College Football Insider, please.

SEC, you can’t stop this meme.  You can only hope to contain it.


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14 responses to “College Football Insider, please.

  1. Good item for those delusional bugs in Atlanta.


  2. Trace

    This is annoying. Louisville (a top 5 team) beating the worst team in the conference and Oregon (a top 3 team) beating the 10-12th best team in the conference has no bearing on SEC strength.

    Congrats. Clemson won at home. Miami won at home. Both are good teams. It doesn’t mean much.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    there is only one win that matters here….that’s in the last game of the season. Alll the rest of this stuff is just….ah ….stuff


  4. You tell it brother! You da MAN…


  5. Joe Schmoe

    This just the WWL beginning to build the case for excluding a 1-loss UGA SEC Champion from the MNC game. They are just preparing for that contingency.


  6. Mike Cooley

    Hard to argue with. They will have cemented the narrative sufficiently to use some mutation of the Herbstriets doctrine to keep us out.


  7. John Denver is full of shit...

    Akron almost trumped this meme.


  8. SouthGaDawg

    The perfect World Wide Leader storm. End of the season top 3: A one loss SEC team, and Oregon and Ohio St. undefeated, That will be the end of the SEC as we know it at least in the national media.


  9. Stoopnagle

    Troll hard, Andy. Troll. Hard.