Proof that Pac-12 officiating makes you stupid.

From start to finish, I can’t figure out what anybody was thinking when this happened.

Including her.

Your husband falls into a better paying job because Bobby Petrino can’t keep it in his pants and you’re whining?  Give me an effing break, lady.


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28 responses to “Proof that Pac-12 officiating makes you stupid.

  1. The other Doug

    Can the QB ” give himself up” and the ball is down?

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Jenny, karma is playing Texas A&M, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Ole Miss and LSU. WOOO Gold digger SOOIE!

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Does Brett have a motorcycle yet?

    I watched the Mean Green play Ball State…I am worried. Their long snappah is spectacular.

  4. dudetheplayer

    What the hell is the QB doing just laying the ball down like that? If it was in an effort to set the ball towards the middle of the field, he has to know the clock will inevitably keep running since it’s no longer considered a pass. Right? Bueller?

    What a bizarre sequence. I can’t imagine losing like that.

  5. Russ

    Shades of the ” Thrilla from Camilla” back in the late 80’s. What was his name?

  6. Russ

    James Jackson in 85-86. He just laid the ball down like that at the end of the game once. Didn’t even try to take a knee. It was like he was dribbling out the clock. Luckily it didn’t cost us the game.

  7. Mdcgtp

    Kinda makes her husband’s comments on espn about being happy for his former players’ winning the first two weeks ring hollow.

  8. BCDawg97

    Anyone notice the difference in the way PAC-12 officials spotted the ball for Oregon compared to the way the SEC officials spotted the ball for Alabama/A&M?

  9. mg4life0331

    Wonder how our fan base would react to something like that. Hell fire em all for getting in a play call and not spiking it. Like it couldnt have happened the play after the spike lol.

  10. Slaw Dawg

    Now if Phil Fulmer had tweeted a “karma” message, or even a “I’ll sit down & weep with you soon as I can stop laughing my MF ass off,” I’d get it.

  11. Nashville West

    I’m not sure what Mrs. Bielma was talking about but I can sure see the karma in a Big 10 school getting victimized by home cooking. The Big 10 refs have raised home coking to an art form, about time the 12 Pac started to catch up.

    • Russ

      No doubt. Michigan needed all the refs helping yesterday and still should’ve lost. To Akron. At home.

      At least the pollsters recognized it and dropped them three places for their effort.

  12. Coastal Dawg

    Shouldn’t they have been Big whatever officials as Wisconsin was the road team?

    • Russ

      That’s what I thought but Clemson used ACC officials in our game according to someone here.

    • 69Dawg

      PAC-12 will not allow it. When we played ASU out there it was PAC-12 officials. They are really good at home cooking.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The general rule is that the conference of the home team provides the refs. UGA and Tech entered into an agreement years ago that reversed the norm and allows ACC refs to do the game when it is in Athens and SEC refs do it in Atlanta. Personally, I always thought Georgia got a more honest game called by the ACC refs.

  13. Why is this stupid bitch even talking?

    These idiot wives nowadays making themselves part of the story is mind boggling.

    This is almost as bad as Vince Dooley’s wife’s bullshit.

  14. 69Dawg

    Big change this year Notre Dame now is using ACC refs. The Great One Don (he was giving him the stuff) Cherry called the Purdue game.

  15. tludlam

    Karma would never let anything good happen to Todd Graham. That was the dark arts at play.