Spurrier’s Schadenfreude

This makes me so sad.

Maybe next year, Steve-o.


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57 responses to “Spurrier’s Schadenfreude

  1. Gene Simmons

    Wishful thinking Stevie. You guys had a chance to beat us straight up.
    Cry, cry, cry…


  2. Careful Brad

    To be fair, it wasn’t a division game.


    • Ubiquitous Ga Alum

      So in the Ol Ball Sack’s bizzaro world it should’ve only counted a 1/2 game?


    • Brandon

      After all his pissing and moaning the last two years, when the shoe is on the other foot Georgia goes out and beats its SEC West opponent. Spurrier’s statement clearly reflects that he has no respect for our defense, he knew we’d have to score a crap load of points to win.


  3. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Bet he thought the same thing on 9/7 too … Oh and we plan to beat AUB too.


  4. Macallanlover

    Better focus on your team and maximize your bowl opportunity because you aren’t going to win an SEC at SC. This was the best team you have had at SC but you got dominated by UGA and pushed to your limit by UCF. And there are more difficult games ahead of you as Arkansas, Florida, and Clemson could take you down the way your are playing. All your whining and stirring the pot about SEC scheduling made you look like a fool, and a little man. You once deserved respect, you now are pitiful. Get out before you embarrass yourself further.


  5. Merk

    Looks like Steve should have spent more time coaching and less time worrying about us.


  6. Vindexdawg

    A rather strange comment. Due to his being traumatized by encounters with Georgia at an early age, he seems to talk more about our program than his own, NOT than anything he says about it makes much sense. We scored 41 on his team with its supposed all-world D and its rather loud-mouthed DE who claimed that our QB was afraid of him. LSU’s D had lost 8 players to the pros, why shouldn’t we score a few more points on them? Just silly, childish wishful thinking, like wanting to pretend that losing to Auburn a couple years ago shouldn’t count. I do wish he would concentrate on his own program so that they can do something useful like beating Clemson in 8 weeks.


  7. Joe Schmoe

    I can’t wait to see the sorry puss look on the old ball coach’s face at the press conference when he announces his retirement after failing to win another SEC championship (and maybe without even playing for another one). What’s the over / under on how many times he bitches about scheduling?


  8. fuelk2

    CMR’s response: “Did South Carolina play this week?”


  9. adam

    “Maybe next year.”

    If we even play LSU next year with this weird scheduling, I would imagine that game will be the opposite of this one.

    Gone are two stellar QBs. Defenses should be much improved. And both teams will have a huge stable of running backs. Both teams should look kinda like Bama does most years.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well that’s just tough shit Coach.


  11. Slaw Dawg

    So Georgia wins, Tech loses, Kiffie gets fired in the middle of the night and Spurrier’s crying. Kinda feel like we already won the natty!


  12. Ellis

    I really thought UCF would beat them. I didn’t think South Carolina would score that much against UCF but they did. Barely.


  13. PTC DAWG

    Typical Spurrier whining…


  14. AusDawg85

    Put 41 on you Stevie….Bwahahahahaahahaha!!


  15. AthensHomerDawg

    Well the old bull has certainly lost a step. I knew something was gone when the camera caught him mumbling to himself while he crossed the field to shake hands with Richt. When he was in his prime he was tough to beat.


    • Gravidy

      When he was in his prime, he also had the best players the state of Florida had to offer lining up at his door.


  16. Rick

    I would love to join in, but the dude is coming off of two 11 win seasons at South-freaking Carolina. I wouldn’t trade Richt for anybody, but for the last two years Spurrier has shown he is still the best coach in the conference and probably the nation. I don’t know the order after that, but Richt/Saban/Miles are 2-4.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Now we get to see how good of a defensive backs coach Steve is.

      If he can teach the Gamecocks how to break on the ball and how to take a good pursuit angle with that gimp leg of his, we’ll give the man his props.

      Plus, we may need him to beat Clemson down the road.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        This for damn sure…and we damn sure don’t want to wind up pulling for Tennessee to beat Da Cocks so we can get to Atlanta the second time this year.


    • Gene Simmons

      Spurrier is better than Saban?
      Maybe in his UF days but no longer.


  17. South FL Dawg

    Always preoccupied with Georgia. The more things change……


  18. Even if LSU had won the game, they are in the West division, it wouldn’t have coun… oh…. wait….


  19. JN

    There’s a reason the saying, “Nice guys finish last,” came about. Unfortunately in life it’s true far more often than not.

    There are those times, though, those times when things go the way you thought them up, they go the way you imagined, the way they should have before, the way they should go from now one, but even more so, the way you hoped.

    Everything is correctly back in line. The earth is squarely back on it’s axis. The air couldn’t be any crisper, food couldn’t taste sweeter, sex couldn’t be any better…well not so sure about that.

    Things are right again, and all order has been restored. It’s about that time when an overwhelming feeling hits you. You don’t want to do anything else. All you want to do is go up to an SCU fan, get about 24 inches from them, stick your tongue out, and say, “Nanna nanna boo boo, stick you head in doo doo.”


  20. 92dawg

    Oh, Spurrier. Your salty tears are the sweetest of them all. Please save some of them for after we win the SEC Championship this December. The kids would love some in their Christmas stockings.


  21. I love it. He’s just pathetic and bitter. I wish CMR would have had Murray launch one into the end zone at the end of the drive that broke the Cocks’ back.


  22. Skeeter

    Bush’s fault.