My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 3

We finally had a weekend with several conference games, so it’s getting a little easier to determine a pecking order.  Still plenty of questions, though.

  1. Alabama.  So now we know:  Nick Saban is better at coaching than Johnny Manziel is at quarterbacking.  But not by much.
  2. LSU.  The Tigers’ game against Kent State went the way that you, I and Les Miles thought it would.
  3. Georgia.  The first bye-week bounce of 2013.
  4. Texas A&M.  TAMU is now last in the SEC in total defense and scoring defense.  That’s a problem.
  5. South Carolina.  The fourth-quarter scenario – the ‘Cocks get a goal line stop in a two-score game with a little more than eight minutes to go – was an eerie flip of what happened against Georgia the week before.  So do we say Georgia is to South Carolina as South Carolina is to Vandy?
  6. Ole Miss.  I’m not sure Saturday’s game was as much a signature win for Hugh Freeze as it was a signature loss for Mack Brown.
  7. Florida.  You’ve got to play offense to win in today’s SEC.
  8. Vanderbilt.  Brutal, brutal pick thrown by Carta-Samuels to set up the moral victory.
  9. Auburn.  It may not have been the most impressive, but a conference win’s a conference win, especially when there hadn’t been one on the Plains in over a year.
  10. Missouri.  Another bye-week bounce.
  11. Arkansas.  Rutgers this week, and then Bret Bielema gets his welcome to the SEC:  four straight ranked conference opponents.
  12. Tennessee.  They’ll always have that 7-0 lead in Eugene.
  13. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs would probably squeak by Tennessee at home, but, man, what an unimpressive looking team.
  14. Kentucky.  Did just enough in the loss to make sure it gets held against Louisville in the national title race.


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7 responses to “My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 3

  1. Timphd

    Looks about right, though I hope your next ballot sees the Gators tumble farther.


  2. rocksalt

    Based on what I saw on Saturday, I think it’s 1a, 1b, and 1c with ‘Bama, TAMU, and UGA. They all look like very similar teams.

    @The Senator, assuming winouts from here on in, what circumstances flip TAMU and UGA in your mind?


  3. RP

    Thanks A&M!! We are now the second worst defense in the SEC.


  4. Brandon

    I would have to rank Miss State ahead of Tennessee. This year is feeling like 2010 (when there really wasn’t an elite defense) with a dash of 2007 (in which no team was strong enough to get through the schedule without taking some damage). The difference is I see some teams on the national stage that may very well go undefeated, if Bama or LSU do not run the table, the SEC may very well get boxed out of the MNC this year.


  5. At this point, I’d say A&M and Georgia could be switched, but I think you’ve got it right. Georgia came up 6 yards short last year against Bama, so very similar outcomes for both teams. Big game at the end of the month with LSU coming to Athens though. Make or break for the Bulldogs SEC hopes.