He don’t get no respect.

I’m not surprised or offended that the pundits in this clip are picking LSU to win Saturday, but I don’t know how you analyze the game without a single mention of Aaron Murray – especially with the way Dennis Dodd ends up, musing about who might emerge from the game as the potential SEC player of the year.

Interesting how the kid with the fourth-highest rated passer rating in the country is so easily dismissed.


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  1. Debby Balcer

    I hope Aaron has a game that gets people talking about Grossman chances. He is very underestimated. I can’t wait to be the 12th man Saturday.

  2. Tyler

    This in no way surprises me, either, but it does just frustrate the ever living heck out of me.

    Mettenberger has four good games against sub par competition, and now he’s candidate for OFF POY.

    I’m sure if Tyler Murphy has some success before the cocktail party, it’ll be the same story. Ugh.

    And they have a deeper receiver set? With their 2 targets? Incredible. I guess Murray spreading the ball around to ten different receivers is a negative in this context.

    Aschoff at espn had lsu too after we “survived” against Carolina, which he also predicted us to lose.

    I hate everyone

    • Dog in Fla

      “Mettenberger has four good games against sub par competition, and now he’s candidate for OFF POY”

      That’s only because Diskel broke his leg.

      The part I liked best was when Bruce said, “Georgia receivers are okay.” Apparently Bruce has not watched our track stars on TV.

      • Peteydawg

        Yeah I hope they were watching that right then have a huge chip on their shoulders…… And completely torch lsu’s secondary.

    • Merk

      Hey…they totally did to Auburn last Saturday what everyone else did to Auburn last year.

  3. RC

    It’s probably already been discussed and I missed it, but how about Jesse Palmer last week, when selecting his Top 5 quarterbacks in America? Murray wasn’t even in his pool of 10 possible selections, from which he dragged the finalists across, yet Mettenberger was in his top 5, along with JFF and McCarron, naturally, and Bo-fricking-Wallace was in the pool as well. A couple of other complete no-names that I can’t even recall made it as well.

    • garageflowers

      The only way I can say/type “Jessie Palmer” is if it is followed by “is a douche”. What a db. How does he have a job? Need to Google bomb him. Remember the Five.

  4. Peteydawg

    Time for Murray to kick in the door and take us with him.

  5. Russ

    Just keep ignoring him…..

  6. TennesseeDawg

    The media wants a undefeated LSU/Alabama game to talk about later

  7. Merk

    What Mett is not the starting QB for both teams?

  8. Hackerdog

    What amazes me is that even the pundits are acknowledging how far Mett has come from last year. So, 4 games of really good play somehow elevates him above Murray, who was #2 in the nation in passer rating last year?

    For Murray, it’s the same old, same old. For Mett, he’s now performing on par with Murray, so he must be better. #whatevs

    • dawgfan17

      Not on par with Murray. One has done it against 2 top ten teams and one cupcake. The other’s best competition was the AU defense. These things are not on par.

      • Hackerdog

        LSU’s 4 opponents have an average rank of 87 in total defense. Georgia’s 3 opponents have an average rank of 76. Both USC and TCU have lost a lot defensively since last year.

  9. Skeptic Dawg

    The majority of QBs being discussed nationally have yet to fall on their face time and time again as Murray has. There is a reason that Clemson has become a verb. Some pundits, right wrong, have seen the same Aaron Murray that we have seen over the years, and they choose to avoid him like the plague in big games. If Murray played at any other school we would kill him for his past performances in showcase games. We stand by the kid, through good and bad, because he wears the “G” proudly. We all know what the headlines will be Sunday if Aaron has a few turnovers and LSU wins, but we hope and pray for a game like he had against USC a few weeks ago. Will it happen? No one knows for sure.

    • Timphd

      Sorry, but people like you annoy the shit out of me. You’re the “fan base” I’m glad I’m not around.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        I am not really sure what annoys you. I did not speak disparagingly about Murray. I only stated that he has failed many times in big game. That is fact. I never said the kid was awful. Do you want the Murray from the past few Florida games to show up Saturday with 3 1st half picks? I sure don’t. I want the kid that showed out against USC this season. Why else do you think the pundits picked the other QBs and left Murray off? Is it his attitude? Off field trouble? The kid is extremely easy to pull for.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Actually, if Murray played for some other team, we’d talk about how crappy the defense is & how that team pays a boatload of money to a D coordinator who consistently allows ranked opponents to score over 30 points a game. Cuz we’re smart.

      If we were stupid, we’d talk about AM’s record against opponents that FINISHED the season ranked & never look at points allowed. Cuz that’s what stupid people do.

    • Dawgfan Will


    • Noonan

      Name the QBs “being discussed nationally” who have winning records against top-ten opponents. I will be waiting for your reply.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        They do not have a track record yet. And that is why they are being touted right now. Murray does have a track record, a poor one, and that is why he is not mentioned. Again, I am not saying the kid is awful. I am merely pointing out why he is left out.

