Not ready for prime time playing

Butch Jones, that whole change starting quarterbacks in mid-stream thing may work great in the MAC or Big East, but giving a redshirt freshman his first start against the SEC’s best defense tends to lead to moments of hilarity like this:



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11 responses to “Not ready for prime time playing

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I thought that game would be a snooze-a-thon. I was wrong. It was a laff riot. Florida wasn’t much better.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Just keeping with the Tennessee motto


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Butch Jones is an idiot. UT could have won that game if (1) Jones didn’t start the frosh; or (2) when it became apparent that the frosh couldn’t get the job done, if Jones pulled the kid and inserted their regular QB. Instead, he waited until the frosh screwed up enough that it put UT behind the 8-ball and then it was too late. Also, Butch Jones’ idea of coaching is, when a kid drops a pass, get in his face and yell, “CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!!” That accomplishes nothing. We’ll get to watch ol’ Butch on the sidelines for the rest of this season and then 2 more–max! UT, a smoldering dumpster fire and I’m loving it!


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Jones is a screamer….screams at the booth upstairs, screams at the players, the officials….find it hard to believe these kids, today’s kids, find that motivating.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Muschamp Lite?


      • Dog in Fla

        And Now the Screaming Starts is nice, but nothing motivates these kids more than tacos


        • Jason

          I’ve been coaching young people for about 13 years, and I can tell you that they do NOT respond to that type of coaching anymore. A few of them may because they are mentally tough and want to prove him wrong but thats it. Most kids today hear little to no negativity or scolding about anything they do wrong at home or school. Especially when they are D1 level or even just talent sports players period. America’s experiment with hyper elevating their kid’s self esteem so they never feel bad about themselves is a colossal failure I think. I see it fail every time a child doesn’t perform well and makes an excuse instead of owning up to a mistake or runs and tells their parents on someone bc they feel they are being picked on or bullied by coaches who are trying to give them tough love. I’ve seen so many children completely have a mental breakdown when they fail at something, or they think that just because they show up at practice most of the time they should be as good as the best players (it’s not fair is the normal phrase). Some children only come to practice half the time that the others do and then expect to start or win because they don’t realize the value of focus and effort during practices.

          Sorry about that, sore spot on that subject. My point is that it’s unrealistic and hurts their ability to function away from the comfort of their Mommies and Daddies when they get older. No wonder people live with their folks until they are 30 now days. Its fine to be positive and supportive. You should be, but not to the point that its unrealistic and prevents the kid from learning life lessons. That’s just abuse in my book.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    After Driskel left the game, it would have been wise to put eight in the box and force UF’s backup to throw against CWM’s…

    Wait, what am I saying???


    • Mike

      That is exactly what Tennessee did. And it cost them the game. Tyler did a good job for a kid that has never taken a meaningful college snap. It remains to be seen how he will do when opposing DCs have enough tape on him to game plan for him.


      • Coastal Dawg

        Say what you will but that kid won the game for FL. Tenn did not have an answer for him. Of course with Janceck and Wiilie Mo coaching the D, did that surprise anyone?