We’ve lost control of the Mark Richt hot seat meme.

Yes, this is dumb on so many levels.

3. Georgia did what Georgia does. This. THIS! This is why Georgia fans hate Mark Richt. Two weeks ago, I praised Mark Richt and declared him off the hot seat. I’m an idiot.

Just when Richt has earned the good graces of the Georgia fan base, he goes and acts like he’s trying to lose to North Texas. I know it was raining, but it was raining for both teams and you can’t expect North Texas to play nice, even if you are paying them roughly $1 million to be there. I mean, heck, “mean” is right there is their mascot – Mean Green.

Is it all Richt’s fault? Probably not, but who else is there to blame, really?

The final score – 45-21 – makes it look like Georgia won comfortably, but that is misleading. The Bulldogs had a punt blocked and North Texas tied the game at 21 in the third quarter. Then Georgia scored 24 unanswered points to make it look like a convincing win, which is the most Georgia thing any team can do.

This is why Georgia fans rant and rave about Mark Richt. They have no confidence in what that team will do, because it’s never done anything to give them reason to. A loss to LSU next week will get that hot seat burning again. I think Richt kind of likes it. What other explanation is there?

Well, that it’s idiotic to overreact to a 24-point win comes to mind.

Try as hard as you like, but a segment of the fan base bitching about Richt, or booing after a brain-dead special teams snafu does not a hot seat make.  I’m afraid, though, that it does lead to the media drawing unfortunate impressions about us.


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  1. ChicagoDawg

    Who is Brian Tynes and why are you reading him? I guess it shows the power of Google newsfeed and what it’s net can drag into a boat.

  2. charlottedawg

    Just have the team ready to go against LSU please. I don’t know about the rest of the fan base but if LSU beats us I can live with that. If we do do a bunch of stupid shit and beat ourselves for LSU I’m not ok with that. We can let other people debate at what point someone is on the “hot seat”.

  3. Wilcodawg

    Anytime ChicagoDawg replies, I have to jump in too…given his picture, after all!

    The talking heads up here in the dark corner of SC are unanimous in their negative opinion of the Dawgs based on the last game, suggesting to me that they did not watch the thing (shocker!) – as I recall, we had ~650 yards of offense to their ~250 (including their negative rushing stats until the garbage time at the end). Not really a game there.

    Oh and the other thing they have been harping on is the poor performance of TG. I guess an extra 10 yards (to push him over the magical 100 level) would have been enough to alter that tune a bit – again, ignoring taking the 350+ passing yards NT was willing to give up….

  4. JG Shellnutt

    Do any rational fans believe he’s on the hot seat? No.
    Do all rational fans get frustrated to no end with these ridiculous issues with shooting ourselves in the foot and wish he’d clean it up so we can go to the next level? Yes.

  5. Normaltown Mike

    That game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated.

    What’s more, I’ve never heard the UGA faithful lambasting CMR for his poor punt team coaching. I have heard them grumble about kick coverage, but that kid that scored was no ordinary Logan Gray. Take away two woeful special team plays, and the game was a landslide.

    • Athens Townie

      I hear you. What concerns me is not anything specific that happened against UNT. It’s the trend:

      Take away one woeful special teams play (botched chip shot FG) and we’re tied at the end of regulation with Clemson…

      Take away one woeful special teams play (punt snap fumble) and maybe we fully capitalize on our early momentum against South Carolina…

      We’ve had some kind of major ST issue in every game so far.

      • McTyre

        This. Glad someone on this board can handle a nuanced argument. Enough of the zealotry from the Disney Dawgs or their Fantasy FB expert opposites.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Mike, with a couple of exceptions, when have we ever played well against one of these teams? An emotional win over Da Cocks, a week off, I just don’t see how any of us could be surprised. Hell I have seen much worse than this against worse teams than NTU.

  6. Castleberry

    We all heard the boos. There can be no doubt we have our share of idiots in the fan base. I’m guessing they only watch the Dawgs and highlights??

