Upon further review, Georgia-LSU edition

Yeah, I think I’ll watch this one a few more times.  While the replay wasn’t as thrilling as being there, it sure was satisfying to watch.  Here are a few things that caught my eye from the broadcast:

  • If anything, the offensive line was even more impressive than I thought, especially in pass protection.  I don’t know if the keeping bodies fresh approach paid off, or if the line benefited from LSU not having any speed rushers, but those guys looked comfortable keeping Murray off the ground.  Andrews, in particular, had a great day.  I saw several plays where he blocked his lineman and then got a second block on a linebacker.  The line also did a good job blocking the perimeter on running plays and Gurley made the Tigers pay with some runs he bounced outside.
  • That Leonard Floyd sack was fast.
  • So was that tackle Josh Harvey-Clemons flashed in and made on Hill near the goal line.
  • One other big thing about giving Murray a comfortable pocket to throw from, besides his mechanics, is that it gives him time to look the safeties off on some of the deeper throws that take more time to develop.
  • Gurley was killing it before he got hurt.
  • On that ridiculous completion to Landry, can anybody explain what Floyd was doing?  He just stood up at the line of scrimmage… and watched.  There’s no way he was spying on Mett, so why didn’t he rush?
  • Pass coverage is frustrating, to be sure.  A few brilliant plays – like the one Langley had breaking up a throw to Landry – sprinkled in among a lot of confusion.  And it’s not all about youth, as Swann looked lost a couple of times, too.
  • LSU did a good job isolating Georgia’s linebackers in pass coverage.
  • The interception was a freak play, as opposed to a deliberate strategy like what we saw in the Clemson game.  But Murray was lucky he didn’t get that pass he tried to force in to Conley in the end zone picked.
  • Speaking of picks, Jordan Jenkins, you gotta make that grab, man.  With sacks coming around along with a semblance of a defense against the run, what Georgia’s still missing on defense is forcing turnovers.
  • I’m still amazed at how much the officiating crew ignored pass interference.  But at least it was even-handed.


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46 responses to “Upon further review, Georgia-LSU edition

  1. rocksalt

    Don’t know if it was a rhetorical, but to my novice eyes, Floyd didn’t drop deep enough into his zone on that Landry completion. He let the flaring RB keep him home which opened Landry up underneath the deep zone.

    • Ausdawg85

      Floyd looks best moving towards the LOS and not so effective in pass coverage. I’d like to see him inherit the Jarvis Jones role of moving around the line and just being a huge disrupter.

  2. William

    It was a prevent defense set up, and it got burned. Whay are we shocked. Danielson pointed it out, and couldn’t figure out why we were only rushing three. He was quick to say that we porbably wouldn’t see that again, and he was right. On LSU’s final drive, Grantham brought pressure and it paid off in Floyd’s sack. No more prevent, three rush crap. We have good rushers, by God lets use them!

    • William

      Man I need to utilize my spell check more….

    • Noonan

      Floyd was also in Mett’s face on the 4th down. He caused him to rush the throw. I thought it was Jenkins, but after watching the replay 84 was closer to the QB.

      • uglydawg

        But the hard sack just before that is what did Mett in.. You could tell he was stunned…and I thought finished. I think that was the turning point of the game….even on the very last series of it!..That’s how amazing the 2013 UGA LSU game was! It will be a classic.

  3. reb1953

    still some games to play, late September picture of the stadium ant bad (prince Charles was there once)

  4. I wonder how much of Swann’s poor performance can be chalked up to trying to get the young guys set. Maybe he’s holding their hands so much that he’s losing focus on his responsibilities. Or, maybe he just isn’t very good. I’m really hoping it’s just a matter of getting the calls and communication thing worked out.

    • Heathbar09

      That is also what I noticed when watching the replay. It seemed like 50% of the time Swann was looking at the other guys on defense when the ball was snapped. We can’t have guys unsure about coverage that much. As you said, it hurts Swann too.

    • Puffdawg

      Excellent point. I think Swann is MUCH much better than he’s been playing. I hope he settles in along with the young guys as the season wears on.

    • The Lone Stranger

      When guys don’t get the coverage just bite the ole bullet and man-up with a nice stiff rush.

  5. hunkerdowndawg

    On O-line pass protection, on the winning throw to JSW, Gates came hobbling off the field and Beard took his spot at left tackle. That worried me so I watched Beard. He was a wall on that play and Murray had all the time he needed to look the safety off and drop in the game winning toss. Way to step up guys!

  6. Chris A

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the dawg fans that suggested places at Seaside FL to watch the game. If anyone is interested this place was awesome to watch games http://723whiskeybravo.com/

  7. Ben

    One thing that struck me was that after Gurley went down, we ran Marshall consecutively, and then gave the ball to Douglas. Even Green got a touch near the end, which was nice to see. I almost expected Richt, though, to call down some guy from the stands and put him out there just to show Miles that we were going to run the ball no matter what, just because we could.

    I don’t know what to make of the defense, but that’s twice now we’ve seen INTs dropped that could have iced the game. I know these next few weeks won’t be easy, but at least there are no ranked foes before UF and we can get our D right since UF looks like they might be putting something together with Murphy in at QB. It’s funny to think that losing Driskel may have been really good for them, and the Cocktail Party is shaping up to be another good football game this year. We’ll need to have everything in place for that game, or else this win over LSU won’t mean much at all.