        • Anti-Skeptic Dawg

          You and the other clueless “fans” who continue to critique Murray for losses in his freshman and soph years are the ones who have established their track record. How about looking at current trends. Ask Saban if Murray can play. He nearly overcame Bama’s 350 yards rushing. Led us to 500 yards offense against two straight top 10 teams this year. (Please tell us the Clemson loss was on him so that we can see what you look like when you step out of your slimy hiding place).

          Yeah Murray’s average at best. After all, there must be a ton of guys who can toss 100 TDs in the SEC. (Or at least 2. Skeptic that).

          • Skeptic Dawg

            I am not critiquing Murray. Read my post from 8:49pm above. Murray has this reputation not due to my posts on a blog, but rather his previous performances on the national stage. Boise State, USC, Florida (pick the year), LSU, the list goes on. As for the Bama game, was it his int that nearly ended the game, or his 100th tipped ball that actually ended the game that you are hanging your hate on? I, nor you nor any writer, created this image of Murray. Take the time to go back and look at the box scores from the big losses in the national spotlight. There was at least 1 Murray turnover in each of those games. Did his turnovers lead directly to the losses? Not in every game, but they sure did not help the cause either. Big time QBs avoid these type of turnovers. The Clemson loss was on the O-line, not the QB and his 2 turnovers.

            • baddawg

              You sound very familiar. I have family and friends that love the dawgs as much as I, or any other dawg fanatic I know. But this perfectionist talk is annoying. Say what you will. These guys are playing a game of inches. There is no perfection. All the greats won and lost. All smiled and cried. But your perfectionist talk is what I hate in a fan. Only find the bad. The missed pass. The shoe string tackle. The dropped ball. The missed talk. These are guys arent men yet. But they are growing towards it with more skeptics then we have encountered in our everyday life. Give me a break. Bama doesnt go undefeated. The devil himself aka saban loses. Enjoy this year folks. Weve all talked tirelessly all summer of the high expectations. 3-1 or 2-2 I still bleed red and bruise black. The same as our players. They will give it there all. And we might shock the world this year…. or at least one disgruntled elitist perfectionist fan. Have a drink man. Enjoy the red and black the same way you always have.

              • RocketDawg

                You need to change your screenname to Asshole Dawg because that is what you are. You are the segment of the fan base that boos the players when they don’t execute PERFECTLY on every drive and screams to “Fire Richt! 1!11!11 (or Bobo)” everytime we come up a little short. If your narrow little mind will go back and look at the box scores you’ll see that our sieve of a defense is just as responsible for those losses, or maybe it’s the sub par offensive lines that Murray has played behind his entire career. It’s hard to complete passes when you are running for your life on every play. You and all the fans like you are fools if you don’t think that Murray is quite possibly the best to ever play QB at UGA. Greene didn’t have the same numbers and benefitted from a strong defensive team, Stafford was probably the most physically gifted but even he couldn’t overcome the Free Willy defenses.

                Your an idiot!

            • Anti-Skeptic Dawg

              You didn’t address more recent and relevant trends.
              Murray has played well enough for us to win every game this year and I predict will again tomorrow. He played well enough for us to gbeat Bama last year. (And by the way moron while we’re discussing the Bama game: (1) the tipped pass at the end was because a freshman rb made a freshman mistake and didn’t attack a blitzer and let him jump 10 feet in the air – defenders don’t do that if they have the crown of a helmet stuck in their sternum; amd (2) McCarron threw a pick last year too – stuff like that happens when two teams with high calibre SEC defenses play.)
              Your name says it all – you look for the negative. But you’re not alone. We have a small but vocal segment of cry babies singing right along with you. But make no mistake about it. Many rightfully doubt whether your ilk are really UGA fans as opposed to Georgia “beards.” And if you really are a UGA fans you need to change your collective names to Weenie Dogs. Pathetic!!!

            • Hackerdog

              Writers absolutely created the image of Murray. Just ask Mark Bradley if positive articles generate more traffic than baseless negative mudslinging. You, of all people, should understand that.

              Let’s compare your metric, performance against ranked teams, to Murray’s record. In 2010, his efficiency rating against ranked teams was 133. In 2011, it was 129. In 2012, it was 134. In 2013, it’s 195.

              Let’s compare his numbers to the ultimate winner, AJ McCarron, who single-handedly lifted an otherwise pathetic Alabama team to greatness over that time. In 2010, his rating against ranked opponents was 103. In 2011, it was 136. In 2012, it was 149. In 2013, it’s 211.

              Murray’s rating against ranked teams in his career is 139. McCarron’s is 149. That’s not a big difference. But some ijits just look at wins and losses to decide how good quarterbacks are. These are the same people who think that Trent Dilfer was a better QB than Dan Marino. I mean, only one of them has a championship, right?

    • Peteydawg

      Ummmmmm, your name says it all. Cynic. I hope you eat more crow than espn and other schools’ fans this year. I might be pessimistic but not this close to the damn game. Come on its ga sports man… If not for hope what do we have?

    • PTC DAWG

      You should give the pre game speach for sure.

      Repeat this same chit, me says you are not man enough.