  7. Athens Townie

    If we lose to LSU, especially in sloppy fashion, the UNT game will be a huge deal. It will have warned us of the inconsistencies of the team, poor coaching, etc. We would be 2-2 with only one solid win under our belts.

    If we beat LSU, the North Texas game will be rendered meaningless.

    Praying for the latter. I was at that UNT game and I don’t really care to remember it anymore.

    • No it won’t. Winning by 24 in a monsoon while giving up less than 250 yards, surrendering one offensive TD and putting up 600+ yards WILL NEVER BE A BIG DEAL. Jesus. If UGA played Colorado State 17-6 entering the fourth quarter they’d all combust.

      • Connor

        We should probably all wait to pass judgement on this season until it’s over, but we won’t. Win Saturday and we’ll be convinced a National Title is possible. Lose and we’ll all be on suicide watch. It’s just the nature of the beast. Be it a speed bump, or the canary in the coal mine, to the extent we remember the UNT game at all it will be through the prism of the rest of the season, and especially the LSU game.

        • Athens Townie

          Yes – well said. Last sentence of your paragraph is exactly what I was saying. @ParrishWalton may not have realized I was describing meaning of this game for our greater fanbase. I think you’re doing the same.

          We all know UNT didn’t matter and we were never going to lose the game. But drop a sloppy one to LSU with suicide plays in every singe game — fan psychology will drive off a cliff. In that case, as you say, UNT will become symbolically very important.

          • Debby Balcer

            I don’t think it will describe it for our”greater” fan base I think it will for our “lesser” fan base. The ones I wish would root for another team.

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            UNT means nothing unless you lose. Period. We’ve gone to the SEC championship after barely beating UAB, finished #2 in the nation despite a dog fight with Troy, and had a losing record the year we opened by blasting LA-Lafayette. These games sink into oblivion. There is literally nothing you can take from these kinds of games. Nothing.

            Case in point…the 2012 Alabama national champion team gave up the most points in a game that year vs. GA Southern. GSU cut the game to 10 points at the half and again pulled within 10 until 2:36 left in the 3rd Quarter.

            Stop it about North Texas meaning anything. Just stop.

            • Puffdawg

              I think UNT means nothing whether we win OR lose this weekend. If we win, nobody cares about UNT. If we lose, the focus will be on our “inability” to beat top teams, specifically losses to Clemson and LSU. Nobody will give a crap about a “close” game with North Texas because they’ll be too busy worrying about whether we can ever win a big game against a top ten team ever again despite doing that very thing three weeks prior.

              • Irwin R Fletcher

                Clarification…I didn’t mean ‘lose to LSU’ or any other game. My meaning of ‘only if you lose’ meant…if you lose to the cupcake, then people pay attention to it. If it is in the W column, it doesn’t matter.

  8. Ben

    I was having a conversation with someone the other day about the Dawgs, and he asked me what I thought about Richt. My reply was simply, “What do you mean? He’s a solid coach, and he pulled us out of a nosedive.” He also spent some time suggesting Murray was good for at least one INT a game or a fumble on a sack, but he neglected to mention that he was (at the time) closing in on 100 TD passes and numerous school and conference records.

    It’s easy to forget that there can only be one champion a year, and I know I’m tired of the Dawgs being close so often. I’ve got to think (and hope) that the chips will fall soon.

    To think, though, that we could bring in a decent coach after canning somebody like Mark Richt is ridiculous. I’m really surprised that we’re still even having this conversation after the last two years, but I guess the insecurity is really deep with some Dawgs fans (and those outside the program who just like to exploit that insecurity).

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ah shit, Ben…I can’t help it…..”Look at the chips falling from the sky?”

      I sho do hope the Kharmic Bitches don’t view this as overconfidence.”

    • Hackerdog

      Are you kidding? We’re talking about the UGA coaching job. If a vacancy in Athens came up, we would have to beat the candidates off with a stick. Saban, Sumlin, Jim Harbaugh, and who knows how many others would happily pay us for the privilege of coaching our team. I think a MNC every 5 years is a good minimum standard for our team.

      • Ben

        Okay. You’re probably (not) right. That’s why we had our pick of any coach following Dooley and Goff?

