I never liked that jacket.

Finebaum has fond memories of the Classic City.

… Paul Finebaum doesn’t think Georgia fans care enough.

“I’ve always criticized Georgia fans because I don’t think they’re angry enough,” he said. “We got into this debate a couple years ago where I was asking the question, Georgia is coming off a mediocre year and the fans are still defending coach Richt I was like, ‘Georgia fans aren’t like Alabama fans. Alabama fans were ready to fire Nick Saban after losing one game.’ Georgia fans I think are a little more cerebral. They appreciate who Mark Richt is.”

But he does know first-hand that Georgia fans like to go crazy.

“My last time here I was doing a live shot for a local TV station in Birmingham in 2008, when GameDay was here and Georgia went down 31-0 after being ranked No.1 in the country, and right in the middle of it a lovely frat boy poured a beer can over my head,” Finebaum said. “I’m still waiting for somebody to reimburse me for that sport coat.”

I’d rather reimburse the fan for the beer, thanks.



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10 responses to “I never liked that jacket.

  1. Why did ESPN put Finebaum on….can’t they see he has a face for RADIO ONLY! He actually has said that about himself. Feel sorry for those Make-Up people!


  2. Rocket Dawg

    What an asshat. Too bad some one didn’t hit him with a bottle of bourbon.


  3. frowertr

    I have a hard time taking any man seriously who wears woman’s frames…


  4. Frowertr, yes me too. Looking closely, he looks like that cartoon kid with the big old lady glasses. Who is that kid?


  5. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    I would like to buy a drink for whatever fratboy poured the beer over his head, although he probably was wearing his houndstooth hat at the time.
    Even a stopped watch is right twice a day, we are more cerebral than Alabama goobers


  6. Hey Paul. You live in a backward state where there is literally nothing to do but watch Bama or Aubarn football. What do you expect?


  7. Haha and I raise you one beer. Well played, Senator.


  8. IndyDawg

    Cut the frat boy some slack, Paul. He confused you with a trash can. Easy mistake.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I always thought that Finebaum had a grudge of some kind against the Georgia Bulldogs based on the gratuitous negative comments he has made about Georgia football over the years–now I know what it is! Think about how small a mind Finebaum really has. He hates a team and says negative things about that team on national TV/radio because a fan of that team once poured a beer on him years ago. So much for his journalistic integrity! What a douchebag!!! Get that bastard off TV ASAP!!!!