More and more, it’s looking like…

Alabama has cancelled its home-and-home series with Michigan State due to uncertainty with the SEC schedule.”

Smells like nine-game conference scheduling to me.


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13 responses to “More and more, it’s looking like…

  1. FCDore

    I think so, along with a league directive to play no less than 10 quality opponents per year.


  2. Chuck

    Unless 9 game SEC scheduling happens, I’m likely to see Bama only once more in Sanford Stadium, if the actuarial tables are correct. That’s not right. The selection committee is going to take care of the quality opponent question; the SEC can get there quick by just scheduling one more conference game.


  3. Gravidy

    I surely do hope you are right. Two directional cosmetology schools per season are plenty.


    • Chuck

      One directional school a year is a plenty. If I were king (and the faint-hearted are going to be glad I’m not):

      9 SEC games (9)
      NATS (10)
      Clemson for a 2 yr home/home, then another quality opponent from another conference for a 2 yr home/home, then Clemson…(11)
      little sister of the poor (12)

      Impress the selection committee, keep butts in the stadium, and if you’re man enough to handle this sked, you’re man enough to compete for a Natty.


  4. Sock Monkey

    I think this is related to the playoff. Not having to have a near perfect record makes the ninth game more tolerable.


  5. Debby Balcer

    I hope we get to keep playing Auburn.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “Smells………………………….to me.” There. Fixed it for you.


  7. Wait till the budget ceiling hits and all these problems will seem sooooo petty …