Georgia, Murray win semi-important game; still face daunting South Carolina schedule.

I’m drained. And I never want to see another three-man rush again.

What a freakin’ incredible game.


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83 responses to “Georgia, Murray win semi-important game; still face daunting South Carolina schedule.

  1. sniffer

    Incredible. Thank you, Special Teams.

    • David

      For a moment – but thankfully only a moment – third and Willie lived. May it RIP.

      • 3rd and 23, I almost broke a bone in anger. Thank you Richt and Murray for covering that up.

        • Dawg19

          Thank you for breaking the Gameday Curse, too. Man, I was sick of that…

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Todd “Willie” Grantham almost lost this game for the Dawgs with the “prevent” defense on 3rd and 23. How many times will it take to learn that you can’t give a quality QB all day to pick your pass D apart? Plus, I’ve seen enough to Todd “Willie” Grantham’s D to know that he is not the answer at DC. Be gone after this season Todd “Willie.”

  2. HahiraDawg

    Yes, an amazing game.
    I love me some CMR and AM is The Man.

  3. The last conversation I had with dad was after the LSU game 10 years ago. If he had lived that prevent defense on 4th and 22 would have done him in.

  4. Rp

    I can sympathize with LSU fans tonight. We both watched the exact same game from opposite sides. That was the most ridiculous 60 minutes i have ever watched.

    I know that AM is glad he came back tonight.

    • I wished them all the best and told ’em we’d see ’em in December. Was I being charitable, I dunnow, but I couldn’t hope for a better SEC championship than a repaeat of that.

      • 79dawg

        I didn’t hear a whole lot of smack talk after the game – I think most could appreciate the incredible nature of the game, and how both teams left it all out there…

  5. Mike Bobo

    Where’s my multi-year contract? I got kids to feed. Also need a new box of crayons.

  6. Brandon

    Finally, at the very end we got some pressure, and it made the difference. I’m 36 and we’ve have some really good offenses in my lifetime, 92′ comes to mind, and we have generally been much better on offense than defense most years but I have to say I don’t think we’ve ever been this good on offense.

    • Dboy

      “…I don’t think we’ve ever been this good on offense.”

      I agree. methodical and precise passing 20 yards downfield without M Mitchel and T Gurley. Bobo, AM, the receivers and OL have come together and seem unstoppable. Congrats to them. If our young D can continue to grow…we will be in good shape.

  7. Some Giant Asshole

    Mett still had the higher QBR though. Obviously Richt made the wrong choice.

  8. RP

    Sorry to forget. Does anybody disagree that the game ball goes to the o line? AM had all day all day. Those guys were studs.

    • Dboy

      Oline for sure. Gave Murray all the time he wanted and he was surgical

      • WF dawg

        I’ll piggyback here. When’s the last time you’ve seen an LSU team get so little pressure on us? A very, very good game from the OL. Whatever tongue-lashing they got after Clemson paid off. Aaron, take ’em out for ice cream.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Agreed that the line performed well, but that’s not your normal LSU defensive line either. They don’t really have any stars on that line like they did last year.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            It’s tough to be a star when you lose all those NFL folks, since the BS artists on TV can’t really recognize a star unless somebody from the NFL tells them.

            I thought LSU’s D line was pretty damn good, especially 90, ask Murray.

            The rotation on our O line really does seem to work in the face of all conventional wisdom…damn good job.

  9. Rebar

    Damn, will the talking heads admit they were wrong? All I heard from them was Hill was the best back, and their two receivers would eat up our secondary, never thinking we could do the same. We beat a damn good team today,

  10. Tronan

    This was one of the best games I’ve seen since … well, when we beat the Chickens. This UGA team is very, very entertaining. They may not be #1 at the end of the season (but, who knows, maybe they will) but they’re already one of my all-time favorites.

    As an aside, though it seems to be a fairly even-tempered one, I’d say we’ve got quite the rivalry going with LSU. There have been some damn good games between the two teams over the last decade.

  11. HahiraDawg

    Ain’t that the second tie this year?!? I remember someone here arguing that Vegas gives the home team three points and so that made Clemson not a loss for us.
    Ah, o well, maybe next year.

  12. Scorpio Jones III is Lee Corso

    We get it Coach. We know you believed in the Dawgs and we understand the Karmic Bitch Slap exorcised on the quad. But if you end up at the WLOCP, reverse the curse forever, and just don the Dog.

    You did good.

    • hailtogeorgia

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t ever want Corso picking the Dawgs.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Look, dood, I have had some shitty things said about me from time to time, but to say I am really a bad football coach with a pseudonym is about the worst.

      Trust me, I am NOT Lee Corso, and I damn sure approved this message.

      On to Knoxville.

  13. Ellis

    Stat of game – LSU 77 yards rushing. Give d line and linebackers some credit. Secondary looked lost.

  14. Gene Simmons

    SO HAPPY FOR AM! I hope the media gladly removes the rather large monkey from your back. Balls out all the way, young man!

  15. Turd Ferguson

    Might have a heart attack before the end of the season. So stressful. But damn, that was a satisfying win.