        • Hackerdog

          A dude I know that’s friends with a guy who knows Dooley told me that Bear Bryant’s ghost was lobbying hard for the job. It was the Baptists that didn’t like the supernatural influence on the program that killed the idea.

          • Ben

            I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I think I missed the sarcasm in your previous post. Sorry; I still haven’t gotten the Vent out of my system from those few years in the 90s.

  9. Juan

    This guy does bring up a valid point. When was the last time you were confident that our team would play sound football?

    For me it would have to be the Sugar Bowl vs Hawaii.

  10. JasonC

    Oh look, a dumbass troll from Mississippi that went to school in Louisiana got a TV job in Kansas City.

  11. Dawgfan Will

    This game is a perfect Rorschach test to determine what type of fan/observer you are. We won 45-21. One observer sees the score and thinks the Dawgs sweated out a game that was closer than the final score shows. Another observer sees the score and thinks the Dawgs were never in danger of losing despite some early mistakes.

    I have to admit that during the game I was in the first camp. Later in the day, however, I looked at the stat sheet. Yes, stats can be misleading, but any 24-point victory in which your offense put up 45 points and over 600 yards while your defense held the opponent to 7 points is not “closer than it appeared.”

    • Bulldog Joe

      I felt our defense showed improvement and we needed to fix our special teams issues.

      I had a need for dry clothes and something to eat.

      Not much more to take away from the game than that.

    • Puffdawg

      You honestly watched that game live and thought we sweated it out? Come on, man. I was pissed and frustrated, yes. But to actually think we were going to lose that game, based on how well we were moving the ball, based on how little they were moving the ball, and based on, at 21-21, TWO of their scores came on special teams sanfus, I think would be a tad cynical. That game was never in danger. Ugly? Absolutely. But in danger? Never.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Hell, Puff, I was kinda glad it was at least interesting for a while.🙂

        • Puffdawg

          Watching that game, I was more pissed about the coming fall out than I was the actual game. Sadly, that’s what I’ve been reduced to!

      • Dawgfan Will

        Okay, maybe I didn’t think we were going to lose, but the words, “Holy shit! We’re actually going to go into halftime tied with a directional school after having a two touchdown lead!” probably passed may lips.

    • Russ

      Watching the game on TV, I never worried despite being a “worrier”. Yeah we made some stupid mistakes and we couldn’t run as well as I would’ve liked. But I also saw a UNT team that tackled very well and was well coached. All in all, we won easily and escaped injury (word on Rome?) which is all I was hoping for.

  12. Puffdawg

    Two things:

    First – Hot seat; I do not think that phrase means what you think it means, Mr. Tynes. Gotta love how the media loves to toss around that term these days without any basis whatsoever. Mark Richt is not on the hot seat. He is not ALMOST on the hot seat. He is nowhere NEAR the hot seat.
    Second – We kind of deserve this treatement. How many of the commets here after South Carolina said something to the effect of “I’m glad I was wrong” or even better “I’ll have to eat crow on this one.” My reply was, “Isn’t it supposed to be opposing fans who eat crow.” to which I never got a reponse. It’s embarassing how are fans act in the face of even the slightest adversity (if you can call losing yor opener on the road to a top ten team by one score adversity).

  13. kckd

    The fact that he only took MR off the hot seat two weeks ago tells me all I need to know. No reason to pay attention to this shite.

  14. mdcgtp

    It’s bad journalism with terrible research mixed with uninformed opinion. Move on.

  15. Otto

    Richt isn’t on the hot seat. However many fans are not completely content with the way things are run. Some problems just continue to be a constant, such as slow starts to the season, missed tackles especially early in the season, and special teams mistakes. Some were encouraged by last years SECCG, most debate if the ball should be spiked or the play run, the real question is why didn’t the coaches have the team prepared with a plan for one or other.

