You were serious about that?

Over at Bulldog Illustrated, somebody asks the musical question,

I want you to ask yourself, with an open mind, “what is there to lose if Hutson Mason started the North Texas game?”

Well, certainly not my sense of humor.  And after all, if anything went wrong, “… you would have the best backup quarterback in college football (history?) prepared to take the game over right away”.

The reason this needs to be done?  To satisfy our curiosity (“Would you like to see what Mason can do with the first-team offense, against a first-team defense of a team that may or may not be considered “low-risk?””).

But why think so small?  Why start any senior player?  (Hell, that’s what you’ve got Senior Day for.)  We need to see what all the frisky backups can do against an opponent’s first team.  Artie Lynch, sit your ass down.  Chris Burnette, we’ll call you when we need you.  Garrison Smith, you’re not gonna be here in a few months anyway, so grab some bench.

And you thought coaching was hard.


UPDATE:  By the way,

Georgia’s last game against a Conference USA team didn’t go so well.

UCF beat the Bulldogs 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl in 2010.

The Mean Green defensive coordinator is John Skladany, who was linebackers coach for UCF when it beat the Bulldogs. Georgia receiver Rantavious Wooten learned that when he did research on this week’s opponent.


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121 responses to “You were serious about that?

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Idiotic. Why start Aaron Murray? Because you might lose. Just ask Michigan

  2. Sneaky Short

    Pat Dooley might name him the third best QB in the SEC.

  3. I see the logic in getting Mason some reps with the 1st team in a live fire environment, but come on guys. Let Murray play a half, at least.

    • Dboy

      Yes, not to mention that it isn’t a good idea to give the 1st team 3 weeks off b/f needing to play at their peak next week vs. LSU. If we get out to a big lead, put in our 2nd team, but everyone should get reps

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        I don’t get it. Why start Mason? He’s going to get reps next year with the first team. We really need to get Bryce Ramsey in there for some reps!!! He’s going to be here longer!

        Heck…can we sub Jacob Park? Time’s a wastin’ for him to play with the first team. SUIT HIM UP!!!!

      • that’d be my thought too. If we’d played a week ago, then it’d make some sense. But these guys just had a week off, and some work to stay sharp isn’t a bad idea. Now, if we have a comfortable lead at half time, I’d be fine with the staff telling Murray, Smith, Herrera, Burnette, Gurley, Swann, etc they can leave their shoulder pads in the locker room. Then would be a great time to give the second and third stringers extensive work and long looks. But the starters should get at least a half imo.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    Looks like I don’t need to go over to Bulldog Illustrated any time soon.

    What a stupid post. First of all, Aaron Murray is the starting quarterback. He deserves the start. They keep track of such things in statistics, and he deserves it. Second, we’ve already had one off week. Why in the world would you want to further disrupt the brutal rhythm and efficiency of the offense by having the guy who will be starting next week against LSU not on the field? Because I don’t care what the cult of Hutson believes, if he was better than Murray he would be playing and he’s not. He will not be starting next week against LSU. So why mess things up?

  5. uglydawg

    If Mason started and the worst happened..a Georgia loss…everyone would be demanding CMR be fired. And what kind of message would benching AM send to NTSt.?

  6. mdcgtp

    it is such a stupid thought that it is laughable. Not to hijack the thread but I am going to anyhow with a quick question…

    Does anyone get the sense that we are taking this patsy game more seriously than others? I don’t recall similar quotes about FAU or Buffalo a year ago. Obviously, the points that Richt raises are in fact true. North Texas is more of a veteran team. They have a decent QB, etc. I am not suggesting that our guys are going to be as focused as they can be nor will the energy in Sanford Stadium be particularly high, but I don’t think we are going to come out totally flat either. My guess is the fact that we have had an off week, which arguable was well timed assuming we don’t have a lot of bumps and bruises Saturday, will have our guys a bit more excited simply because they want the opportunity to play.

