‘If you don’t have anything, look for the backs.’

I mentioned yesterday that this could be the best pass receiving backfield Mark Richt’s ever had.  Marc Weiszer marshalls (see what I did there?) the evidence, and it’s pretty compelling stuff.

Consider that tailback Keith Marshall and fullback Quayvon Hicks each already have longer receptions in only two games than any Georgia running back since 2003.

Digest the fact that when Marshall and Todd Gurley scored on touchdown catches in a 41-30 win over South Carolina on Sept. 7, it was the first time two Georgia tailbacks had done that in the same game since Patrick Pass and Robert Edwards in 1997…

… Marshall already has nearly matched his receiving yards total from last year.

He has four catches for 82 yards after having 11 for 91 last season…

… Georgia already has eight catches for 152 yards and two touchdowns in two games from its running backs this year after having 32 catches for 242 yards and a touchdown last season in 14 games. Gurley accounted for 16 of those catches in 2012.

‘Yo, baby!

And, boy, do I love this quote:

The 6-foot-2, 265-pound Hicks has catches of 38 and 23 yards this season.

“I don’t think anyone wants to tackle him in an open space,” Murray said. “That’s a lot of man coming at you full speed.”


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12 responses to “‘If you don’t have anything, look for the backs.’

  1. Russ

    Man, I love watching Hicks rumble down the field in his Bane mask!


  2. timphd

    Gotta love the diversity of this offense. So many weapons to choose from and all of them good. Love Marshall in the open field. Gurley has great hands. Hicks is a dump truck at full speed.


  3. This year is becoming the year where the OFFENSE is the best DEFENSE for the dawgs. The defense just have to hold the opposing team to below 40, and the offense can score just 41. Even BAMA needed their offense to be their defense vs TAMU.


  4. BCDawg97

    I wanna see Gurley and Marshall in the backfield at the same time and then run a screen for both of them at same time to each side of the field.


  5. Chadwick

    I played safety at 190 lbs in high school. Collegiate safeties are 220 lbs + in many cases. You’re gonna get trucked by Hicks. it’s simple physics. Fullbeast, not a fullback, as someone on the Vent noted.


  6. 69Dawg

    Glad to see it but Aaron still needs to practice those swing passes, screens and wheel routes.


  7. DawgPhan

    It is pretty nice to get to watch the best RB in the country play for your team every Saturday. Soak it up dawg fans, it will be years before we have anyone like Gurley again.


  8. TomReagan

    Marshall is great out of the backfield — his touchdown against Nebraska last year where he made that great play on the sidelines is one of the more impressive feats of body control we’ve seen in the past few years. Hicks looks like a super-charged Figgins with the ball in his hands, and Gurley showed great instincts with the way he adjusted with Murray for his TD reception. Look forward to Marshall on wheel route in the future.

    Also, Hicks reminds me a lot of Henderson with his running style.


  9. Senator, I do not know who I love most you….or Marc (?). Just the facts…love it! 🙂