    Congratulations, Aaron Murray.

    I’m not going to jump to criticize Grantham just yet, but I wonder why no one seems to be talking about Scott Lakatos. Clearly, the weak spot is the secondary. Granted, it’s a *very* young unit, but Swann seems to get burned just as often as the freshmen.

    • Normaltown Mike

      On the other hand, JHC had an epic game. I’m not smart enough to know why we are so bad on defense. Falling down (first LSU TD) doesn’t help. No plan to disrupt the crossing route is another.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Damian Swann=Bryan Evans.

  16. Does AM have any chance at the Heisman? Seems like he should be in the mix.

  17. Tyler

    I would say no to the heisman talk. Obviously the story line going forward will be about mettenberger playing awesome and coming up just short😉

  18. Bob

    I am totally exhausted. When did the SEC become the PAC 12….whew.

    One more thing about Aaron Murray. That young man has given his blood and soul to the University of Georgia for the past 5 years and has taken tons of criticism…some deserved but much of it totally bogus. The O Line did great and a whole bunch of folks stepped up…but Murray is as gutty and savy as they come. I am so happy for him and even happier that the nay sayers have nothing to talk about for another week.

    • uglydawg

      All the talk about Mett is nice, but there were a bunch of other kids on that field today…on both teams…that deserved some recognition but all we could here was “Mett, Mett, Mett, we love Mett”. Well, Met had a great game, but there was something AM did better…throw the ball when flushed out of the pocket and he even ran for at least one first down. The defense played fine against the run…and I don’t think they’ll see another offense this good until the SECCG.

  19. heytogoober

    We won. We beat LS&U. Larry Munson and Claude McBride are smokin’ a big ass cigar. And, I bet Erk’s got one, too!

    How ’bout them Dawgs!

  20. BCDawg97

    Just like Carolina – enjoy the win Dawgs. Who gives a shit about the how – you earned it! Go Dawgs! 44-41 all the way to Atl baby!

  21. BTW…when a RB goes in motion, and pulls the LB into the flats for coverage, thus opening the middle for a drag route to come underneath the Cover 2….that’s not the DBs being bad at covering a wide-out, that’s an elite-level OC making a precision adjustment.

    Just FYI

    • HahiraDawg

      In the first half, (in man our db would run across the formation and couldn’t keep up with the crossing receiver. In the second half we adjusted to a lb picking up the crosser. Neither worked. Why not try a zone blitz like they kept saying Chavis likes. Drop a DE into coverage anticipating the crosser? We didn’t do that once that I saw.

    • Biggity Ben

      Stick to making bad country music, cuz if you can’t see our DBs struggle with coverage then you have no business analyzing football…..FYI

  22. Puffdawg

    3rd n 23. My goodness.

  23. Sanford222view

    I can’t believe Georgia held LSU to less than 100 yards rushing and the score was as close as it was. If you would have told me Georgia was going to do that in would have thought Georgia would have won by 17 points or better.

    I think that was the best crowd since Auburn 2007.

    BIG win! Great crowd. Go DOGS!

  24. Turd Ferguson

    Something else that deserves mention (and Danielson pointed it out during the broadcast): Credit to the Georgia coaching staff for recruiting the absolute hell out of the QB position.

    • Puffdawg

      Ain’t that the truth. Not only do we recruit it well, but I don’t think there is another team in the country who develops it as well either.

  25. Irishdawg

    Please tell me Mettenberger is the best QB we’ll see for the rest of the season, and that no one else is going to shred our secondary like that.

    • Until the SEC Championship game, I hope that is true. All the talk about our secondary overlooks what a fantastic game Mettenberger had. The kid can flat out ball.

      • Puffdawg

        Credit to Mett, he played fantastic. My hat’s off to him and really the whole LSU team. They played well enough to win. I would prefer not to see them again in Atlanta, but I’m afraid there’ll be a good chance for that…

    • Biggus Rickus

      I can tell you the first part is probably true.

  26. PTC DAWG

    To bad our special teams suck.

  27. fetch

    How we got 44 points with Gurley on the side line for more than a half and the absolute MUGGING our receivers had to deal with, I’ll never know. Damn good game by some Damn Good Dawgs.

  28. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Gee, Will Friend sure looks a lot smarter to me this week. I apologize to him and Marshall Morgan. Hopefully, one day I will need to apologize for how I now feel about Grantham. Lakatos may have his faults, but CTG is making the calls and getting the $$$.

    Before I say that I wish we had gotten Chavis, has anyone noticed that his defenses seem to lose a lot on final drives?

  29. Biggus Rickus

    I can’t get over how good this offense is. And thank god it is that good, or this would be a long season. There are some bright spots on defense though. The DLine and linebackers seem to be getting better against the run. Harvey-Clemons looks like a legitimately good safety. IF the back seven can ever figure out what coverages they’re supposed to be running, the defense could be good enough for Georgia to win a national title with this offense. You know, assuming a one-loss team gets in.

    Also, the prospects for next season are even better than this year if Mason is a halfway competent QB.