  7. Irwin R Fletcher

    “In UGA’s 2005 season, fifth-year quarterback DJ Shockley took the quarterback throne from super-successful four-year starter David Greene. Shockley had seen plenty of significant snaps throughout his three playing seasons as a backup. He led those 2005 Dawgs to a 10-3 record which included an SEC Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl.”

    I’d argue that Shock wasn’t a back up. Back-ups don’t come into the game to spell the most winneringest QB in college football history on drives. And Shock’s record was 10-2 as a starter…details.

    “In UGA’s 2009 season, fifth-year quarterback Joe Cox took the quarterback throne from the NFL’s first overall draft pick Matthew Stafford. Cox only saw playing time during his first three playing seasons in “garbage time” (except for a comeback win against a mediocre Colorado when Stafford went down with an injury in 2006)”

    Uhh…that’s not correct. Joe started the game at Ole Miss the week after the Colorado game. And pinning the Independence bowl on Joe Cox not getting enough snaps with the 1st team is ignorant.

    • mdcgtp

      The Independence Bowl was equal parts Willie Martinez and Joe Cox being a turnover machine.

    • Miguel

      Does anyone remember the UF game where Shock “spelled” Greene for a drive?

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Which game was that? The 2002 Florida game where Shock completed a 21 yard pass on his first drive only to have Reggie Brown fumble it? I assume that’s the one you are referring to…because of the Int, right?

        Folks have selective memory of most things. I’m guilty of it. During 2002, Shockley had a 152 passer rating for the season and helped key the wins against Clemson, Kentucky, and FSU? I thought the 2 QB system wasn’t the best way to utilize either player at the time, but it’s hard to argue with the results unless you think we go undefeated in 2002 or 2004 by not doing it…and that’s a long argument based upon the Clemson game in 2002 and Shockley basically keeping us in the 2004 Tennessee game that UGA lost.

      • I remember Shockley throwing an interception right in front of us. He starred down the receiver and telegraphed the pass so badly that I think I had time to run down out of the stands and get in front of the ball. Can’t remember the year.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          It was ’02…it got returned for a 47 yard TD. It wasn’t good, but I guess my point is…and I can’t believe I’m still having this conversation…it’s not fair to blame that game on the 2 QB system (or Terrence Edwards drop or Foster’s dumb penalty or….).

          • Normaltown Mike

            I WILL blame it on Tim Jennings for being tackled by Rex Suckman on a sure pick six and then #47’s forward lateral to Sean Jones on another sure pick six (if Sean had been blocking instead of asking for the ball).

            All that aside, we would’ve been hosed out of the big game anyway since The U and those cheating Buckeyes would’ve been voted ahead of us.

  8. HahiraDawg

    Stupid post. You have to start Murray:
    1) ANYTHING can happen, start your best and who has earned it
    2) Stats matter, like # of starts as well as the td #’s
    3) the notion that HM “absolutely benefit nothing” from playing mid 2nd quarter on, is stupid.

  9. Ginny

    This is about as dumb as saying Jadaveon Clowney should have sat out this year.

  10. Normaltown Mike

    I think the better strategy is to have CMR sit out the North Texas game and let Bobo and Grantham be Co-Substitute-Head Coach so that they can get some live game experience.

  11. Yes Normaltown Mike; you are correct…..You know Normal is a setting on the dryer.

  12. Rebar

    Pretty ridiculous idea

  13. Brandon

    I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and saw that question and laughed. Nice take down.

  14. Biggity Ben

    Er how bout Murray is a Senior and after this year won’t ever get to suit up in the Red and Black again. If it was me, and CMR said he was starting HM, I’d go apeshit.

  15. Jimmy

    I think we asll know, Mason would likely outplay Murray, he has everyutime they’ve gone head to head whether in preseason gdays, season games, even postseason vs LSU.

    So it would create a qb controversy because frankly, Hutson Mason’s a better qb than Murray, and Richt knows that, so is Mettenberger. But Richt went with Murray, and knows he’ll look dumb(er) if he starts someone else cuz he’ll haver to admit (which we all know since Murray went 2-10 vs top 15 teams) starting Murray was of course the wrong move.

