“I think we all know what we’re up against.”

Tennessee hasn’t beaten a ranked opponent in its last eighteen tries.  October has been especially unfriendly of late.

Under previous coach Derek Dooley, Tennessee won just once in 12 October games, against Buffalo in 2011. The futility includes three consecutive 31-point losses to Alabama, and the average margin of defeat in 11 losses was nearly 16 points. The Vols faced nine ranked teams in 12 October games in the past three seasons.

Only four times in those 11 losses — at LSU in 2010, against Georgia in 2011 and at Mississippi State and South Carolina last season — did Tennessee keep the margin within 10 points.

At least they’ll be trotting out those spiffy new grey jerseys Saturday.



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14 responses to ““I think we all know what we’re up against.”

  1. TennesseeDawg

    I’ve always been partial to these new Tennessee uniforms


  2. ScoutDawg

    Sundays’ finest, on Saturday.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    They used to say The Great Punkin was at his best with his back to the wall…I hope we don’t find out Screaming Mimi is the same…59 may have dropped an interception (I think he knows he shudda caught it), but his leap at Mettenberger on fourth down caused Mett to blink just enough to throw the ball badly. In my book Jenkins is forgiven for the drop


  4. I think we all know where breaking out the “special uniforms” gets you. BLACK OUT! Love those beer guts in the overalls.


    • cube

      Gets you big wins over Auburn and in the Sugar Bowl?

      You do get the difference between our black jerseys and their gray uniforms, right? Black is one of our colors. Red and black. Pretty simple really.


  5. Slaw Dawg

    What are you DOING, Senator? Where’s your Munson-Dooley trained “hope we can just score a touchdown” mentality? Vols are undefeated in Neyland this season! Nearly beat us last year in our own house! It’s a new month and yesterday’s gone! 2004! Buncha frightened freshmen D-backs who’ve never seen or heard anything like a raging hostile crowd of toothless screaming moonshine-fired up ‘billies crowing “Rocky Top!” over and over and over again! North Texas had us on the ropes through 2 and a half quarters in our own stadium and practically shut down our run game, and that’s when we had Gurley! C’mon, let’s work up some panic here!


  6. Russ

    To be honest, I thought the headline was referring to us not losing focus and how Tennessee is a wounded animal. But I was mistaken.

    Of course, Tennessee is a wounded animal, sort of like a possum in the middle of Hwy 41.


  7. cube

    We should win by at least 3 touchdowns.