I always love it when a plan comes together.

Tech loses and the genius looks bad in the process, Georgia wins another thriller and Junior gets canned.  Man, a weekend doesn’t get much better than that.


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  1. ZeroPointZero

    “His arrival in Tennessee was not warmly received by all Vols fans, given the loyalties many had to the former coach there, Phillip Fulmer.”

    Name one not named Fulmer. They warmly embraced the great recruiter and his assembled staff of experts. It was the future of college coaching as I heard it back then.

    • Russ

      Yep, revisionist history at it’s worst. UT was convinced they had the next genius. Of course, he never did lose to Georgia, so I guess that was the only promise he kept.

  2. Tronan

    Where will he fail upwards to now? OC of the Patriots? Ohio State president? Mark Emmert’s successor at the NCAA?

  3. bulldogbry

    I feel bad for Kiffy. Wait, my buzz is wearing off. So long, you punk beyach.

  4. Brandon

    Don’t forget ND was embarrassed.

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    I think we can all see what happened here. USC got cheap. What they needed to do was come off the hip with some green and hire a quality coach. Look at Texas. Those Longhorns aren’t afraid to compete salary wise! uT went to the bank and pulled out the check book when they hired their young and up coming coach! Oh…Kiffy has 4.8 large left on his contract. That one is gonna leave a mark.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin


    • Brandon

      I know, but the way this world is he’ll probably be elected President, he just needs to run as a Democrat and memorize some catch phrases like “let’s get the Wall Street fat cats” and “keep your hands off my womb”, together with absolute media protection and we’ll be sayin’ hail to the chief.

        • Brandon

          Haha, I know that was out of left field. Republicans are just as bad, all of our politicians have been committing malpractice of governance for years. As bad as Kiffin is he’ll probably be rewarded that’s the real point of my ramble.

          • Rugbydawg79

            I gottcha Brandon ! Do not let one rival throw you off -you were on target !
            Great to be a Georgia Bulldog ! beat fla !

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Indeed! A khong ra gi jerk! Does disprove Franklin’s theory of a coach with hot wife is the way to pick a coach. At least in his case.

  7. heyberto

    It’s got to be pretty bad behind the scenes to get fired during the season.

    I bet Kiffin is wishing he had stayed at Tennessee.

    • Brandon

      With Tennessee Kiffin was really in his element, I’ll never forget how proud of Kiffin they were at Losers with Socks, they had “Vols b***h, welcome to reign!” as their masthead for months. I hate Tennessee. They deserve everything we get, we need to try to break the scoreboard in Neyland next weekend.

  8. Irishdawg

    What kind of world is it when a pampered douchebag can no longer ride a wave of nepotism to the top?

    HA! Happy trails, Kiffykins.

  9. Sanford222view

    So fitting it happened in the middle of the night like when he dumped the Vols.

  10. If U of F had lost it would have been perfect.

  11. Dawgy45

    If Wisconsin had beaten Corch I would call it a perfect weekend.

    Speaking of Corch, did anyone else see him talking about his player who broke an ankle? What was up with all the phony dramatics??? How am I supposed to believe there is an ounce of sincerity in that man?

  12. Normaltown Mike

    Careful what you wish for. I give ESPN 5 months to sign Lame as a talking head. Then we’ll get a healthy dose of his “insight” on those 7:45 SEC games on the deuce.

  13. Athens Townie

    Lucky for Kiffin, there are plenty of gas stations in Southern California.

  14. Ellis

    While Kifffin deserves little love, I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the way Pat Hayden and USC managed to make Kiffin look like the classy one in this mess. The guy inherited a program that is decimated by the cheating scandals of Carroll. USC seems to have unrealistic expectations in what any coach, Kiffin, included can accomplish there. Who in their right mind is going to want to take that job now knowing that and seeing how classless its AD is. Its quite funny to me.

    • Puffdawg

      “Who in their right mind is going to want to take that job…?”

      My guess is just about anybody in the country not named Saban, Richt, Boom, the guy in Oregon, Shaw, Miles, Sumlin, Fisher, and probably Dabo.

  15. Gene Simmons

    Loved Finebaum calling Kiffin “The MIley Cyrus of College Football” on Gameday. He called him out and Kiffy was unemployed by the end of the day. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And Corso picked LSU. Thanks Coach! We3 owe ya one. Only two things would have made yesterday sweeter: Corch and Boom losing. But, hey, one can’t have everything. It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog!

  16. JRW7

    Corso is a joke!