Something else I don’t get.

Say what you will about Michael Carvell, he’s right on about this:

RELATED: Because UGA is recruiting so well in the state of Florida, it makes you wonder if Greg McGarity will ever change THIS POLICY which still baffles some in recruiting circles.



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6 responses to “Something else I don’t get.

  1. timphd

    How could you ask him to give tickets away to recruits when there is money to be made to enhance the Reserve Fund?


  2. DawgPhan

    the comments from that article are priceless.


  3. Tommy

    As much as Carvell’s opinion is a contraindicator on most topics, I can’t argue with him here. When you have a home game every other year in one of the nation’s three biggest recruiting hotbeds, you’re crazy not to exploit that.

    I get that McGarity wants to have a gentleman’s agreement with Foley, but circumstances are vastly different.
    Home games in Florida:
    UF: 7/year
    UGA: 5/decade

    I can see the arrangement’s appeal to Foley.


  4. AusDawg85

    McGarity’s argument sounds pretty logical to me. Why mail a ticket and brochure to a kid to attend a game when you can’t have any contact with them. Hell, they might get impressed with something the stupid gators do. And the point of the article is how well we’re recruiting FL, so what’s the problem?