    Ok, Sen, we know you like to ban people who offer substantial posts, so pout out your “I’ll ban you for saying factual stuff about Aaron Murray that isn’t rosy” post.

    • What you’re going to get banned for, Jimmy/ARod, is sockpuppetry.

      The rest of your comment is about as far away from substantial as I am from dating a supermodel. Which is pretty goddamned far, in case you’re wondering.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Screw Murray and Mason. Parker Welch threw for 48 freaking yards at G-Day in limited action. If given the chance he could lead us to the promise land. Everyone inside the Welch family knows he’s the best QB on the team.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Hey Jimmy, why don’t you beat the horse about Ealey being the greatest RB in UGA football history?

      Those posts were so cute a few summers back.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      First question, if Ramsey beats out Mason for the starting job next year, are there people whose heads will explode?

      Second question, if Ramsey ‘outplays’ Mason in the gday game, will Jimmy call for him to start?

      Please, please, please change your screen name to Substantial Posts. Seriously. Please.

  16. loganbooker

    Hey guys!

    I am the author of the post mentioned and linked to above.

    First and foremost, thank you for reading Bulldawg Illustrated. By linking this you have given us a (albeit small) spike in traffic today. Always nice to show our legitimate advertisers.

    For those who think it’s a bad idea to start Mason over Murray, I wholeheartedly agree with you! However, one thing we do at Bulldawg Illustrated, in lieu of linking other blog’s and publication’s material attached to a snarky comment, is GENERATE our own material.

    As a credentialed publication through the University of Georgia Athletics Association, you may note plenty of articles I write for Bulldawg Illustrated chalked full of quotes, photos, videos, interviews, and ideas that I gather at the Butts-Mehre building, the Sanford Stadium press box, the sidelines between the hedges, and in the locker rooms immediately after games.

    You may have noticed this is a bye week. Legitimate material for Bulldawg Illustrated to publish is not as easy to come across as trolling The Dawgbone and finding anything we can to pump our chests over, link to, and make a comment declaring the individual who authored it as a fool.

    For the couple of you who did read past the headline of my article, and were able to figure out that this was simply a creative post in attempts to strike conversation within a very large, loyal, positive, and interactive Bulldawg Illustrated following, I commend you.

    Call me a fool, an idiot, or a moron all you want for putting together an imaginative piece during a slow week. But being a fool, an idiot, or a moron did not slow me down from being accepted into the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia, or prevent me from having a drive to come up with a blog post full of my own ideas and writings. You may notice there is not a single link in there.

    Once again, however, thank you for the link, and I notice that my ability to spark conversation within a group who shame similar interests was able to trickle into the following here. So in a sense, “you’re welcome.”

    Have a great day, folks. I am glad to see this site still exists. I had forgotten about it a long, long time ago.

    Go Dawgs!!

    • Listen, I think you are brilliant. Keep ’em coming. Some of the folks around here are a little green, if you know what I mean. Ya Know, Jealously rears it ugly head time and time again these days.. . You have got to let that sugar honey iced tea go!

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you thought it would be a terrific idea to troll your readership and now you’re miffed that anybody thought your post was silly.

      Risks of the trade. You’d think that would be something they’d teach you in journalism school, but maybe you were distracted at the time, thinking of another imaginative post to compose.

      I look forward to reading your future speculative pieces. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to link to one again.

    • reipar

      Yes Logan you will fit in perfectly at the ajc. Go for those page hits my friend.

    • 92dawg

      Oh, boy. Not sure you are quite getting this loganbooker. The Senator DID do you and Bulldawg Illustrated a favor (just like any other publication he links to) by bringing you traffic. Your gratitude for that, sans the sarcasm and snide remarks, would be appropriate. I’d be willing to bet that this site has a larger and more faithful readership than Bulldawg Illustrated – that’s not a dig at B.I. Any Dawg fan worth his salt reads this site on a daily basis, and for good reason. In the Bulldog Nation, this site is The Daily Show whereas your publication is, ummmmm, a nice, local newsletter. So I think your “holier than though” remarks are doing more damage to your credibility than your article even did. But do have a great day.

