“I guess it’s the Georgia outcast game, you could say.”

How much do you think Uncle Verne regrets not being able to call Saturday’s Auburn-LSU game?


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Battle of the misfit toys

  2. mdcgtp

    Aside from the obvious point that writing about requires almost no work or research, I fail to see why this is particularly interesting for print journalists to write about OR broadcast guys to talk about. They both got thrown out for doing something stupid. They both had enough talent to get recruited in the first place. They have resumed their athletic careers elsewhere….wow that is fascinating stuff. amazing what passes for content.

  3. Dawg in Beaumont

    I hope every mouth breather that calls us thUGA will watch this game. Come to think of it, I know a lot of them will, since it is a favorite designation for Auburn fans. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the reason you hear more about UGA players getting in trouble is because of the minimum punishment they will receive. When it is something serious, like these QB’s, they get kicked off the team and wind up in the SEC West. It’s as simply as that.

  4. Irishdawg

    Another name for this game would be “Battle of Former Bulldogs Who Painfully Stepped on Their Dicks and Now Play Elsewhere”, but that is a little long.

  5. Marshall left Georgia as a cornerback and arrived in junior college as a quarterback, the position that got him noticed by Georgia in high school. He set the Georgia high school record for career touchdown passes with 103, but apparently waffled on whether he wanted to play quarterback, cornerback and/or possibly basketball during a five-to-six week period in the spring of 2011.

    Some of it was Marshall’s own doing and some fault lies with Georgia as they looked at other quarterbacks.

    Wha? Georgia offered him the ability to play football and basketball, but said his position would be corner if he wanted to do that. He gave the kid the option he wanted (or at least the one he chose), so what exactly is Georgia at fault for? I think all of it was Marshall’s own doing, from choosing Georgia and playing corner to his eventual trouble and dismissal.

    • Sanford222View

      Also, Georgia did not make the position choice. Marshall did from what I read in another article the other day. Plus, even if Marshall wanted to play QB he could have signed with any of the other schools offering him that opportunity if UGA wasn’t. That article quoted above is spewing a bunch of bs. Marshall knew well in advance of Signing Day DB was where he was going to play and indications are he chose to play there instead of QB.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      It’s UGA’s fault Marshall’s a thief and Mett’s a sexual deviant.

    • I saw this too and my jaw hit the floor. What the hell does that mean? UGA made him steal shit because he didn’t play QB? I honestly want someone to explain what that sentence means to me cause I can’t figure it out. It’s possible I’m just not that smart.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I also thought that was an odd thing to write. No “fault” lies with Georgia… the kid wanted to go to UGA more than he wanted to be a quarterback. After seeing Nick Marshall play a couple games at quarterback, I certainly don’t think UGA overlooked any great quarterbacking talent… certainly not one greater than the top two players (or beyond) on our QB depth chart.

      • NRBQ

        There are a lot more DB’s than QB’s in the League, and Marshall was smart enough to know this.
        He was also, however, stupid enough to steal from HIS TEAMMATES.

  6. Gene Simmons

    We got the QB we needed. Good luck to Nick and Zach-except when they play us…GO DAWGS!

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      Not trying to be self-righteous here, but I’ll wish good luck to the QB’s going against Nick and Zach, so long as they haven’t stolen from team mates or sexually assaulted a woman.

        • Dawg in Beaumont

          Not saying I’m a “great guy” that people should root for. I’m just saying, all else being equal, I’ll root for the QB that hasn’t assaulted a woman over one that has. I don’t think that’s extreme or even a minority opinion.

          • See, I don’t get this. Why do people care about the personal lives of players, actors, actresses, singers , golfers, and famous people. If I don’t know them personally, they are just there to preform for me. Getting personal with people you do not know is extremely dangerous. I love everyone one of them for the love they show me through performance. My Grandmother use to say,”Mind what goes on in your own back yard and leave others to their own devices. But if they need help…help ’em. ” That is all we are ask to do in this life.

            • Dawg in Beaumont

              Good point, that I largely agree with. I would never hold up someone I don’t know as a role model or something I’d point my child to emulate. I’m just saying that if I’m watching a game that I have no passion behind (as in, it’s not the Dawgs or a game that directly impacts the Dawgs) I’d rather the player that hasn’t had one of Mettenberger or Marshall’s incidents get the satisfaction of a win.

