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“I guess it’s the Georgia outcast game, you could say.”

How much do you think Uncle Verne regrets not being able to call Saturday’s Auburn-LSU game?


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It all depends on your point of view.

About the uptick in offense in the SEC so far, Steve Spurrier says po-tay-to (“The more you look at it the more you see that the offenses are difficult to stop. They really are…”) and Nick Saban (“who suggested the SEC might lack the same number of ‘dominant defensive players’ as in the recent past”) says po-tah-to.



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You were serious about that?

Over at Bulldog Illustrated, somebody asks the musical question,

I want you to ask yourself, with an open mind, “what is there to lose if Hutson Mason started the North Texas game?”

Well, certainly not my sense of humor.  And after all, if anything went wrong, “… you would have the best backup quarterback in college football (history?) prepared to take the game over right away”.

The reason this needs to be done?  To satisfy our curiosity (“Would you like to see what Mason can do with the first-team offense, against a first-team defense of a team that may or may not be considered “low-risk?””).

But why think so small?  Why start any senior player?  (Hell, that’s what you’ve got Senior Day for.)  We need to see what all the frisky backups can do against an opponent’s first team.  Artie Lynch, sit your ass down.  Chris Burnette, we’ll call you when we need you.  Garrison Smith, you’re not gonna be here in a few months anyway, so grab some bench.

And you thought coaching was hard.


UPDATE:  By the way,

Georgia’s last game against a Conference USA team didn’t go so well.

UCF beat the Bulldogs 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl in 2010.

The Mean Green defensive coordinator is John Skladany, who was linebackers coach for UCF when it beat the Bulldogs. Georgia receiver Rantavious Wooten learned that when he did research on this week’s opponent.


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Musical palate cleanser: can I get an ay-men?

Because we could use a laugh this morning, here’s the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz doing a workout on his classic blues tune, “Roberta”.  Enjoy.

If you’ve never seen the man live, he’s worth the trip.


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