”But our defense has played well, except for some of the big plays.”

Bet you thought that’s a quote from one of Georgia’s coaches.  It’s not.  It’s from the OBC, who’s putting on a new visor this week (h/t Smart Football).

South Carolina’s head ball coach will be the ol’ secondary coach this week at practice.

Steve Spurrier said Sunday he’ll work with defensive backs to prepare for Kentucky this Saturday. The banged-up Gamecocks (3-1, 1-1 Southeastern Conference) squandered nearly all of an 18-point lead and escaped UCF with a 28-25 victory Saturday.

Spurrier said he’ll help make sure No. 13 South Carolina’s safeties and cornerbacks keep the ball in front of them and don’t allow the big plays they did against the Knights. UCF rallied back on Blake Bortles’ 73-yard touchdown pass to Rannell Hall and a 79-yard throw to Breshad Perriman that led to Hall’s 7-yard scoring catch.

Spurrier, a Heisman Trophy winner as Florida’s quarterback in 1966, says he’ll teach the players how to break on a passer’s throws…

[Insert Willie Martinez snark here.]

Seriously, that’s a remarkable comment to make publicly there.  But it also goes to show how widespread defensive issues are across the SEC this season.



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16 responses to “”But our defense has played well, except for some of the big plays.”

  1. Normaltown Mike

    He’s just lucky that the Cocks didn’t have to face Mason.


  2. GaskillDawg

    Sounds as if there are issues among the SC coaches. Can’t be good for an old QB to publicly say he needs to personally teach basic defensive technique.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I just hope the OBC does not have time to talk to the UT staff about their safeties keeping the ball in front of them.


  4. Russ

    I was torn between watching UCF beat the ol’ Ball Sack and having our win over them Dawggraded even more.


  5. Dboy

    UGA, LSU, USCe all had large numbers of defensive starters (8,9,8. I think) graduate / leave for the NFL. Not surprising that all 3 are having serious issueson that side ofthe ball early this year.


  6. Hmmmm…sounds like Ol’ BVG might end up being the DC in Sakerlina after all.


  7. Mike

    Alabama and Florida both think the SEC can play good defense