Taken for granted

That Aaron Murray.  After yesterday,

Murray now ranks fifth in SEC career passing yards, and could break the record later this year. He is 12 touchdowns from breaking Danny Wuerffel’s SEC record, and is now third all-time in the SEC with 11,352 yards of total offense.

He’s also the top rated passer in a conference full of passing talent.  That’s a 201.8 passer rating he’s sporting on the season, after having faced two top ten teams in the first two weeks.  And yet his offensive coordinator/position coach still feels the need to say things like,

“Everybody always – I do as a coach – if anybody throws a bad throw or makes a mistake we act like it’s the end of the world, which frustrates me sometimes,” Bobo said. “A guy gives so much to this program, works extremely hard to put our team in a position to win games. That’s what he’s continuing to do this year. Georgia needs to realize it’s a blessing to have Aaron Murray and how much he means.”

As a fan base, are we spoiled a little bit?  I’d have to say so.  We sometimes forget how special plays like his 100th TD pass really are.

Perfect long throw from your end zone on a rainy day with a shaky offensive line?  No big thang, mane.


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27 responses to “Taken for granted

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Let me be the first to call out Murray. He doesn’t even have the best passer rating on his own team.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Georgia has the 6th rated total offense in the country after playing 2 top 10 teams out of 3.

  3. Bulldog Joe

    Aaron is good.

    I also would like to thank our clock operator, Penn Wagers, and Dan McCarney for turning the last 3:47 into 30:47 and finally giving a bunch of our fresh faces some real work in a game.

  4. Russ

    What’s up with this new QBR that the WWL is pushing? Is it some way to Dawgrade Murray?

    BTW that 100th TD pass was awesome! So happy for Murray. He deserves all of it.

  5. simpl_matter

    Please, please break the record during the Florida game!!!

    • Russ

      +1000 I’ll never forget the “Human Dive Play” breaking Herschel’s TD record against us, like he actually averaged 200ypg against us or something (he probably could have if he’d played his natural position).

      • JonDawg

        If I remember correctly, it seemed as if they stopped the game for 15 minutes to make sure no one missed their cbs flavored tebow love.

  6. Brandon

    I think the same statement could be made for Bobo. Week after week I read the stupidest comments about Bobo on Dawg Sports comment thread and elsewhere, the guy is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t with so many people. Watch the Florida-Tennessee game yesterday people if you want to see what real offensive ineptitude and quarterbacking really looks like.

    • D.N. Nation

      I’ll be frank about DawgSports: Too many of the posters there have gotten personal with their distaste for Bobo and Murray. Shoot, there were comment threads the week after the South Carolina game- where Bobo’s gameplan was excellent, maybe his best ever- where some usual suspects were doing the “we’d be better still if he left” routine.

      I don’t get it. Other than Bobo/Murray rants becoming their own cargo cult. It’s a shame.

      • D.N. Nation


        This is exactly what I’m talking about:

        “Somebody find Joe Cox and make sure he has an alibi for this past Saturday. I’m not entirely sure he didn’t kidnap Aaron Murray and secretly replace him for one last hurrah. I mean, really… the Ginger Ninja could hardly have done much worse than our all-everything quarterback against the Mean Green.”

        On what planet was this beamed in from?

        • Brandon

          Yeah that is a completely crazy Dawg Sports comment there, it’s like these guys have said Murray and Bobo suck for so long that it is part of their identity as people and they refuse to accept any evidence to the contrary, it would fracture their egos.

          • Brandon

            Here’s another jewel: “Well, the defense was greatly improved, and the offense just had a down day against a poor opponent.” 641 yards total offense, 45 points, a “down day”, yeah these guys must be like 12 years old, they have no concept of suckitude, none whatsoever.

  7. Debby Balcer

    What an awesome throw!! We are so lucky to have Aaron.

  8. TomReagan

    Not sure if that was Davis’s first offensive play but, if it was, it was an even more brilliant call by Bobo. (he’d been in on special teams, but not sure about offense) That type of speed is not expected, and may have taken that DB totally by surprise.

  9. Ausdawg85

    I think it’s a good thing Murray is not being hyped for the Heisman at this point. Neither he nor the team needs that added level of distraction at this point of the season. But I really fear one of the best QB’s in SEC history is going to be sadly overlooked once his collegiate career is over. Hope I’m wrong and that he finds continued great success in his future, whatever it may bring.

    • JonDawg

      I want a championship of either sort for him so bad, because as an ardent Murray supporter, I don’t want any of those negative labels to be his legacy as a Dawg. The kid is a warrior.

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