    • Puffdawg

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or trolling, but our coaches ABSOLUTELY had a definitive plan on the spot at the end of the SECCG. Your assertion that our coaches didn’t have a plan and our players weren’t prepared is COMPLETELY baseless. Our coaches made an intentional and conscientious decision NOT to spike the ball with a specific play in mind, and our players lined up and ran the play. There was no confusion, and the play was not a clusterfuck, from an execution standpoint. What enused was an excellent play by the Alabama defense which resulted in a completely fluky ending. To assert that our coaches didn’t have a plan is irresponsible and damaging to our program. This is EXACTLY why people like a no name newsreporter from Kansas City continue to perpetuate negative things about our program. It starts from within. Take a look at this post from Bluto and tell me we didn’t have a plan.


      • Otto

        Not trolling, Coaches may have had a plan but cyou ompletely missed my point. A plan is only as good as the execution of said plan. Murray was calling for the spike and coaches were not. It was not executed which goes on the coaches. The plan should be clear and practiced. The same execution is reflected in the false start penalties which have been common as well. UGA’s style is not fancy it is not gimmicks, it is execution. Bama gets this, SOS UF teams had this.

        • Puffdawg

          Bull. You questioned why the coaches didn’t have the players prepared for one or the other. They absolutely did. Aaron Murray immediately looked to the sideline and questioned whether to spike (I’m assuming here he wasn’t indicating our strong side, which I beleive is also common for our QBs in running up to the line). The coaches immediately said no and relayed a play. Aaron immediately relayed that to his teammates and they ran a clear and concise, well executed play. Aaron dropped back to throw a back shoulder fade, Mitchell ran a back shoulder fade, Connelly ran the complimentary route to a back shoulder fade (an out or an arrow), the line pass protected for a back shoulder fade, and Gurley stepped up to pass block for a back shoulder fade. There wasn’t one player on the field who didn’t properly execute their role within the called play, with the exeception of possibly Gurley being a step late in blocking Moseley, which is picking nits and using hindsight, and isn’t reflective of his knowledge of the playcall. The coaches and the players couldn’t have been more on the same page. To say otherwise is blidnly sticking to your (wrong) assertion. That fact that CJ Moseley tipped that pass or that it didn’t go straight into the ground and magically made it just far enough for Connelly to catch it, or that Connelly instinctively caught it, all have absolutely ZERO bearing on our coaches decision to not spike nor our players preparedness to run that play. You could argue whether the spike was right or not, but our concise decision making and organization was at it’s all time highest that I can remember on that specific play. Honestly, that play was why I could stomach losing. Our coaches had an aggressive, well thought out plan, in the heat of battle with EVERYTHING on the line, and they had properly prepared their players to execute their plan. It was a thing of absolute beauty, until of course it wasn’t. But I didn’t think we had been that well orchestrated since possibly the days of Greene and company flying down the field in Knoxville. The coaches’ comments immediately following the game, without extended reflection, only reinforced they had put serious thought into the decision.

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    It seems to me this LSU thing is pretty big…in fact, it seems to me this LSU thing is freaking huge…or am I just peaking too early?

  17. D.N. Nation

    A game-by-game hotseat update is required for someone like, say, Derek Dooley at the beginning of last season. Not someone who has won 10 and 12 games the last two seasons, with two division titles and a national championship near-miss.

    Which is not to say I don’t wish we’d clean some things up. But no team is immune from those wishes. Anyone who thinks LSU is coming into Athens as this well-oiled juggernaut machine of precision-death apparently missed the second half of their game against the Barn.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “Anyone who thinks LSU is coming into Athens as this well-oiled juggernaut machine of precision-death apparently missed the second half of their game against the Barn.”

      Exactly what we said the night of the first day at Shiloh.

  18. WillTrane

    How do you think Grantham will play Josh-Harvey and the secondary in this game? Will he use more of a 4-3 front or 3-4 with it tight? LSU has a solid Oline and the QB has been solid too under their new OC. This is going to be a great matchup of LSU’s OC and CMR’s DC. It would be fun to be next to Grantham in this game. Which gaps will Hill and company be pushed through in the game. Can the Dawg’s very young secondary go against some of the best receivers in D1. LSU jumped on Auburn very quickly and controlled the pace. Nothing Auburn could do even though the score might show otherwise. 4 games into the season and CMR’s roster plays 3 in the top 10…and some winnie gets his panies in a wad re the score. But I was pissed at the level of play by the Dawgs. Dawgs 1-1 against top 10, at home with the #5, yeah I’d think the fans might break-out that old refrain if CMR drops this one between the hedges. No damn picks from Murray, and let’s see some turnovers by the D with a possible pic 6 to the west end zone…a message to the SEC West.

