Steve Shaw, you sneaky devil

Did anybody notice last night in the South Carolina game that when one of the officials was hurt on a play that Marc Curles, of all people, trotted in as an alternate official?  Should we assume he’s been demoted from crew chief?  If so, I welcome the accountability.  But don’t stop there, SEC.


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24 responses to “Steve Shaw, you sneaky devil

  1. Debby Balcer

    I did notice.


  2. Brandon

    I did, and I figured you would too.


  3. mg4life0331

    What did Curles do in particular or was a complete work history of fail that should do him in?


    • Gravidy

      Google “Marc Curles incompetent effing boob”. That’ll get you started.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Curles was the flag tosser on the A.J. Green celebration penalty in 2009. Not as legendary as Penn Wagers, the 2007 celebration penalty jackass, but still in the Hall of Shame.


      • He also blew a big call in the Arkansas-Florida game two weeks later. His crew got suspended by the SEC after that one.


        • Russ

          Yes as bad as the AJ call was (and it was terrible) the Arkansas play reeked of a fix. The Hogs were about to beat the Gators when Curles stepped in to restore order.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Actually no flag was ever thrown against AJ. Curles and his crew huddled and then announced that a penalty was being called without a flag ever being thrown. One must understand that UGA had just scored a TD to take a 1 point lead in the game with only a minute or so being left on the clock. Calling that penalty was tantamount to giving LSU the ball around midfield when a FG would win the game–and Curles (a GT grad) knew that. He and the others on that crew invented a penalty out of thin air to steal a win away from Georgia.


        • WF dawg

          I blame one part officiating and one part Marcus Dowtin for the way that game ended. Also, that was back when I covered my eyes every time we kicked off. Life’s a lot better now.


        • Keese

          Curles threw the flag before officials huddled. AJ was right in front of him when he threw it. Curles had to be on the take that game because that touchdown beat the spread.


  4. 69Dawg

    Hate to rain on the hate but during their crews off week most of the crew including the HMFIC act as alternates for other crews. Your not going to get rid of Marc Curles that easy.


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  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Since you mentioned it, I saw Penn Wagers on the sidelines of a game earlier this season acting like he was an extra ref, too. Anyone see him yet as the Head Referee in an SEC game?


  7. Dawg Stephen

    I was watching a game the other night and saw Penn Wagers holding THE CHAINS!!! Dear Lord, help us all.


  8. heytogoober

    So, AJ Green was the problem. He was a lightning rod and brought all kinds of wrath down on our program. Bastid …

    (Sarcasm … that thing you say when you mean the other thing.)


  9. Tyler in Tuscaloosa

    No lie my papa was telling me that he was the one who made Georgia win that game he said he had a hat that he wore and every time he wore the hat Georgia won and made big plays he was telling UGA was losing this game then he told his friend who was sitting by him “fuck i know why we losing my hat is not on so he put the hat on then Georgia won”