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At least their hearts are in the right place.

It’s good to know that the short kickoff hasn’t been a calculated play in Georgia’s arsenal.

It’s not really a matter of strategy: Morgan said the goal nearly every time is to get a touchback, it’s just easier said than done.

“That’s obviously the goal,” Morgan said, his voice cracking into a laugh. But he did add: “I’m definitely gonna try to focus more on distance.”

Head coach Mark Richt was also asked about kickoffs on his Monday night call-in show. Richt reiterated that the goal was to get touchbacks, but also cited reasons it wasn’t automatic, whether it be foot strength or wind. Richt also added that punter Collin Barber, who handled kickoffs the first two weeks, would be ready if he was needed – implying that Morgan’s kickoffs better get through the end zone more consistently.

Short leash, Coach.  As Emerson points out, Odell Beckham doesn’t exactly suck at returning kicks.



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The hive mind

If you’re a player at Georgia Tech, you’re not supposed to express an opinion publicly unless your teammates vote on it first.  I guess that’s a step up from what they vote on at LSU.

Although it makes you wonder if Corch put Tebow’s inspirational eye-black messages up for a vote in Gainesville.


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Upon further review, Georgia-North Texas edition

Nothing too deep from what I garnered watching the replay.  Here are three quick shots:

  • Murray’s interception looked even worse on TV than it did live.  That’s the kind of throw you make when you’re convinced you’ll be back visiting the opponent’s end zone pretty soon.
  • Swann needs to learn that the most important thing you do returning punts (after you field them) is to go north-south.
  • One positive to take from an offensive line having a shaky day is that it’s a helluva lot easier to sell the screen pass.


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A teachable moment?

Steve Shaw, on the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that changed the tenor of the 2009 Georgia-LSU game:

Shaw said based on those guidelines, the Green penalty now “would be more of a talk-to then an unsportsmanlike foul. Make no mistake. Our guys are trying to communicate with these players. Our preference would be we could stop it before it goes over that line.”

A “talk-to”?  What’s the ref supposed to say – “damn it, AJ, don’t be so clutch”?

I like Steve Shaw, but to pretend that Green did something there worthy of a rebuke is nonsensical, reflexive ass covering for an officiating crew that didn’t deserve it.  Just call it for what it was, an unfortunate screw up, and move on.


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