  19. So I guess Alabama “Georgia’d” Colorado State, because scoring that way against a lesser opponent is OUR signature…any chance Gerogia “Alabama’d” N.Texas??? Anyone complaning how Alabama let a lesser team hang around…and did it on lack of production on top of that!! What about “the most complete SEC team, LSU…derailing to a rebuilding/inexperienced “Auubrn”…anyway that puts Les on the hot seat chart?
    What a joke the “experts” are…LOL

    • Ramble Tamble

      Georgia does have a disturbing, recurring tendency to play down to our opponent’s level during the Richt years.

      • Ben

        The fans have a disturbing and recurring tendency to attend down to our opponent’s level, too. So there’s there.

        • Slaw Dawg

          I have a solution to that problem: don’t play opponents at that low level, or at least no more than one. I’ve said it before: why pay good money for tickets, parking and possibly hotel and meals in order to watch Georgia either soundly defeat or struggle with a mediocrity? It’s all the drawbacks of attending live (cost, bad stadium food unless you traipse to the East end zone area, loooong and constant time outs that you can’t fast forward through) without the advantages (excitement of a great game vs competitive foe, or just the juice of a game vs SEC foe or Tech or other legit opponent).

          I know the usual answers: assure X number of home games, etc, but when even the cupcake games are accessible on a large, high-def, DVR-able, fast forward-able screen, I can understand why some folks just don’t think it’s worth the cost and effort (note: I actually was at the NT game, but just sayin’).

  20. WillTrane

    Don’t think anybody at Bama will say too much considering their most recent record re NCs and number one ranking. Pretty much same for LSU and Miles.
    But get ready for CMR’s friend Fox to get the hot seat. Do not hear much about Missouri’s football. But their roundball program just laid the hardwood to Georgia. The state’s number one and number two prospects are strongly considering Mizzo.
    But you can not complain too much about CMR, after all he groomed the current Auburn and LSU QBs. Most of thought Marshall could play. And he showed why he will fit Auburn’s spread offense as a first year starter on the road, at night, bad weather, new staff, Tiger Stadium…he did very good. Now let’s see if AM can build on the USC performance with CMR and Bobo / Friend. When half of Tiger Stadium gets up at half time and leaves and the Tigers are winning and in control…do not think Miles felt any heat, only the rain.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      ? Don’t know how much credit for the grooming of Marshal I’d give to CMR. He played in 13 games at corner back and on special teams his first year. Lakatose was his coach.

  21. JRW7

    Sometimes CMR coached teams do play lackluster, sometimes CMR teams do play down to the level of the opponent, but we win sometimes only, because we have far superior players! I don’t know if we have better players than LSU, so GO DAWGS!

  22. IveyLeaguer

    FWIW, I’m not the least bit concerned over the North Texas game. You can’t be “up” every week. You just can’t. And it’s almost impossible to be up two weeks in a row.

    North Texas is a good team. They have a bunch of FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Todd Gurley found that out the hard way. Not only that, we were able to get very meaningful snaps for our young DL and safeties, both of which will come in handy for LSU.

    There were some bad things. Murray threw the pick, and earned two more. All were bad decisions. Gurley fumbled.

    But I was happy with the game.

  23. Hot seat? No way. Frustration? Absolutely. I didn’t see the UNT game but I get really frustrated with the special teams trend. I’m frustrated on our return on defense given Grantham’s salary. So often it appears we come up short because of self-inflicted wornds. I get heated and say nasty things that offend my dog and then it’s out of my system. It’s too bad we sometimes forget how strong our program is because we obsess with what we haven’t done. Long live Richt!

    Maybe we should put some of our fans on the hot seat?

