What do you do when “4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 cokes” loses its allure?

Why, you offer the tickets at half price.

At the rate this is going, in a couple of years I expect Tech to offer to pay you to come to BDS.



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41 responses to “What do you do when “4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 cokes” loses its allure?

  1. Now Senator…GT being in The Big City….that will nevah happen.


  2. Spike

    And Nachos, too! This is just beyond pathetic….


  3. hassan

    I don’t know. $27 seems like a lot of money for a hot dog and a coke.


  4. uglydawg

    The offer would have to be pretty high for me. Maybe they need to take a cue from the Tennessee chick we were talking about yesterday…get some of their fine looking female students to offer escort fans and even furnish them a seat. That should account for two or three more people in the stands.


    • Those young coeds at the NS Tavern were dancing with Mudcat last night. When I was the Sweetheart at the Beta house, the girls were nothing like these beauties. Some of them were Women my age that had at least one degree from GT. Ask Mud Cat…man, I love it when you sang with your Sister.


    • Will (the other one)

      Slight grammar correction: you shouldn’t use the plural “students” when, much like the Highlander, there is only one of the thing you’re talking about.


  5. All right now boys….The folks who will attend are from other countries. They do not care about the food or the money…cause they got all da money.


  6. hassan

    Throw in a set of Stinger Pokemon cards and you have yourselves a top notch game package there!


  7. TennesseeDawg

    Tech is almost in minor league baseball territory with promotions. Maybe they should action off a chance to play QB


  8. Auction {?} Georgia Tech don’t need no money. You must know that.


  9. Nerd

    Who’s 3-0 and who’s 1-1 and who has the most recent conference championship? And BTW who has the most National Championships?


  10. HVL Dawg

    These ACC Thursday night games are a tough sell -built for TV but not for attendance. My daughter attends UNC and they are begging parents to make a long family weekend out of their Thursday night vs. Miami game. I’ll bet they won’t get 30,000 to Chapel Hill on a Thursday night.

    I wonder how many people would show up at Sanford on a Thursday night vs. say, Ole Miss.

    I’m telling ya- the day is coming when all theses games will be played inside a studio with a digital crowd. You’ll sit at home and see yourself at the game.


    • AlphaDawg

      I think a Thursday night game would do great in Athens, as long as it well planned out, and a decent team. Imagin a 3 1/2 day fall weekend starting with a Thursday night football game followed by a Friday of good music downtown and Saturday night watching the Basketball team against an early SEC rival.


    • charlottedawg

      UNC’s a bad example. Football’s merely a social activity here not a straight up religion like basketball.


    • DugLite

      Schools in general will go the way of the internets in the next fifty years or less. Online classes are growing exponentially. The more technology we get the more isolated we get. Kinda scary!


  11. www

    a full 29 hours since your last georgia tech blog entry?

    yer slipping, senator.


  12. www

    “No school in college football has hosted more Thursday night game appearances on ESPN than Georgia Tech. Come celebrate its 19th appearance and its 100th season at Grant Field when you use this deal for tickets to the see the Ramblin’ Wreck take on ACC rival, Virginia Tech — each ticket comes with a soda and hot dog or nachos.”

    for $54? not a bad deal to see tech’s NINETEENTH time hosting a thursday night game from the worldwide leader. who wouldn’t want to see that?


  13. Cousin Eddie

    I thought they had the promotion because the pack of hot dogs they bought last year were getting close to the expiration date. Never thought it was because they couldn’t sell tickets to see a high school game on Thursday night.


  14. Lord Snow

    Seeing the Dawgs beat Tech at BDS pays for itself.


  15. FisheriesDawg

    I like how one of the rotating pictures at the top of the page appears to have been taken during a UGA game and the stands are filled with red.


  16. Nashville West

    Nerds will be Nerds. TV Thursday night double header, Tech followed by the Big Bang Theory.