How ballistic would our fan base be if Mack Brown were the head coach?

Considering the reactions I saw here from some after the Dawgs lost a close opening game on the road, I’m afraid WordPress’ servers would melt down if Dawgnation had to deal with something like this:

Even Mack Brown isn’t afraid to have a good laugh about Texas’ run defense.

“Kansas State will run the option,” Brown said Monday. “I told our defense this morning, if they didn’t run it, they’ll put it in. My gosh, we’ve got to stop it.”

Haw, haw!

And remember, unlike a certain head coach I can think of, Mack’s got a national title and another title game appearance in the last decade on his resume.  So how bat shit insane do you think it would get?


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36 responses to “How ballistic would our fan base be if Mack Brown were the head coach?

  1. Senator, off topic…but …I need me some PULPWOOD b/4 LSU. Think you could arrange that?


  2. That’s a good question. I don’t know how much leeway a BCS title buys you. Especially one that was eight years ago. Struggles with coordinators, misses on obvious big-time recruits, and being 5-9 vs. Bob Stoops, including losing the last two by 38 and 42, respectively…

    Given the same set of circumstances (the past three seasons), I’m not sure anyone in the SEC, outside of Spurrier and Saban would have survived the BYU and Ole Miss losses back-to-back. I think we would be waiting for the announcement and prognosticating on the new coaching search… much like the Texas fans are.


  3. cube

    Our fan base wouldn’t be more ballistic than the Texas fan base. They have higher expectations of their program than we do.


    • cube

      Err…rather, they have higher expectations of their program than we do ours.

      I know a lot of us don’t really have expectations for the Texas program 🙂


    • JasonC

      Never let logic dissuade you that neurotics won’t have a meltdown.

      Another point to add to this is, it’s not just that Texas has been sucking for 3 years or so, but that A&M is now the talk of the town. If Georgia=Texas and Florida=Oklahoma than Tech=A&M. Now before you go apesh!t on me for that analogy, I don’t care if you replace Tech with South Carolina, Auburn or whichever of our 14 rivals you think fit, the point is Texas’ in-state (little-brother) rival is now where Texas used to be, so it’s a double whammy.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Our fan base was going to force Richt out two years ago in a very similar situation. Many of them wanted him gone after 2010. How soon we forget.


  4. Texas’s expectations are as big as they think they are. Don’t mess with TEXAS. I say don’t mess with GEORGIA!


  5. fuelk2

    I think the way the article positioned that quote is a bit off. I don’t think Mack was trying to be funny there if you read the other quotes from his presser. I think even Mack is starting to understand the gravity of his situation.


  6. Definitely not BuLLLLdawg/Thomas Brown/Rody/GoBlue/ARod

    Brown has as many conference titles (in three additional years) at Texas as Richt does at Georgia. Kind of shocking, really.


  7. Russ

    I know lots of UT fans out here that wanted Mack gone BEFORE their last BCS appearance. Even after the game vs Bama, they still consider the appearance as being in spite of Mack coaching the team. They are just as unrealistic as our fan base.

    BTW looks like there will be some interesting jobs coming up this winter – Texas, Nebraska, USC all have a chance to be looking for a coach.


    • David K

      They’re not unrealistic. Texas is a sleeping giant. If they get the right coach there they should be in the national title hunt every year.


  8. Russ

    BTW Richt is a better coach than Mack. 2002 and 2007 could’ve easily have been MNC years. Plus Richt has shown a rare ability to right a listing ship, something that seems impossible for Mack.


  9. What fresh hell is this?

    I found myself wondering how the UGA fanbase would react to getting screwed out of a win like the screwing Wisconsin just experienced.


    • Lots of golf I expect.


    • Hank

      We were pissed.


    • Will (the other one)

      Were you following the team during the 1999 season per chance?


    • Dboy

      “I found myself wondering how the UGA fanbase would react to getting screwed out of a win like the screwing Wisconsin just experienced.”

      Yea, we know. AJ Green excessive celebration penalty vs. LSU


    • uglydawg

      I’m part of that fanbase and I’m still mad about the AJ celebration penalty and the Jasper Sanks non-fumble against Tech. I think the AJ penalty hurts the worst because it cost Georgia so much and it was (it will always be to me), I believe purposely done. The Jasper Sanks non–fumble may have been a purposeful screwing, but it looked like just confusion on the officiating.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The ’09 LSU-UGA gave was fixed IMHO. UGA scores with a minute or so to go in the game to take a 1 point lead. No flags thrown. Officials meet in center of field and talk for about a minute. Curles then announces that Green is penalized for excessive celebration effectively giving LSU the ball at midfield when a FG will win the game. There were several no-calls that should have been called against LSU in that game. You figure it out.


  10. Irishdawg

    LSU in 2009 was just as violent a screwing as what Wisconsin got.


  11. AusDawg85

    Living here in the den of the beast, I always have two favorite teams each Saturday…the Dawgs and whoever is beating Texas. These are especially good times!


  12. www

    both are decent coaches but since mack brown has accomplished a lot more than mark richt, i think the uga fanbase would be just fine with mack brown as coach.