  24. itsdone

    This is what happens when you give a voice to someone who has actually NEVER played football. It is probably hard for him to imagine what it must feel like after playing in 2 of the biggest CFB games of the season before Week 3, having a bye week, and then trying to get pumped for a nobody team before hosting a hot LSU team. Is there an excuse for a team to play without emotion and sloppy? No. Is it reality? Yes. You just have to be glad you got by and hope you learned something. Find the last national champion that didn’t have to make some plays late in the game to pull away from a nobody. I can even remember the TWO blocked field goals against a terrible Tennessee team that Bama needed during their first Saban NC season. How fluke is that?! The most athletic thing this moron has done is the daily walk from mom’s couch to the refrigerator. Can’t blame him for being ignorant.

  25. W Cobb Dawg

    I hate the hot seat b.s., but will admit I get tired of the foolish coaching mistakes. If its not underrecruiting for years or s&c problems, then its directional kicks or Logan Gray as punt returner. Just inexplicable dumb mistakes – as if coaches are braindead about whole portions of our program.

    WTF was with our punt formation on that block? 4 opposing players stacked up to rush the punter – right in the middle of the field, and nobody on the OL to block them or slow them down? Our coaches failed Punting 101 on Saturday – and that’s why they got booed.

    • Castleberry

      There is no circumstance where you are justified to boo those kids out there. I don’t care how mad you are. Those are unpaid teenagers out there – not pro ballers.

      If you’re mad at the coaches direct something at them.

      Another great way for folks to get some perspective is to do some competing of their own. Get in the arena, take an a$$ whipping, and pick up a little perspective.

  26. Even I…..yes I… the HNIC of DawgNation have to shake my head at this for two reasons:
    1. Even Sports and Grits looks down on and rolls its eyes at the Bleacher Report, and
    2. Richt has earned tons of capital after “almost” beating Bama last year (yes we as a fan base count “almosts”) and winning a bunch of games since the back to back losses to Boise and Sakerlina.
    Now a blow out loss to LSU at home with The Hat Molester using one of our old QBs……well all bets may be off then…..but only from us! No one else is allowed to have nuclear level overreactions to Jawga losses but S&G!

  27. Russ

    I feel stupider for even reading about this. There is a segment of our “fan”base that I really can’t stand.

    I’m not bitching at you Senator. It’s the idiots that post this type of crap.

  28. AthensHomerDawg

    Oh, I think you might need to work out a bit more before assuming the HNIC mantle. Unless you meant something else.
    HNIC Head Nerd in Charge
    HNIC Head Nurse In Charge
    HNIC Head Nut In Charge
    HNIC Hockey Night In Canada

  29. timphd

    Living in Maine, I don’t have anyone nearby to share my love of the Dawgs with. I’m starting to think that is a blessing since, if these responses are in any way representative of the “fan base”, I am truly happy not to have to put up with that crap. I can stop reading when I get annoyed at the absurdity that winning two SEC East titles in two years, winning 10 and 12 games respectively, beating Florida two years in a row, beating USCe this year and being in the top 9 in the country can be overridden by “only” beating NT by 24 points in a driving rain when they were held to 7, that’s right 7, yards rushing and only one offensive touchdown. Our fan base makes me nuts. Of course, the reaction to Murray is just as stupid. Kid will go down as the best QB in Georgia history, even over Greene and Belue, and yet some faction of the “fan base” wants the back up in every freaking game. I’ll just enjoy watching my Dawgs this weekend and hope they perform well. If they don’t, I still want Coach Richt as the representative of my university and Murray as the starting QB.

      • Tim phd …do you live on the Coast of Maine?

        • Timphd

          Not too far. I live in Bangor, about 30 miles from Bar Harbor. You familiar with Maine?

          • Only in books. I have always said that, on Memorial Day If possible I would go to the coast of Maine and stay until late September. Then, I would have to be back in Atlanta for College Football. In October I need to be on Pensacola Beach, Fort Pickens Road. But I can’t stay there anymore, so I have to go to Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside with my Scottish Cousins. I have never been North of The Mason Dixson Line….Joy don’t play that! 🙂