      • Russ

        Honestly, until this post by the Senator, I’d never even heard of Bulldawg Illustrated. And given the topic linked to and the author’s pissy attitude I guess I can go ahead and forget it.

        Are we sure his name isn’t Jimmy?

      • Dboy


        “Any Dawg fan worth his salt reads this site on a daily basis, and for good reason. In the Bulldog Nation, this site is The Daily Show…”

        Wow, that nailed it.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      “GENERATE our own material.”

      Does the all caps there put the emphasis on your material being created out of thin air rather than factual? If so, you sir, are a more brilliant writer and deserved of great praise.

      • Dog in Fla

        Whenever I generate my own material, thanks to a new and improved they call me febreeze tip from a super-hot crazy redheaded exhibitionist, I’m not prairie dogging it as much as I used to and my co-worker teammates have stopped wearing oxygen breathing apparatuses as much as they used to

    • Logan… you may indeed drive a Dodge Stratus, but that doesn’t hold a lot of water in the blogosphere. One of the things they need to teach you in Grady is that journalism has become a meritocracy more than ever before. If your crap doesn’t cut it, you won’t get the traffic. If your site has something that people want, the traffic will be there.

      I have heard of BI, but your article was the first I have read. I found it amusing, and I don’t regret the time I spent reading it and the associated comments. I chose to register and comment there, participating in the conversation because the comments seemed civil enough and I thought I had a point of rebuttal I felt worthy of sharing (even though I only graduated from Terry… :().

      I wouldn’t have thought another thought, except that you come over here to denigrate the author of this blog whom a lot of us feel is worthy of our daily attention… specifically for his opinions, his realistic view of the Dawgs, and his adherence to reasonable discourse. The Good Senator lets us vent, he lets us be silly, and he even lets us be stupid. I, for one, appreciate his blog and the community that regularly participates. I don’t appreciate your condescending tone or the insinuation that all the Senator does is ride off the coattails of “legitimate” journalists.

      Besides, journalism is dead. Your own article, and your suggestion that you wrote it to fabricate conversation, is why journalism is dead. Fact reporting and opinion-ating are no longer mutually exclusive. Who gets the facts is largely irrelevant. As far as opinions go, I like to read the Senator’s. Although I disagreed with your premise in this one article, I would read yours again if I happened upon it (ironically, the greatest likelihood of that happening would be if the Senator linked to it again). I would suggest you take a cue from ECDawg: thank people for stopping by and encourage them to do so again rather than lashing out.

      • HahiraDawg

        Very good word Trey,
        I agree with everything except that if I ever see the name Logan Booker I will turn around. With his post here he lost my business, my time and all credibility in my mind.

    • Jeff Sanchez


      Half of BI is pictures of sorority girls at the previous game (NTTAWWT). Vance Leavy makes writing errors that I commonly see in my ninth grade students.

      You guys have a ways to go before you can start lobbing stones at others players in the Dawgosphere

      • Sock Monkey

        The old LHB community has merged with BI. There is a lot going on there. This article and the response by the author is not typical fare.

  17. NRBQ

    Jimmy, you ignorant slut…

  18. NRBQ that is not nice. Be nice to occasional visitors on this site. Cause, you know the Senator don’t put up with no trash talk. I mean only if he agrees with that trash talk. He will ban your butt just cause he can. Ya know?

  19. Rebar

    Have a great day, folks. I am glad to see this site still exists. I had forgotten about it a long, long time ago.

    What the hell is that all about. You may try to back out of the crap you wrote, but your comments as moderator on that blog show you were serious. You should not have forgotten about the Senator’s blog.

  20. Skeeter

    I miss the old Leather Helmet Blog

  21. Cosmic Dawg

    I do have to agree that the original GTP post and the comments were unnecessarily snarky at best and meanspirited at worst, particularly given that Bulldog Illustrated is a decent website that I enjoy visiting that has pretty good taste in football, music, and has a good sense of humor, too. Whatever you may have thought of the original BI post, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all, especially about your hairy brethren who seem to be a pretty amiable group.

