Friday morning buffet

Big game tomorrow… you need your energy.


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12 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Bob

    From 1998 through 2013, out of conference away games against BCS opponents:

    Alabama 4
    Auburn 5
    LSU 6
    Tennessee 7
    Florida 10
    Georgia 13

    Pretty pathetic. There was a time……well, whatever.


  2. Yeah Yeah, Just put Reggie Davis in motion and let him avoid the bump at the line. Big Trouble for L-es-Hoo Tween da Hedges.


  3. JN

    Man, you gotta wait until Saturday for a casual dress jean day if you’re the SEC Commissioner…guess I won’t be gunning for that job.


  4. I’m pretty sure Saban could convince the Gumps to choose the wrench.


  5. watcher16

    Saban actually has time for that shit?!


  6. Bright Idea

    Saban is probably right and can get away with saying it in Bama. The same likely holds true at Georgia but if Richt openly said that he would become the next Bo Pelini among the fan base, blogs and AJC. Bama and Georgia fans complained about wins last week and are certain their team has at least a 50% chance of playing the same way this week.


  7. Dog in Fla

    “Georgia-LSU: it’s hammer time”

    Loosely adapted from “The 2013 Alabama-Texas A&M Drinking Game Published on: September 11, 2013, written by: Clay Travis when Clay said Uncle Verne is back! It’s been over nine months since Uncle Verne, Gary Danielson, and Tracy Wolfson signed off from the SEC title game back in December of 2012. Now they triumphantly return for the debut of the SEC on CBS. (By the way, the fact that CBS holds up broadcasting SEC football games for the US Open is proof that CBS still thinks it’s 1984 out there. The US Open over South Carolina at Georgia?!) Our drinking games have become insanely popular over the past couple of years, frequently trending nationwide during the SEC game of the week. We all use the hashtag #cbsdrink so even if you happen to be alone you can hang out with all your Internet friends and not be drinking by yourself.

    1. Each time Uncle Verne gets a player name wrong or mistakenly calls it a fumble when there is no fumble or an interception for a completed pass, drink.
    This is probably enough to get you drunk.
    Uncle Verne is not known for his gameday precision. It’s why we love him.
    2. When Gary Danielson telestrates a mistaken read by A-a-ron or Mett, drink.
    Danielson is undefeated in his quarterback tape analysis.
    3. If Uncle Verne utters a simple, “Oh. My,” drink.
    If he completes the phrase with, “Oh. My. Goodness,” do a shot.
    If he says, “Oh. My. Goodness,” while a Katherine Webb lookalike is on camera, talk about what a horndog Brent is.
    4. Each time LSU girls lift their tee-shirts, drink, say “Oh..My..Goodness!” and talk about what a horndog you are.
    If the cameras capture something real and spectacular on camera and Uncle Verne attempts to analyze what he is thinking — as he often does — throw beads at everybody.
    5. Whenever the phrase, “The Hat” is used, drink.
    If CBS runs through LSU running back criminal charges, it’s a miracle, take a shot. If Verne or Gary say how much The Hat likes democracy and Hill’s having a good day, throw shot glass on floor. If CBS says Mark has lost control, do a shot. If CBS shows how many hats Hat has and they’re all white, take up a collection to buy a black hat for Evil Richt.
    6. When Gurley does a hand gesture and gets a flag, drink.
    If the camera returns to Verne and Gary and either man illustrates the hand gesture in the booth, do a shot.
    7. If the camera catches a ‘Quit Before Remerton’ sign, drink. If you learn at anytime during the game that Zach’s mother works with Mark Richt, it’s a given that you need not drink anything, just stare at the TV. Nobody needs to reach .316 for a day game.
    If the “coed” holding the “QBR” sign is not hot, slap your own ass.
    8. If you’re watching with a South Carolina fan give him shit about being upset by Mrs. O’Leary.
    Then show some sympathy by saying, “I hate it for not only Spurrier but also for the entire Gamecock Nation…”
    9. Each time a highlight from the LSU – Georgia SEC Championship Game is shown, drink.
    If it’s the first half, drink. If it’s the second half, drink a lot.
    10. When Tracy Wolfson interviews Mark Richt and he doesn’t directly address the camera but you know he’s staring deeply within her soul, drink.
    When Tracy stares blankly at the camera as if she’s sedated when Mark departs for halftime zen, drink.
    11. When Tracy Wolfson interviews The Hat and he doesn’t directly address the camera but you know he’s staring deeply at Tracy just like you are, drink.
    When Tracy says, “Coooach, Behave!” take a shot and say, “I’d like a shot at that…”
    11. When Honey Badger is mentioned, put on sunglasses, Ed Grimley your hair and smoke two joints.
    Eat a Hostess Twinkie,
    12. When Verne Lundquist chortles, drink.
    Ask what dulcet means.
    13. When Verne says, “John Wesley-Harden” drink
    When Verne says, “John Wesley-Harden,” the next time, take two shots..
    This goes for any hyphenated name, by the way.
    14. Whenever hot LSU and Georgia coeds are shown kissing each together, drink, slap your girlfriend’s ass and say, “That’s what I’m talking about!”
    If you’re unsure whether the coed should be considered hot or not, you are all to apply “the old man at the tailgate” standard of hotness.
    So, yeah, you’re drinking.”


  8. reipar

    So it is not about the coming of a 9 game schedule. Nope once again it is about the money. There will never be a 9 game schedule until the financial interest out weighs the self interest.


  9. Joe Schmoe

    Funny how all these none profits are so focused on making good business decisions 😉