    • uglydawg

      I honestly wasn’t suprised in the least that losing Driskel would help UF. But they are on thin ice if Murphy goes down or gets off track. I still like the Dawgs chances in the WLOCP.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It’s that Gator dumb luck. Only FU good get its first string QB injured and it turn out that the bench warmer was better than the starter. Plus, because Driskel had a minor injury before, Murphy got snaps with the first team O all week before the UT game! Gator dumb luck I tell ya!

  8. sniffer

    I kept waiting for Gary to recognize that our receivers are NFL quality, too.

    • uglydawg

      sniffer, Gary was so busy slobbering over Mett and company that he wouldn’t have noticed if Georgia had Jerry Rice and Hines Ward on the field. That ass-hat and his counterpart were sure they had gotten their wish after LSU’s last score. I wish Todd Blackledge would do these games…BTW did you read the recent interview with Keith Jackson? He said that ” all of these announcers need to shut-up..they talk incessantly”. I concur.

      • Dog in Fla

        ugly, then fasten your seatbelt for next week when Gary will be busy slobbering over Butch’s high and tight fastball and how Butch would not be getting hit so much were it not for Lane while Verne compares and contrasts Sparky and Russ

  9. Russ

    Hated to see Gurley hurt, obviously. But I think we gave up on Marshall too soon. He ran harder than I’ve seen him run before and finished 4 yards shy of 100. And he didn’t run much after the third quarter. I like all our backs but would like for Marshall to be the go to guy while Gurley heals.

    • I don’t know, maybe the staff knows something more about Marshall’s stamina than we do. Either way, they like to rotate two backs in the game to keep them fresh, so they simply shifted the depth chart down a slot and gave Douglas and Green a shot. I’m ok with that.

    • Puffdawg

      Another excellent overlooked point. Gurley was playing lights out, an Marshall has struggled, so we should have been concerned there. But all Keith did was come in the game and play what I thought was his best game ever at UGA. He wasnt flashy, but he picked up the tough yards when we need them. Kind of the opposite of the reputation people have placed on him.

  10. ASEF

    I watched that game again last night as well. How maddening did it have to be for LSU fans to watch the offense click and the defense and special teams let them down (from their perspective)? Usually it’s the reverse.

    I think the defenses will come around. The talent is there for both teams.

  11. Another thing that made a big impression on me was I believe that was the most substituting on D that I can remember seeing under Grantham in a big game. Wilson, JHC, Herrera, and Swann were in there for most of the snaps, but everybody else was rolling in and out all game long. And I think that really showed up at the end………despite the mental mistakes, at no point did the D ever look winded or have a dropoff in effort. Mauger, Matthews, Moore, and JHC all saw significant time at safety (and of course JHC was in the star quite a bit). Langley and Wiggins rotated a lot. The defensive line rolled guys in and out. It’s always driven me crazy how little subbing we did under Grantham, then we wondered why we were winded at the end of the game, and usually blamed the strength & conditioning program.

    Playing more guys will inevitably lead to more mistakes in the short term, as the younger guys build up the experience, but you gotta think it will pay off big in the long run.

    • CitadelDawg

      Love Cook-Out. It’ll do great in Athens.

      • Governor Milledge

        Cook-out would do MUCH better if it was up on Alps initially… look for Cook-out to position itself within shouting distance of Chik-fil-a every time, which would mean 2-3 more around Athens some day

  12. mdcgtp

    Senator, you are spot on on the Gurley observation. Though we all noted that we won the game without him, there was not much focus on his absence because the action was so fast and furious. Honestly, as one goes back and watches the tape, he was having the type of game where he carries the team and would have made every big run we needed.

    Obviously, if playing this weekend or next risks aggravating his ankle, we are not going to play him. The only silver lining is he should almost certainly be ready for Vandy, where his body should be fresh and then he has two weeks to get ready for a physical game in Jax

    • NRBQ


      Gurley was on pace to get 200+ yards (9 ypc + a 13 yard reception).
      No way that doesn’t dial down the anxiety of this win…

  13. Miguel

    Not much talk about 47, but he’s quitely having a good year and he definitely had a good game on Saturday and I see him being a major force by the end of the season.

    • Emphatically disagree. I may not know x’s and o’s, but Ray Drew gets bullied and does not set the edge well. His sack was a good play, but partly a coverage sack. His tipped pass on last drive was a solid play. But I watch him during games and am frequently disappointed in what I see. Our DEs should have 10 tackles against running teams, not our safeties.

  14. Merk

    I think the issue with the secondary has a lot to do with inexperience. I think Swann is paying a price for having to check all of the other guys. The one thing I will say though is that there were several very well timed pass break-ups/hits that would have resulted in a catch otherwise.

  15. paul

    Also evident on the replay was that the Morgan 55 yarder would have been good from 65. I know I said WTF? when we sent him out. Glad I was wrong.

  16. ScoutDawg

    To pay for a September education, like our D just got, 1 top ten loss. To pay off on the race for THE LAST BCS champion/ PRICELESS.

  17. kckd

    I’ve rewatched the last drive by LSU five times. I still don’t see pass interference. THey didn’t offer the best replays of those, but the ones they offered don’t show much contact and certainly nothing that would say they hindered the WR from catching the football. Most of the ones earlier in the game were pretty obvious interference calls.