“We’re gonna talk about us, and not Alabama.”

If you don’t read anything else this week, make sure you read this Bruce Feldman piece about Texas A&M’s preparation for last Saturday’s game of the century.  It’s as good as that kind of work gets.

I can’t imagine that many programs that would give the national media that kind of access leading up to a huge game.  How confident a coach do you think Kevin Sumlin is?


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8 responses to ““We’re gonna talk about us, and not Alabama.”

  1. You know it makes it hard when you are driving around Atlanta on a Saturday and damn ALABAMA IS ALL OVER the freakin radio.


    • Yep, 92.9 is the flagship Alabama station. Frontrunners can tune in now. Kinda reminded me when Florida was good and 680 broadcast their games for a year. I imagined the stopped because of the backlash. I certainly was pissed.


      • I am still so angry when I see a GEORGIA tag with Auburn, AL., Tn, Florida, and now SC>. I checked into to it….Those fans who live in GEORGIA have to pay the most for their Vanity!


    • Bulldog Joe

      How many sports talk stations are in Atlanta now?

      At least three on AM and two on FM…


  2. “That a typo on the linebacker?” asks Jeff Banks, the Aggies’ first-year special teams coordinator and tight ends coach. “6-6, 252? What the (heck) is that? We got (A&M linebacker Steven) Jenkins coming in at 209.”

    I laughed at this.


    • Will (the other one)

      Seriously, how did they not recruit any bigger kids at ‘backer?
      JHC is at least 209 and he’s playing safety. They don’t even have a 230 lb linebacker on the roster per that article, whereas a lot of us felt ‘Tree was weak against the run because at 230 he was undersized.


  3. mdcgtp

    lots of fluff and coach equivalent of jock sniffing reminded me why I generally avoid bruce feldman’s work