    • Hackerdog

      Exactly. I get so tired of Disney Dawgs who think that football is a team game. It’s not. It’s a game played by two quarterbacks against each other with no other influences. And obviously, Murray has been a poor quarterback. I mean, he’s almost as bad as Payton Manning and Danny Wuerffel. And those guys sucked.

  10. Rebar

    This ought to be locker room bulletin board material! They’re dissing our receivers??!! No mention of Murray??!! Somebody is gonna pull out a can of Whip-Ass Saturday afternoon, and I think its us.

  11. If Murray has the game of his life, the story will be how LSU regressed. He’s got the fourth highest rating in the nation, and 2/3 of his games were against top 10 teams.

    These national guys know no more about Georgia than I do about Oregon State. They only know what they read, and then they repeat. The story perpetuates unless a significant emotional experience changes the main stream view.

    I’m looking for a significant emotional experience from the Dawgs this weekend.

  12. Dawgfan Will

    4th highest passer rating? But who’s he played?


  13. reipar

    I really do not have a problem with what they said. They basically said LSU is more complete (based on our defense being suspect against the run that seems about right). They said LSU had the big time receivers since Malcolm is out (which sounds about right in that they have a stud and we have a bunch of really good receivers and no one real go to receiver). They said the tailbacks would basically cancel each other out which makes sense). However, to talk about who could emerge from this game as possible SEC player of the year and not mention Murray is just dumb. No matter if you think he chokes or walks on water the fact is if he has a good game and UGA wins he has to be in that discussion.

    • AusDawg85

      If “go to receiver” means open, sure handed and in sync with Murray, I submit Bennett and Lynch fit the bill as well as Mitchell. MM was the deep threat and good for the quick slant. JSW, Wooten and maybe now Davis are the deep threats. Probably no one big and fast on the quick slant (which is why I’d think about getting Keith Marshall out to the slot for that every now and then. No LB can keep up with him and a safety/corner will have a hard time taking him down alone in space).

  14. baddawg

    Let them talk. I think we play better as an underdog. I also think CMR has something on the mad hatter. We will show up. It will be a good game. We will outlast. I understand why we get the disrespect. Hell, we all know how many times we should have won the big games. But we didnt. Nobody will respect us until we win more then one in a season. This will be the year. If you cant play your hardest most passionate game at home with everything on the line then we have major problems. Ive really grown to love this team and richt and bobo and grantham. Ive had my moments in the past. But honestly I just dont see us losing. Murray and gurley will bring there A game. It will make everyone better. Just need an emotional leader on def to step up this week. Go dawgs…… dawgs win 38-24.

  15. AusDawg85

    Good. F’em. I want to see Corso in the Tiger head too and Herbie telling us how this all comes down to Jeremy Hill running over the Dawgs defensive front 7.

  16. baddawg

    Its almost as if everyone who loves college football is looking at us and saying prove us wrong… step up dawgs. Win this and every heisman vote starts changing. Every team we play respects us.

  17. Macallanlover

    Who gives a crap about people who STILL do not understand Murray does NOT have a record against ANY team? No one person/coach has. I cannot think of a single game that AM, CMR, CMB has ever lost, but Georgia has come up short many times. It is a collective effort and any commentary to the contrary is ignorant.

    I do like the way this disrespect meme is playing out though, I want our guys to go into this game with a chip on their shoulder. As early as last weekend I thought we would not win this game, felt it was 60/40 LSU would win, they still may, but I have gone to 50/50 as the week has gone along, and now to us being the more likely winner. Not because of this clip, Dodd and Feldman aren’t sharp enough when it comes to football to sway me, but the more I think about our team, what I have seen from LSU, and what Sanford is going to be like, it just feels like we will prevail. I still feel like we will play the tigahs twice this season so if we have to lose one of those, this Saturday would be the one, but why not just sweep them? We owe them from 2003, and the football gods owe us from 2009.

  18. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I honestly don’t think Murray gives a crap. He came back for one reason, and verbal bouquets from ESPN air-fillers wasn’t it.

    • Peteydawg

      +1. Shit on the naysayers before the game. I’ll be on the 35 as always with the players parents. Come talk that ying yang up there. I love them dawgs! Boo hoo! We lost a game! Boo hoo! Wah Wah Wah. Gtfu. Goto stingtalk for that.

  19. Murray will have to win this game. Respect will be his for the taking. Does he take it?

  20. I know it was North Texas, but our “suspect run defense” gave up squat on the ground. However, doing that against an SEC offensive line and a few big bruising backs is the real test. If they have improved much since the USCe game, we will know tomorrow.

    As for Murray… there is a reason he was starting ahead of Mettstache. Hopefully he reminds everyone of that tomorrow.

  21. And another thing… Our suspect defense (along with our QB who can’t win the big games) did enough to beat top 10 South Carolina and nearly enough to beat top 5 Clemson. Ask youself this, who scares you more at QB: Boyd, Shaw or Mettstache? I figure the running backs are nearly equal at all three schools. This thought gives me comfort… for now.

  22. Spike

    According to these know it alls on TV and radio and that douche bag Palmer, UGA doesn’t have a chance. We should not even show up.