“That is not right and surely someone made a terrible mistake.”

Craig James believes people choose to be gay but shouldn’t choose to dislike him.

“The actions have also led to the breach of Craig James‘ contract and the impugnment of his career,” Liberty Institute general council told Fox Sports in a letter sent Tuesday. “We demand the immediate reinstatement [of] Mr. James to the on-air college football analyst position. If you refuse to reinstate Mr. James, millions of Americans will be left with the impression that you do not respect religious liberty and Liberty Institute will be forced to pursue subsequent legal options.”

Pass the popcorn, please.


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33 responses to ““That is not right and surely someone made a terrible mistake.”

  1. Peteydawg

    He also believes those hookers chose to be killed by him.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    They couldn’t have fired him because he is a gaping asshole, could they? Just a thought.


    • Brandon

      After proving to be slightly less popular than jock itch in the Republican primary in Texas of all places you would think Mr. James would have gotten the memo. It’s not your views asshole, it’s you “Pony”.


  3. These guys just doesn’t go away does he?


  4. JasonC

    Pass on this story.


  5. ARDawg

    Am I supposed to believe that a Fox-owned company has suddenly turned politically correct? Or could it be that he is just a horrible analyst? Talk about looking for zebras when you see hoof prints…

    Craig’s delusional arrogance is larger than his home state.


  6. Governor Milledge

    The James family always decides to “lawyer up”… go read the excerpt of the book on the ‘Net on the Leach/James debacle.

    Between this, his son, and his payola time at SMU, I seriously wonder whether he knows what an honest day’s labor is. He probably ‘roided up too


  7. TennesseeDawg

    It’s right there in the Constitution, PAWWLLL. Craig James is a Constitutional right for all ‘Mericans!


    • tess

      Oh, that’s the one that drives me crazy. When public idiots believe they not only have the right to say whatever they want (true! with reasonable limits, e.g. “fire in a crowded theatre”), but the Constitution also guarantees their right not to be called a douchebag because of it.

      The “Hey, James–you’re a douchebag!” part is MY freedom of speech.


  8. Krautdawg

    The impugnment of his career! Looks like we can look forward to some great press releases from the Liberty lawyers.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    He never should have been hired.


  10. Greg

    Take a look at some early episodes of Doogie Howser and tell me Neil Patrick Harris “chose” to be gay. It’s either in your makeup or not. Some hide it, some don’t.


  11. sniffer

    He thinks our moral fiber is sliding down a slope.

    And he thinks our children should not see leaders riding in a parade.


  12. DugLite

    This $hit is getting real!


  13. Sweet Lord…why is there still Craig James? I thought we were rid of this clown.

    What I wouldn’t give to see a post-game handshake between James and Leach though. I bet the Leach/Petrino shake from yesterday would seem down right congratulatory by comparison.


  14. TDawg5

    I would like him as a sideline reporter for a Washington State Game. The coaches before halftime interview would be epic.


  15. Doug

    I bet if you did a poll that asked people which they liked more, gay folks or Craig James, gay folks would win in a landslide. Even in Texas.


  16. Russ

    Fox Sports and Craig James….a match made in heaven.


  17. I’m fascinated that people like James who get so mad when blacks claim racism now complain about “religious discrimination” at an equally prolific pace.


  18. Old DAWG

    uh…Don’t we play LSU on Saturday? Why is this s@#t taking up space and time. Good Grief!!


  19. Dog in Fla

    Oh what a world Jesse James lives in


  20. Lord, that was beautiful!!!! See, this is what we need to do until game day….many, many musical interludes. Dog, I need you to keep this stuff coming. Danny Mudcat is playing at 9:30 tonight. That harmonica man took my heart away Monday night.