his attempt to win sympathy) you might ask why he is so angry. I can only imagine the pressure that was put on him to “ask” for his release.. You can run somebody off with pressure and treatment without admitting your goal. There are two sides to every story and I look forward to hearing OSU’s.
    If there was a directed and determined effort to make the kid miserable so they could get his scholarship back the he’s probably due something. On the other hand, if OSU gave him every chance and even offered to let him quit the football program and keep his scholarship, then that’s a different story. I don’t believe he has a lawyer or he would have surely been told to shut up. He should get legal representation..otherwise he’s about to become the go-to guy for those who want to dig out the dirt on OSU. On the other hand, he might have been so angry and disruptive and unmanageable that OSU couldn’t deal with him. Maybe we’ll see.

  8. I remember before the OK State game that year Richt had the team sign a ball and sent it with well wishes to an injured player. Anybody else recall this? It had to be this guy.

  9. Is it September yet?

    What year was the “I’m a man. I’m 40.” speech? People talked about how great it was that Gundy protected his players. Geez.

  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Anyone who thinks the linked article contains “vulgar language” and therefore needs a warning for THIS bunch hasn’t been reading this blog much.

  11. Darrron Rovelll

    I am tweeting Jay Bilas

  12. There seems to be a conflict for me between, “I got hurt at OSU and have been dibilitated ever since” and “I played in 10 games in 2010 at Central Oklahoma at wide receiver and on special teams.” On top of his charming demeanor and scholarly communication skills, I would have a hard time with that one were I to be on his jury.

  13. The part about them getting him to sign something while being doped up on morphine interests me. I’ve been on that stuff and could easily see being duped into saying or doing something. Whether or not he’s being truthful, I don’t know. Also, I don’t really blame him for being angry as long as he’s not just looking for a check.