“My Precious. My Preccccc-iiii-ooo-uu-s!”

Not that it would ever happen in a million years, but can you imagine the tight-lipped fury emanating from Butts-Mehre if a Georgia legislator proposed something like this?

Don’t even think about messing with that reserve fund, peeps.


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20 responses to ““My Precious. My Preccccc-iiii-ooo-uu-s!”

  1. Russ

    Interesting idea.


  2. Piper

    it’s not like the schools aren’t using that money for things until september 1st. it’s like any other seasonal business. lots of money coming in around the same time, just affects when you pay certain bills and budget for the rest of the year.

    should these schools just wait until mid-july to get these payments in so they can meet the subjective 6 week window this guy proposes? want to hear grumblings about when seats will be awarded? who’s getting florida tix? parking? that’s a pretty short window.


  3. 202dawg

    The sphincter-tightening would be palpable…


  4. Hackerdog

    The politician thinks the money isn’t already in an interest bearing account? It is to laugh.

    This is exactly why politics is a farce. Stupid people believing they can solve the world’s problems by spending your money better than you can.



    OPM, politicians want to get their grimy hands on it.


  6. BulldogBen

    I’m with Russ. I don’t hate this idea. I know the Athens food bank already works with UGA on a lot of projects, including food drives for G-Day game. Seems like a win-win to me.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well it certainly will create some jobs. Someone will have to manage that. 😉 I’ve served on the board for a local non-profit that manages mobile food pantries. Buy a tractor trailer load of food from food pantry and distribute it at a local elementary school kind of thing. It is a good idea and involves a lot of community minded people contributing their time and effort. More citizen involvement and less government. The biggest concern I have is getting it to the people that need it most. The sign up sheets are pretty direct about who qualifies but nobody is checking. Honesty policy. Some of the folks driving up in 25 thousand dollar cars gave me pause. I think seniors and shut ins are struggling and transport is tough for them.

      Household Size Monthly Income Weekly Income
      1 $1,180 $272
      2 $1,594 $368
      3 $2,008 $463
      4 $2,422 $559
      5 $2,836 $654
      6 $3,249 $750
      7 $3,663 $845
      8 $4,007 $941
      9+ add $414 add $96

      Oh… and I really wanted to puke over the Cutcliff comment about nobody getting rich.


  7. cube

    The powerful people who make a lot of money managing our reserve fund (and no, I’m not talking about puppet McGarity) are not happy about this can of worms being opened.


  8. MykieSee

    Why can’t the government just leave everybody the hell alone?


  9. Why can’t we all just get along? I will tell you why! This world if full of greedy, prideful people. Greed will take you down and pride will too. One of two is enough to end you.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope nobody is surprised at this…politicians? Money?…

    I found out yesterday the National Football League (the league office) is a nonprofit. …makes Cutcliffe seem like very small potatoes, indeed. I hate the thought I might agree with…ah…you know, those people… about anything, but that NFL thing is true bullshit…

    As the economy contracts, everybody is going to be looking at where the money is going, and how it is used.

    What’s wrong with that?


  11. Governor Milledge

    If the concept is good enough for attorneys all across the nation (IOLTA accounts), why not athletic departments?


    • Dog in Fla

      Because the only people working pro bono are the student-athletes?


      • Governor Milledge

        I know you’re trying to be witty, but…

        IOLTA accounts take the otherwise-negligible interest attorneys would earn for money temporarily held in trust (think holding funds for a real estate closing for a few days) and sends it off to the state, where the state directs the funds toward legal assistance for the poor, among other things.


        While feeding the hungry is not as directly-related to Athletic Department activities, it is in a similar charitable vein.


        • By Georgia We Did It

          True, but that money isn’t the lawyer’s to use, it’s their client’s. In this case it IS the university’s money and they have a right to earn interest on it unlike the lawyers. .