    I agree that we ought to start Murray on Saturday, for all the reasons posted here. But earlier this summer I also casually wondered if CMR would give Mason a start against lesser competition, even if he only kept him in for the first drive, say, as a way to give a nod to a kid who’s been loyal to the program, send a good message to recruits, improve team morale, whatever. And no, that kind of nod wouldn’t have to be limited to QB’s – if K. Houston hadn’t won his spot, I wondered if Richt would put him in for the first play of the USc game anyway.

    Finally, if we can’t beat North Texas under the “worst” of circumstances, or if we’re afraid of them getting mad at us for starting our backup, we have not progressed as far past the UCF game as I thought. Again, I’m not advocating for Mason or any backups to start, and I don’t think he’s Murray’s equal, but it’s also not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Whatever you may have thought of the original BI post, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all, especially about your hairy brethren who seem to be a pretty amiable group.

      Please point me to a single word – syllable, even – where I disparaged the author or BI. Which, to be honest with you, is more decorum than Mr. Booker displayed in his response here (which is fine, by the way).

    • Dboy


      it all goes back to keeping AM out of the starting lineup for 3 weeks leading up to the LSU game. It isn’t going to happen. If we are up 3 TDs, I can see Mason playing the second half, even if NT shrinks the lead down a bit.
      Same thing w/ some ot the Defensive 2nd team players

  22. tmdawg12

    Hey, first time here. Please forgive me but I had never heard of this site before, I do not mean that as insult at all. I think it is a shame that people feel entitled to tell someone they are stupid or an idiot because they pose a question or say something that is not in agreement with someone. I thought this post posed a good question and would get a discussion started, and it did. But to attack someone for going against the grain is just shameful and embarrassing.I guess it is the times we live in though, were anyone can boast and beat their chest over the internet. This is not directed to the proprietor of this website but to the commentators on both sites. The author, to my knowledge, never stated he thought Mason should start but thought it was an interesting question. But heaven forbid someone pose a question.

    To the Senator, I am glad I found this site. I look forward to reading more on here. But I will admit I dont know you, but why not take the high road and stay classy?

    “Please point me to a single word – syllable, even – where I disparaged the author or BI. Which, to be honest with you, is more decorum that Mr. Booker displayed in his response here (which is fine, by the way).”

    Well how about this comment: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you thought it would be a terrific idea to troll your readership and now you’re miffed that anybody thought your post was silly.

    Risks of the trade. You’d think that would be something they’d teach you in journalism school, but maybe you were distracted at the time, thinking of another imaginative post to compose.

    I look forward to reading your future speculative pieces. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to link to one again.”

    Being the senior poster (not directed at age but experience) why attack him? Life is all about perspective and from my perspective it looks as though you linked to BI to get your comments up and troll your site. Someone posted that you had been doing this for years, so why even bother with replying?

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Careful Senator. I think his father is Carmine DePasto.

    • tm, first off, thanks very much for finding us. I hope you’ll stick around and contribute.

      A couple of things in response to your comment. First, as far as what LB thought, this is from his post: “I think by now you know my vote, and it’s going for Hutson Mason to start this Saturday.” That’s why you see the header on my post, because I had a hard time believing he was serious about that. If I understand him correctly by his comment here, it seems I was right.

      As far as not directing anything towards LB personally, my comment was in the context of the original post. Once LB came over here and proceeded to behave the way he did in his comment, that’s what generated the personal sarcasm. I don’t know how it works with you, but if somebody comes in my house and refuses to behave considerately, I’m going to call the person out. Had LB not done so, you wouldn’t have seen any comment from me about him.

      I try very hard to separate somebody’s opinion from the person him or herself when I post. The former is fair game for mockery, attack, or whatever; the latter shouldn’t be, if it’s just about what somebody wrote or said. Once somebody behaves badly, though, that can change things. (Especially if they behave badly here.😉 )

      I freely confess to being a horribly cynical, snarky blogger. But I do attempt to respect certain limits. And if I mess up on that, I have no problem with being called out for it.