              Just because that other QB hasn’t done what they’ve done doesn’t mean I’d tell someone to go “be like them” or they’d become my favorite player. It just means I’d prefer them to win over the Mettenbergers and Marshalls.

              • Well, I told my Children when they were growing up to, “Go out there and be Somebody.” But you better damn use all that knowledge you gained from us and your environment. We gave them everything they needed, not everything they wanted. You know what Mick says, “You can’t always get what you want….But if you try sometime, you just might find you have what you need. Did the best we could, just like our Parents. They turned out pretty outstanding barring a tragedy or two.

              • Noonan

                How do you know what the other QB has or hasn’t done? He could be infinitely worse and you might not know it. Judge not…

  7. Krautdawg

    “We’re just outcasts”, says Mett. I’m guessing he means it tongue-in-cheek, but to me it sounds childish. Outcasts don’t get to start at other SEC schools. Outcasts don’t get to compete against their former team. And outcasts never get to hear their former head coach hope they prosper.

    In fact, Mark Richt is the only reason this “outcast battle” can happen in the first place. Think Dooley, Meyer or Saban would have let either of these guys loose without transfer restrictions? Buy some stationery and write a thank-you card, Mett. Or hang on, it appears Marshall has ‘found’ some stationery and a beautiful silver pen …

    • Sanford222View

      I f I remember correctly, Marshall was not the actual “thief.” He knew who was and kept silent from what I recall. He still wronged his teammates but probably should not be labeled a thief. He probably thought he was “not being a rat” by not selling out a teammate at the time. What he didn’t understand was he wasn’t helping the correct teammate out, the victim.

      • Krautdawg

        Well then I take it back regarding Marshall. Sounds like a tough spot for a 17/18-year old: rat on a teammate and be seen as a snitch for 3 to 4 years, or keep your mouth shut and get lumped in with the perp if you get caught.

        Still, I wouldn’t call him or Mett an outcast.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I believe “cast-off” would be a more accurate term.

  8. Vindexdawg

    At the risk of sounding overly churchy, how about the Lucifer game: both were cast out of CFB’s paradise. Seriously, Mett is probably lucky that he has performed well enough to show promise and improvement but not so well as to attract Manziel-type media attention. Otherwise, he would be to be the subject of one of ESPN’s treacly-but-creepy redemption pieces about just how he came to be dismissed from UGA – old news amongst us Dawgs and probably to many Tiger fans but not to the national TV public (as yet). Anyone who recollects the WWL’s coverage of Colt Brennan 6 years ago will understand what I mean, although the latter’s reputed offense was worse. Marshall, by contrast – if there was “nothing to see here, move on along” concerning sCam’s light fingers at Florida a few years back, then he probably has little to worry about (unless someone takes note of how uncanny it is that these players re-surface at Auburn).

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Look, both these guys made stupid kid mistakes…but I don’t get the defensiveness….if they had had their heads on straight in Athens, who knows what would have happened.

    I absolutely loved watching Nick Marshall play quarterback in high school and I truly hated that he screwed up, but I am really glad both he and Mett get to play big time football.

    And the real voodoo point here, for all you folks who don’t understand that sort of thing, is that we play both teams. Saying dumb things about either player’s history at Georgia is silly.

    Here’s the real question:

    Can my new hat counteract the juju?

    We shall see (Film at 11)

    • Sanford222View

      I find you need to break in new hats, shirts, etc. with a warm up game. Hopefully your hat will get the start this weekend against N. Texas as a tune up. Throwing your hat into the fire with little to no playing time against LSU could prove costly.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Actually, this hat is 1-0 (Carolina), but I think LSU is a whole different ball game…Da Cocks, like wanted it, but LSU can beat you even if you want it more.

        The Kharmic Bitches could have a big day planned for Zach.

  10. No doubt, cause I called and they told me,”It ain’t over till it is over and we got plans for those…those….what does Pulpwood call them….oh yeah….Pussies.

  11. Eeyore Dawg

    Leaving the program was the best thing to happen to them. Both are undefeated while Georgia is struggling right now.

  12. Eeyore Dawg

    What is it about LSU’s and Auburn’s culture that enabled them to become leaders?

    What is it about Georgia’s culture that enabled them to become criminals?

    • Debby Balcer

      Umm Jordan Jefferson and the Dyer are players of virtue. Their character took them down that path and we did not tolerate it. Hopefully they truly cleaned their acts up and end up successful instead of playing where character is overlooked for victory.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Stir that pot, buddy. Got to keep the shit in it stanky.