If anyone’s entitled to protest the NCAA, it’s Kolton Houston(h/t Seth Emerson)



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  1. Dolly Llama

    I posted this below, but anyone thinking that the university can do anything about this needs to read the so-called “Tinker decision.”



  2. Keese

    Kolton Houston…suffrage against the NCAA for not bending a rule that was established before he knowingly and willingly took steroids.


    • Debby Balcer

      He did not willingly take steroids.


      • TennesseeDawg

        or knowingly


        • Dolly Llama

          Please don’t feed the troll.


          • Having been treated by hospitals and Doctors for athletic injuries since I was 15, you may rest assured that they did things to me that would not be considered legal in sports today. We are speaking of CHEERLEADING Injuries, but they were doing the same thing to the Football players in the same Hospitals. Let’s just say, our parents knew what they were doing. Not one of us cared as long as we could get back on the field, with no limitations. They treated my Son the same way many,many years later. Debby, did you ever participate in the Arena? Just asking… Cause, I will tell you, when one is injured they willingly accept the treatment. It is illegal not to disclose what is going on to either the patient of the parent.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    If athletes want spending money, take out student loans like everyone else.

    Really sick of this BS.


  4. Hmm, Seems like the NCAA will have a tough time finding a ‘legitimate educational reason’ for any kind of ban.

    Given the NCAA’s current status in the court of Public Opinion – Emmert would be stepping on his johnson yet again…


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope nobody is going to try to make a federal case out of this, but it is nice to see the o-line agreeing on something.