      • tmdawg12

        I completely understand, and I agree the author should not have posted his response on here in the way he did.

    • … Oh no. This site has been discovered…

      Okay, everyone. Please calmly file towards the exits. Do not engage with any of the new zombie visitors. If approached, stab them in the eye with a screwdriver. If you fall under their trance, stab yourself in the eye with the screwdriver. We will mourn your loss for a couple of minutes. Everyone who successfully escapes, we will reconvene at our preplanned secret lair called “somewhere else on the internet.”

      And now, everyone should panic and run around screaming.

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe we can run the wildcat, err wilddawg, all game. We can sit AM AND HM.

    And how bout our kicker controversy. I’m not so sure Morgan deserves to return as a starter.

  24. shane#1

    Logan did some really good reports from fall camp and I enjoy BI every morning but he was a little out of line here. Then again, he is young and you learn from your mistakes. He will learn never to mince words with a lawyer, that’s how they make a living. Murray should and will start. I hope Mason gets a lot of reps, but with NTS’ veteran line and the Dawgs {ahem} run defense I ain’t bettin’ on it.

  25. BTW, congrats on 16 mil, Senator. I assume that happened some time today.

    • Thanks. It would have been sometime today, although I can’t say when exactly.

      • Dog in Fla

        Count on a CPA to notice a humongous number like that. The von Trapps send their best wishes and say it seemed like you were only at 15 a couple of weeks ago

      • NRBQ

        Yes, congrats.

        It was early afternoon. I know, ’cause I checked when your visitor claimed to have forgotten all about what I consider the smartest, friendliest UGA blog in the sphere.

        Alas, I pray the sanctity and sociability of it isn’t doomed due to explosive recent growth.

        You can’t even call anyone a slut around here anymore without a reprimand!

  26. I thought I was the only one that got reprimanded around here. If you look like a slut, talk like a slut act like a slut….you are probably a slut.

    • NRBQ

      It’s a beloved old Weekend Update quote (SNL: google it). I can’t claim originality in using it as a blog retort, however.

      It’s usually invoked in jest, but I knew exactly who posted the Jimmy rant, so it came from the heart.

    • ScoutDawg

      Must be a slut.

      • Well, no….I would not call myself a “slut”. Not even back in the day, lets just say…I was a little promiscuous. Learned an awful lot in Athens about GEORGIA BOYS. I will say they are much more fun than Tech Boys.

  27. RomeDawg79

    100% chance of rain tomorrow in Athens. Gonna be a sloppy one.

  28. Mike

    Will the rain effect the offensive gameplan or was it set anticipating rain? I expect to see a lot of the rb’s.

  29. Honestly, this is a damn shame… I love B.I., But I love the Senator just as much if not a thousand times more. I usually have absolutely no problem with B.I.’s posts, but Logan’s comments here on the Senator’s site greatly diminishes my opinion of B.I.

    Logan, you can’t troll as hard as you did (in these comments) unless you’re looking for a job with the AJC or with Bleacher Report. The Senator, DawgSports, DudeYoureCrazy, Georgia Sports Blog, and formerly Bulldawg Illustrated are literally the last bastions of accurate Bulldawg information. PLEASE don’t make me start lumping you in with the AJC and Bleacher Report.

    If needed, please refer to your occasional blogger / photographer Ryan Scates on how to appropriately discuss UGA football. Scates never steers me wrong. You, Logan, are simply trolling for clicks and that is something I CANNOT appreciate.

    Go Dawgs,

  30. Skeeter

    Y’all watch out. I hear this is a bad blog…

    “After I lividly upset so many readers by my post this past Friday, hypothetically suggesting that UGA may start Hutson Mason in yesterday’s game against North Texas (which also upset other bad blogs which will remain nameless), I decided I owe you all a better, more logical option.” – LB from BI